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These are awesome

Personally I buy some every now and then but when I do I always feel so chill and relaxed

No problems! Fast delivery!

It was great

I am literally here to buy it again! Lasts a long time and gives a good high

wonderful for sleep

i've always had trouble falling asleep. these great tasting edibles help a lot.

Clear head day

A dropper of this, after my coffee, really gets the fog lifted. It has a light and pleasant taste. Clarity arrives immediately.

Gummy review

I cannot open the new plastic bottles. Impossible for someone with osteoarthritis in the hands!

Nice and Chill

I am near the end of my first bottle of 10mg D8 gummies. I've been taking one (or two) about an hour before bedtime and I've yet to have a night where I just lie in bed with the "hamster wheel" still spinning keeping me awake. I feel very relaxed, and I believe that's the primary point, so, it has worked for me. Now to try the 25mg bottle.....

Great product


Tastes good and relaxes me after a long day of work. Does not make me feel lethargic, as a matter of fact, it helps me focus on my tasks I need to accomplish at home.

Elev8 10mg

The taste is good and I felt really good. I would use every day if I didn't get the munchies 😂 and gain weight. So I limit my use to 2 times weekly. I can hardly wait to have that relaxing/high experience. I highly recommend.

Decent quality

Solid product- no issues here. Would recommend and will purchase again

Really great

These work really well. They are enjoyable and relaxing.

Great product


Very happy with the sleep these little caramels help provide. Well priced, also.

Certainly THC!!

I quit yrs ago because of bad side effects, but tried smoking/vaping several times, always with the same issue, no matter the strain. My brain goes into warp drive. Not fun.

I worked my way up slowly with these, I started with 1/4 gummy, and up to a full one. A full one unfortunately brought back the bad vibes.

Right now, I take 1/2, and although not mood elevating, is certainly does something to make the time go faster with a bit of chill/foggyness. To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed but they will do for now while I experiment and try to find something to replace alcohol for anxiety, fatique and pain.

My adult kids love them though!! LMAO!! And they are hard core 420

31 years of pain and anxiety gone!

I've had pain for 31 years,
Multiple Sclerosis and neuropathy in my feet and rheumatoid arthritis. I ordered the Elev8 25mg gummies and took just a 1/4 bite of the 25mg and IMMEDIATELY my pain was gone! I've never had any relief, even being on pain meds (which I hated)!! I Highly recommend Delta-8 gummies to anyone who's had pain or anxiety. My wife didn't believe me so I had her try a bite. Immediate relief from her anxiety and pain too! She ordered her own bottle! Customer service is fast and friendly and they stay in touch letting you know where your order is!! No junk emails either!!! I'll be ordering again SOON!
Well done Vida Optima...

Works like a charm!

Just wish it taste better, otherwise great for sleep!

Really Impressed

I have switched to Delta 8 products. The Bubba Kush Indica product is my favorite so far.
But I'm really impressed with the ordering and order tracking system. Easy. Clear. Fast.
What's not to like?

Mostly helps

I’ve ordered these 3 times. The second time, I must have had a bad batch. Was useless. The first and third batches were great. It helps with pain and nerve issues.

I like it

It's not fancy, but there are a couple of puff size settings. It's cheap and cheerful as the brits say. Decent product for a good price.


I love these! Never let myself run out

Amazing product

It was really smooth and I thought it was amazing

Not enough

Trying a higher dosage


A nice and easy way to get an exact dose of delta 8. Pick your strength and your off!