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CBN, short for cannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid that’s been linked to various different potential benefits, like managing pain and inflammation. However, most interest in CBN surrounds its potential benefits as a sedative that may help manage certain sleep ailments, like insomnia.

In order to reap CBN’s bountiful benefits, you need to know the best CBN dosage for your wellness routine. Here, we’ll cover everything related to finding the best CBN dosage, from how much CBN you should take to when is the best time to take your CBN dose. Let’s get started:

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What is CBN?
How much CBN Should You Take?
CBN Dosage for Pain
CBN Dosage for Sleep
CBN Dosage for Daily Wellness
What if CBN Doesn’t Work?
Where to Find CBN Products
CBN Dosage FAQs

Key Takeaways

  • The amount of CBN you need to take depends on the effects you hope to achieve.
  • CBN is more potent than many other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, so the dosage threshold is usually smaller.
  • Many people find that a CBN dosage of 3-6 milligrams works well for most purposes, especially when CBN is paired with CBD.
  • The quality of the CBN product you choose is important, and low quality CBN products may be ineffective or even dangerous regardless of the dosage you use.
A leaf from the hemp plant, the natural source of legal CBN products.

What is CBN?

If you’re curious about the best CBN dosage, you probably already know a bit about CBN, what it is, and the potential benefits it may offer. If not, we’ll cover the basics:

CBN is a “late-blooming” cannabinoid that’s created as other cannabinoids degrade. It’s a potent cannabinoid that actually has some affinity for the CB-1 receptors, or the portion of the Endocannabinoid System where THC binds to incite psychotropic effects. Of course, CBN won’t get you high, but it can offer a range of potential benefits, including:

  • Pain relief
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Neuroprotective effects
  • Sleep support

To learn more, read “CBN Benefits.”

Of course, CBN gets the most attention for its potential to enhance sleep, and it’s often paired with CBD, THC, or even melatonin to create unique sleep-supporting formulas. Whether you’re looking for the best CBN dosage for sleep, or want to integrate CBN into your dosing routine to enjoy its many other potential benefits, we’ll help you find the best CBN dose for you down below:

How Much CBN Should You Take?

Before we dig into the CBN dosing details you need to know, we want to point out one important fact–CBN is more potent than many other cannabinoids. For that reason, you’ll often see products that recommend a smaller dosing threshold compared to the common recommendations given for CBD products. A user may take 20-50 milligrams of CBD, but may find that a dose of 5 mg of CBN offers significant relief.

It’s also important to note that you may need to do a little “guess and check” work to figure out the best CBN dosage for you. Typically, this isn’t a problem since CBN is not habit forming and has no psychoactive effects. CBN also rarely causes any side effects, and the most common side effects are noted to be mild.

Let’s break down CBN dosing and how much CBN you need to take to enjoy it’s various benefits:

CBN Dosage for Pain

When hoping to manage pain, consumers may prefer to take CBN either at night or during the day. You’ll also find that CBN is often paired with CBD for this purpose. This

You’ll probably want to avoid any sleep-specific products during the day, opting instead for a full spectrum CBD product that contains CBN, or a CBN isolate that’s free of melatonin or other sleep supporting herbs.

In most cases, consumers find that CBN doses of 5-10 mg are suitable for managing physical discomfortwhen paired with 10-30 mg of CBD.

A woman sleeping soundly after her CBN dose

CBN Dosage for Sleep

CBN is most commonly used to support healthy sleep-wake cycles. When using CBN for sleep, you should plan to take your CBN dose at night, roughly an hour before you go to bed. The amount of time it will take for CBN to take effect depends on the dosage method you use. Tinctures may work faster than some edibles, but you should typically allow anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for a CBN product to be fully metabolized.

Look for a sleep-specific product to help enhance sleep. You’ll probably notice that the CBN dose is small in these products, around 3-6 mg per serving. Many people find that 5 mg of CBN at night is the perfect dosage for restful sleep, especially when paired with other sleep-enhancing supplements.

Our Dream Collection balances primarily on a synergistic combination of CBD and CBN. Our CBN Sleep Gummies are a convenient, pre-portioned bedtime dose designed to support healthy sleep cycles, or try our Dream Tincture, a unique combination of CBD, CBN, and sleep and wellness-supporting herbs and supplements, like 5-HTP and Ashwagandha.

CBN Dosage for Daily Wellness

Some people simply incorporate CBN as part of their daily wellness routine alongside other hemp-derived cannabinoids and herbal supplements, citing its potential immune boosting and neuroprotective effects. In this case, small doses may be adequate, or it may be beneficial to use a full spectrum CBD product that contains CBN.

What if CBN Doesn’t Work for Me?

We mentioned that you may need to do some guess work to find the best CBN dosage for you. If you find that the small doses recommended above don’t offer the level of relief you’re after, consider these factors:

  • You may need to take CBN daily for up to two weeks to feel the full benefits. This is especially true when using CBN for sleep since it may take some time to effectively reset your circadian rhythm.
  • Consider pairing CBN with CBD.These two cannabinoids work together to provide synergistic benefits, a phenomenon referred to as the “ensemble effect.”
  • Try increasing your CBN dosage.Although small doses of CBN are effective for most people, everyone’s Endocannabinoid System is different. Some studies have used CBN doses of up to 25 mg with success. Increase slowly, adding 3-5 mg to your dosage at a time, and allow around a week in between dose adjustments to monitor the effects.
  • Try a different product.If you have a product that comes without third-party lab tests to prove its CBN content, consider buying a CBN product from a more trustworthy source. Because industry regulations are still inconsistent, some products do not contain the CBN that they claim and are simply ineffective.

Where to Find CBN Products

Thanks to current hemp regulations, cannabinoid products can now be legally made and sold across the U.S., making it easier to access CBN than ever before. Still, consumers need to be cautious about the lack of regulation within the hemp industry, and it’s important to do your due diligence when shopping for a high-quality CBN product.

Vida Optima Dream CBN Gummies

That’s why we focus on transparency and quality above all. We use premium hemp material and a cGMP compliant manufacturing facility to create each unique hemp formula, including our CBN Dream Collection. Like the rest of the Vida Optima line, our CBN products are tested multiple times during manufacturing and third-party batch tested to prove label accuracy.

CBN Dosage Frequently Asked Questions

How many mg of CBN should I take?

CBN dosage usually ranges between 3-6 mg for most people, and most products offer doses around 5 mg per serving. You should start low and increase your dose as needed, allowing plenty of time in between adjustments (1-2 weeks) for your body to experience the full benefits of a consistent dosing routine.

Can you take too much CBN?

CBN is not psychoactive or habit-forming, and side effects are rarely associated with taking CBN products. However, taking doses that are too large may cause CBN to be ineffective. Some people also report feeling especially drowsy after taking large doses.

Does CBN make you tired?

Evidence surrounding CBN’s sleep benefits is limited, but anecdotal reports suggest that large doses may make you feel more tired than usual. The key, however, is that CBN is not meant to be used as a sedative, rather small doses may help to regulate sleep wake cycles in a manner that improves sleep overall.

How long before bed should I take CBN?

You should take your CBN dose about 30-60 minutes before bed depending on the dosing method used.

Can CBN give you nightmares?

There’s no evidence that suggests that CBN will cause nightmares, but everyone reacts differently to cannabinoid-based therapeutics. If you experience nightmares when using CBN, you may need to talk to your doctor about adjusting your dosage or making changes to your wellness routine.

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