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A Must for the 4th of July!

Wow! Our previous little mini schnauzer used to go and hide in the far bedroom closet anytime the city hosted a fireworks show. Now unless they are a homemade one she stays in the front room with us now!! Thank You! She sure seems happier now!

Absolutely love these

Elev8™ Disposable Delta 8 THC Vape (1mL)

Works as advertised

Can always get a consistent result with a consistent dose with these. Slow onset, pretty long-lasting, relaxing but not too intense.


gives me life

Great Product - Been getting this for 3 years

This is a creeper. It may take up to 30 minutes to feel the dose but it hits and it hits hard. Sometimes it works stronger if you eat/drink something with it. I had to lower the dosage because it was too strong at times. Been getting this product for over 3 years and I’m never disappointed.

Great product!

Browsing online I came across your site, decided to make a purchase. Item was shipped right away and with being able to track my delivery I knew right when to expect it! The product itself was excellent and I look forward to shopping with you again!

Did the trick

These were great gummies I just didn’t care for the taste.


Love them!!

Best with a chaser

I like hard candies because they take less time to activate, and these do the job. However, there is an alkaline aftertaste that clings to the roof of the mouth for a long time. Have a glass or cup of beverage as soon as you’ve eaten this. I would have preferred the gummies, all in all, but they were unavailable.

Good Stuff

I found this enjoyable and usable. Much appreciated.

Five stars!

I’ve tried several gummies and these are by far my fave!


Really good, always hits the spot

Best legal THC

This Delta 9 is the best legal THC available in Ohio.

Potent and Lasting

The feeling is very strong. I was impressed.

Solid product

Mild body high. Fun for a chill sesh

Very nice feeling

Very good product, helps me relax. Wish they were stronger.


Solid sleep

doesn't seem as strong as the other elev8 products (like the gummies), but still helps with sleep

Great product

Delicious and does as advertised!


Very good quality & prompt service !

Cloud 9

Hands down the best product you have developed, which is saying a lot.

Elev8™ Delta 8 Hard Candies, Juicy Fruit

Pineapple Haze Delta 8 THC Flower, Sativa