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Sometimes good depending on lot

Strength of THC Gummies vary but good

Excellent Product!

Hey Vida: I'm so impressed with this product that I subscribed so I don't run out. I think that speaks volumes about how I love these gummies. Also, with my last order you sent me a sample of Vitality which is amazing as well. Such a good feeling came over me - just crazy good. Thanks you guys - in your way you're making a small part of the world a better place.😊❤😍👍

Finely relaxed

I decided to try this for anxiety and they work great. Perfect calming candy for me.


I am a first time cart user. I have been medicating with the gummies they also sell, which are fantastic, but I wanted to try something different.

The taste is wonderful and super smooth. I haven't had any issues with clogging. I would highly recommend these. If you are new to using these than start with small draws and inhales.

The hybrid was recommended by a team member and it was a great recommendation. I can medicate my shoulder pain, anxiety and headaches but still keep me alert and going on with the day.


They taste good and I like the relaxing feeling. Helps with my anxiety issues and pain. I break them into three pieces for just the right dose for me. Definitely an great product!!

Perfect medication

Works well to relax me to rough panic attacks and anxiety with ptsd. Smooth as well great customer service and best product sativa and indica

Amazing !

Incredible products !!! Fantastic customer service! PLUS THEY ARE DELICIOUS !


I usually eat 2 gummies and I'm set for a few hours, really takes that anxiety and stress out of my life if only for a few hours. Definitely helps me sleep and as a bonus my apatite increases, I'm constantly dealing with nausea from permanent vertigo. I will always have these gummies available, love em.


I really liked this product it help me with sleep and pain the only thing I don’t like is the shipping cost

Worth it

I have bought these for a little over 6 months now. I will continue to buy. I never liked being to high. These give me just what I need to just chill out. Definitely start out small cause this little things have a kick to them.

Love it@

I gave up smoking an have had alot of trouble sleeping. Not anymore. I use this in the evening an sleep like a baby.

Blissful relief

I noticed a positive difference after taking just one gummy. My lower back pain prevents me from walking long distances & wakes me up at night. I am so thrilled to find this product that alleviates that pain for a time. Think this will be just the thing to help get me moving again.

Helps Me Relax

I keep a bottle beside my bed. Each evening I take one and it helps me to relax.


Definitely work, I haven't had any THC or any edible type product like this in over 20 years so my system was squeaky clean. I ate half of 1 pc of candy and I felt nice but then I got greedy and decided to eat the other half a little too soon and was pretty buzzed to say the least LOL. I laid down for a little bit and drink some water and then it came down to a nicer, mellowed buzz more relaxing and I slept like a champ. I just recommend eating half 1st Before eating the whole pc just in case.

Great product...just the right amount of thc


Perfection in a bottle

Gets the job done

Gets the job done, was expecting slightly larger size but still works great.

Highly recommend

Highly recommend this product.

Great product

Well made product

Great product

Very happy with this product.


Works as advertised promoting a good sleep


A nice smooth vape

Enjoying everything so far

I love the watermelon hard candy and gummies. I only eat half a gummy and a time. I take a spoon and smash the hard candies into a bunch of little pieces to eat piecemeal and make them last. Yum


Absolutely love it getting more

Too Legit, too legit to Quit!

I'm a new user. only th 2nd time taking these. my big ass loves them! I'm 5'10 285lbs and two of these gummies get me rolling! feels like I got a bag of bricks sitting on my face. highly recommend!