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Love these!

They help me feel relaxed and also help me get better sleep.

VO Battery

Now I have 2, one upstairs and one down.

ELEV8 1000mg

Love my Gummies but have written to you about tainted Oil but you haven't replied. I have a bottle that tastes putrid, batch # VOSLPCBNNF1120. Can I return this for testing? Everything else has been great except for this and remember, it's not cheap.

Nice buzz

One or two, of these fruit chews, give me, a chill, evening buzz. I add a vida pre roll.

Just What The Doctor Ordered!

I have had trouble falling back to sleep once l wake up during the night. The doctor gave me a script for Trazadone, but after a week or so it was useless. I tried the Delta 8 Gummies and l really only need half of one. But Friday and Saturday night l take a whole one, pop on a Zeppelin or Floyd album and get toasty and enjoy the tunage!!

Starting your day off, right

I find when I use Delta9 first thing in the morning, I have a lift in my spirits and a smile on my face. I feel they give me that little extra boost that caffeine does not.

They worked to help me sleep however I woke up throwing iup. This happened twice. I don’t know why. I am going to try one more time.


Literally the best option

Love it


I like having this vape!

I like this vape! You can see through it so you see how much you have as you use it! And the battery for that vape are not expensive! Great products and fast shipping!!!

These are amazing

I love this product.

Exceptional product packaging!!!

Upon receiving my mail, I immediately noticed the careful packaging of your product! Comparing to Amazon, when I recently purchase a book from them, I thought their careless packaging was from a person who never read a book. Or maybe it was a robot? Thank you, Vida Optima

Works for me!

Been using for several months and these really help with relaxation & sleep. A good product in my opinion.

Great product!

Love these! I especially like how I can choose to ration if I want or eat the chew at once.

strawberry heaven

wonderful product I love it

Amazing Product

Really helped me relax at night and get a solid nights rest.

Elev8™ Delta 8 THC Candies, Juicy Fruit

Buy it

Gets the job done ✅

Good For Me

This helps me sleep and enjoy a mellow buzz


Delta 8 and now 9, as well, have been such an integral part of our weekends. We don’t go out or drink alcohol, and these products have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you Vida Optima!

I was not as pleases with this as the Bubba kush

Very nice

Loved the ease and discreet packaging of this product


Perfect, Discrete, and Nice dosage

Good quality

Burns a bit quick for my preference but otherwise good

You gotta try this,

I love it, I like the automatic delivery, it is great 👍