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Nice Buzz

Plenty strong and long lasting.

A God send.

I had a heart attack 11 years ago and have been well. The issue that continues is extreme pain from a lower back issue involving pinched nerve roots. Prior to my heart attack there were many pain killers that allowed me to function normally. However all of them had potential issues as serious as my heart attack. When found elevate gummy’s my life changed. They provided tne pain relief without the risk of tne other options and the price was a small fraction of the alternatives. They have changed my life and I have been telling everyone I know about them. Everyone who has tried them tell me they worked as good or better than tne high cost pharmaceuticals they previously used at a mere fraction of the cost.these are perhaps the best help I have found in my seventy years. Thanks for a natural product that WORKS!!!

Excellent and potent

I put a caramel in my mouth and it tasted so good that after waiting an hour I didn't feel anything so I had another caramel, and then three more plus a gummy. After 2 hours I was rocked out of my head. I couldn't even stand up and walk. And it's all because I didn't really believe that they had any THC in them but they do....... Wow! (I can't even remember if it took the pain away , lol.) And they are the most delicious caramels that I've ever eaten.

Shocked - Wow!!!!

I bought the caramels and the Elev8 gummy bears. The caramels were delicious: never know there was any THC in that at all. The gummy tasted awful. That earthy taste comes in with the first bite. So, I got them today but had little face said they would do anything at all. So I ate my first caramel and waited an hour. Okay then I took another caramel and they were so good I ate three more of them and I try to come here on top of that to see how it tasted. Let me tell you, they work! By eating all of those apples I caused myself to be extremely high I don't think I've ever been that high in my life I couldn't even stand up and foreign insomniac having a nap in the middle of the afternoon was pretty cool.

Excellent Product

Is exactly as shown and described on the website. The oil base is very light and almost completely tasteless, and the potency is sufficient to yield good results. I'll be buying more.

Love these

Very nice help me relax...

Mellow. Excellent flavor.

Mellow with an excellent flavor. My go-to. I’d like to see a 75mg.
Santa: Add to my list please.

Elev8 review

I think this product is great. I usually eat 1 1/2 gummies tho so I wish they came in 15 mg

Indica ,sativa

Both are good products,I favor the indica since I’ve used it many times ,good ,will buy more

does the trick

does the trick

Excellent for pain relief and relaxation

This product has been a game changer for me when I experience back pain.

Happy with purchase.

First time trying thc gummies. I like the effect and with 10 mg you can decide how much to take in different situation. Will buy again.

Great Product !

Simply Awesome!

All you desire and nothing more. Perfect !

Tasty & relaxing

These gummies are good for relaxing, I find that I need more than one.

Best on the market

I have tried several products from other companies without many results. The elev8 gummies are the best around. Weather for pain management, anxiety, or like what I suffer from insomnia , they work hands down the best on the market.

Blue Dream Delta 8 THC Flower, Hybrid
Mike A.

Blue Dream Delta 8 THC Flower, Hybrid

Good feelings all around

These candies are great for a nice, even, calming feeling. Depending on when/what I’ve eaten, I usually feel them best between 2-4hrs.

C b D 25 mg true chews

Was nice and mellow!!


These candies are delicious! I have already ordered more.

Better sleep

After a few weeks of a half-dropper before bedtime, my sleep app confirms that I'm sleeping more soundly and for nearly an hour longer each night.

My girlfriend loves these!

Great full spectrum effects! My girlfriend absolutely loves these. They could taste a little better but the effects make up for it! Great for discretion or on the go. Would highly recommend!