What are the Pros and Cons of Delta 8 Edibles? 

by Kat Austin October 26, 2021 5 min read

What are the Pros and Cons of Delta 8 Edibles?  - Vida Optima™

Delta-8 is eclipsing the hemp industry thanks to its mellow psychoactive effects and federal legal status. There are plenty of dosing options, too, from smokable hemp flower to potent Delta-8 tincture oils. The most popular dosing method by far, however, is the Delta-8-THC edible, and for one obvious reason—they're delicious.

Of course, that doesn't really tell you everything you need to know, especially if you've never used THC edibles before. So, let's discuss: What are the pros and cons of Delta-8 edibles? And more specifically, how do they compare to other types of D8 products?

Here are the most important things to know:

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Table of Contents

Benefits of Delta-8 Edibles
Drawbacks of Delta-8 Edibles
Pros and Cons by Edible Type
Conclusion: Pros and Cons of Edibles

Key Takeaways

  • In general, Delta-8 edibles have balanced pros and cons.
  • Different types of edibles may be better suited for different dosing needs.
  • The primary drawback of Delta-8 edibles is that they may take longer to kick in than other methods.
  • Sublingual edibles have all of the benefits of traditional edibles, but they have particularly fast-acting effects.

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Benefits of Delta-8-THC Edibles

First and foremost, let's discuss the benefits of Delta-8-THC edibles, because they are truly the most popular dosing method today.

First, Delta-8 edibles are a reliable method for reaping the general benefits of Delta-8, which may include relief from pain, stress, anxiety, sleep quality issues, and more. In general, Delta-8 edibles will provide the gentle lift that Delta-8 is known for, which is often described as euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting.

Some sources report, however, that Delta-8 edibles may produce effects that are slightly more intense than other dosing methods because of the way they are metabolized in the gut. Either way, at the baseline, edibles are simply a vehicle for the Delta-8-THC dose, so if it’s psychoactive effects you’re after, edibles can deliver.

Still, the specific dosing method may have a few benefits compared to other Delta-8 product types:

Long Lasting Effects

First, Delta-8-THC edibles are known to have long-lasting effects. In some cases, Delta-8-THC edibles may have effects that last between 6 to 8 hours, which is substantially longer than the effects from inhaled Delta-8-THC, which may dissipate after only 3 hours. For people who use Delta-8 therapeutically, these long-lasting effects are a significant advantage.

More Variety

They also offer the greatest variety in terms of potencies and flavor options. The possibilities for new Delta-8-THC edible formulas are endless, so it's easy to find an edible that suits your picky palate or adventurous nature.

Pre-measured Doses

Delta-8-THC edibles have one other substantial benefit—they are pre-measured and precisely dosed. That means that it's easy to know exactly how much Delta-8-THC you're taking, and there's no guesswork or sticky oils involved.

Ultra Portability

In most cases, Delta-8 edibles are individually packaged, which makes them ultra portable. They may actually be the most convenient option for traveling with Delta-8-THC.

Delicious Dosing

Finally, the most obvious benefit of Delta-8 edibles is that they're delicious. That makes them a great dosing option for anyone, but especially for anyone who has trouble tolerating the flavor of hemp oils or who cannot smoke Delta-8-THC flower.A handful of Delta-8-THC gummies neatly lined in a row

Drawbacks of Delta-8-THC Edibles

Other than the potential for a rare Delta-8-THC side effect, which is present with all dosing methods, Delta-8-THC edibles do have one significant drawback—they take a while to kick in.

Because traditional edibles are swallowed and need to be processed by digestion, they can take up to 90 minutes to be absorbed. For some, this offers the benefit of slow rolling effects, but many people don't care to wait over an hour to reach their peak elevation after taking Delta-8-THC.

There is one convenient and unique way to circumvent this, however. Sublingual-style Delta-8-THC edibles offer all of the same benefits of regular D8 edibles, but without the same drawback.

This type of edible is designed to be dissolved in the mouth. There, it can be absorbed by the mucous membranes where it immediately enters the bloodstream. That means that it can take effect quickly just like a Delta-8-THC tincture, in as little as 15 minutes. Most people experience peak effects after only half an hour.

Because a portion of the Delta-8-THC is still swallowed, the effects may be long-lasting, too. Sublingual-style edibles also offer all the other benefits, of course, like individually portioned doses, portability, and extremely palatable flavors.

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Where to Buy Sublingual Delta-8 Edibles

Sublingual-style edibles are not yet commonplace in the Delta-8 market, but this unique dosing style is at the heart of our Elev8 Collection. 

Our sublingual style edibles, like our Delta-8-THC Caramels and our Tropical Thunder Fruit Chews are individually packaged for convenience and, like all Vida Optima products, are 100% Farm Bill compliant and third-party tested.

Pros and Cons of Delta-8-THC Edible Types

We’ve discussed the pros and cons of Delta-8 edibles, but what about the pros and cons of different types of Delta-8 edibles? Here’s a quick comparison:


Delta-8-THC gummies are the most straightforward type of edible available. And they are individually dosed, chewy, and delicious. In all honesty, it's hard to beat a traditional THC gummy.

Still, they have some drawbacks, like that they don't usually come individually wrapped. They also digest like a traditional edible, which means you may wait over an hour to feel the effects. Delta-8 gummies are still a good bulk buy option if you use D8 edibles on the regular.



  • Long-lasting effects
  • Precise, pre-measured doses
  • Usually an affordable bulk-buy option
  • Not individually wrapped
  • May take longer to take effect

Sublingual Edibles

Sublingual edibles come in many different styles, but they all generally function the same. This type of Delta-8 edible melts in your mouth, which means it can provide fast acting effects while still being delicious.

They also are usually individually packaged and precisely portioned, which means they offer dosing control and portability. The only potential drawback of sublingual-style edibles is that the effects may not last quite as long as traditional edibles, but only because they kick in more quickly.



  • Fast-acting effects
  • Precise, pre-measured doses
  • Usually individually portioned
  • Effects may not last as long as traditional edibles


Although they are marketed as a totally different dosing style, Delta-8-THC tincture oils are, in fact, a type of Delta-8 edible. They're taken sublingually, which means they do take effect quickly, in as little as 30 minutes.

Because they're in liquid form, they allow you to precisely measure each dose, which is great for someone who alters their dosage frequently or who hasn't yet figured out how much Delta-8-THC they need to take.

Tincture oils do have a couple of drawbacks, like that they need to be measured each time which isn't exactly convenient for dosing on the go. Some people don't care for the flavor of Delta-8 hemp oil, but a flavored tincture may remedy this problem.



  • Fast-acting effects
  • Precise control of dosage
  • Need to be measured every time
  • Less portability

Conclusion: Pros and Cons of Delta-8 Edibles

If we zoom in on traditional edibles, the benefits and drawbacks are easy to identify. Edibles are individually portioned doses that are generally more portable than oils and flower, but they may have slow-rolling effects that take over an hour to kick in.

When we look at the full picture, we quickly find that sublingual Delta-8 edibles circumvent these drawbacks. A sublingual-style edible may offer all of the same benefits of traditional edibles, but they also have fast acting effects that you’ll feel in less than half an hour.

In other words, there’s a Delta-8 edible that meets almost any need, and you can find a variety of different potencies, flavors, and styles in our Elev8 Collection.

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