About Us


Vida Optima was founded in 2015 by two best friends and passionate individuals who's lives has been impacted by the power of cannabis, based out of San Diego, California.

Being in the CBD retail industry for several years, our unique position as a national CBD vendor gave us an opportunity to test many of the best (and worst) CBD products on the market. After years of testing and selling some of the best CBD products available, we decided to take our experience and launch our own line of CBD products that we could be sure met our rigorous quality standards.

Because of the way that CBD interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, we firmly believe that it deserves a space in everyone’s medicine cabinet. CBD should be considered a supplement to be taken daily like a multivitamin or fish oil.

Thus, our first product, Vida Optima CBD Vitamin Gummies was born—a unique combination of high-quality CBD and daily vitamins designed to support an optimal life, or “Vida Optima.”

We've launched several new products since then, but all of them have the same dedication to quality as our Vida Gummies.

We're confident you'll be hard-pressed to find better quality CBD products at an affordable price anywhere else.

Here's why:


All our hemp is grown right here in the USA and is USDA Certified Hemp that is cGMP compliant.

Specifically, our hemp is grown in three states known for their advanced hemp agriculture programs:

Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon.

Premium hemp is sent to our partner cGMP certified manufacturing facility here in California, where we use a mixture of flower only, whole plant, and hemp biomass depending on the product and formula.

Nevertheless, all of our products are made with full spectrum CBD, designed to offer the potentially enhanced benefits of the entourage effect, or cannabinoid synergy that you can’t get from CBD isolate.

Before production, raw hemp material is carefully tested for potency and purity to ensure that only premium-quality, clean hemp material is used in every Vida Optima product.

We use a CO2 extraction technique to produce top quality full spectrum CBD at an affordable price. We chose CO2 extraction for its ability to produce highly-potent extracts without the use of dangerous chemical solvents, so no solvents ever make their way into the final batch.

Then, final products are third-party batch tested to ensure that our premium-quality promise trickles all the way down to the consumer.


Aside from focusing on quality, we set out to offer a different type of hemp line-- one that’s diverse and meets a variety of wellness needs.

Vida Optima’s Vitality Collection is designed to support CBD’s use as a daily supplement. Our Clarity Collection offers the unique benefits of balancing CBG, and our Dream Collection uses the powerhouse combination of CBN and CBD to help promote healthy sleep. The Elev8 Collection takes advantage of cutting edge technology that converts CBD to Delta-8-THC for a gentle lift for body and mind.

Every formula is designed to seamlessly fit into your daily wellness routine.

Here’s how:


Our CBD collection at Vida Optima is multi-functional, and we are constantly working to create new products.

We focus on offering different product styles, ranging from gummies to lollipops to hemp flower, that seamlessly integrate into daily life and make your daily dose enjoyable and exciting.


CBD is the key player at Vida Optima, and we recognize that it is one of the most well-researched non-psychotropic cannabinoids to date.

Still, we don’t have tunnel vision, and we know that hemp’s benefits span far and wide. We’re also offer a range of hemp-based formulas that utilize other terpenes and cannabinoids, like CBN and CBG, and even Delta-8-THC.

Additionally, we use a selection of other natural, wholesome ingredients that we believe promote balance, immunity, and optimal health, like Vitamin C, elderberry, and more.

Because we curate these ingredients and design products with a specific intention, many of our products can be used together to design a multifaceted, individualized daily routine to help optimize your daily life.

This curated cannabinoid approach offers the benefits of the ensemble effect, which has been highly regarded as the most effective way to use hemp products. 


We want everyone to have access to our high quality, affordable CBD, so we have a number of products that are vegan including:

  • Gummies (including those from the Vitality, Dream, and Elev8 Collections)
  • Oils (from the Vitality, Dream, Clarity, and Elev8 Collections)
  • Lollipops (Vitality Collection)
  • Chews (Vitality and Elev8 Collection)
  • Hard Candies (Elev8 Collection)


We know that both artificial sweeteners and sugar-packed options are a barrier for many consumers. We never use artificial sweeteners in our products.

Plus, all our products use either real cane sugar, or organic stevia extract, so you've got options even if you're low carb or keto!


All Vida Optima products are gluten-free, making them accessible to those with certain dietary restrictions.


We're also committed to helping people learn about hemp-derived cannabinoids and make educated choices regarding their approach to daily wellness.

To support these efforts, we’ve built tons of free, research-backed content to help educate people about CBD, CBN, Delta-8, and more. As new research emerges and our product selection changes, we continue to create and update these resources so that the most recent and accurate information is at your disposal.

Check out our Cannabis Encyclopedia to learn more about everything from terpenes to CBD extraction techniques!

If you’re looking for a quick guide to buying CBD where you can find all of the most crucial information in one place, make sure you check out our CBD Buyers Guide.