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As we've mentioned before, Delta-8-THC is not synthetic, but it is made from CBD. That means that the manufacturing process used to make Delta-8 is vastly different from the process used to make CBD or traditional THC products.

Because Delta-8 is in a category of its own, it's difficult for new consumers to know what to expect. We are going to clear up some of this confusion, but we especially want to address one important question we’ve seen a lot—should Delta-8 taste like chemicals?

The answer is no, Delta-8-THC products should definitely not have any chemical residue leftover after a proper manufacturing process. It's possible, however, that the flavor you may mistake as a "chemical taste" actually comes from terpenes. If you're not sure how to tell the difference, let us explain:

Table of Contents
A Chemical Taste is Bad News
Do Terpenes Taste Like Chemicals?
What Should Delta-8 Taste Like?
What are the Best Tasting Delta-8 Products?
Conclusion: Delta-8-THC Products Taste Like Chemicals

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8-THC has very little flavor but some people report a mild chemical taste from pure Delta-8 distillate.
  • If you experience a strong chemical flavor, something may be wrong with your Delta-8 products.
  • Delta-8 edibles are a great option for those with a sensitive or picky palate, but make sure you buy from a high-quality brand.

A "Chemical Taste" Is Bad News

We'll start by reiterating that Delta-8-THC should not have a strong chemical-like flavor. During manufacturing, various chemicals and extraction techniques may be used to create Delta-8.

A woman measuring a dose of CBD oil tincture, which should not have a chemical taste.

For instance, some brands may use ethanol extraction or butane extraction to harvest their original CBD-rich hemp extract from the hemp material. Then, Delta-8 is made from CBD through a process called isomerization, which involves exposing CBD to an acid in order to rearrange the molecule into Delta 8.

But none of this really matters because the chemicals from manufacturing should not make it into the final batch. Different brands will use different purification methods to remove any leftover solvents or chemicals before bottling a product.

That's not to say there aren't some questionable brands that may not have a very rigorous quality control process. But that's why it's important to only buy hemp products from a high-quality, trustworthy brand that uses modern manufacturing techniques and a third party testing process to ensure potency and quality.

If you know that you bought your Delta-8-THC from a trustworthy brand but you still notice a funny aftertaste, there may be a different explanation.

Do Terpenes Taste Like Chemicals?

Many Delta-8-THC products are finished with terpenes in a process known as strain profiling. That means that pure Delta-8-THC distillate may have certain hemp derived terpenes added in order to alter the flavor and therapeutic profile of the product.

Since different terpenes all have different therapeutic effects and a different flavor profile, this technique is useful for creating Delta-8-THC products that mimic the diversity of natural cannabis strains. But many of these terpenes have an aroma that could be mistaken as a chemical taste.

For instance, linalool is a terpene known for its bold, earthy, spicy aroma that’s found in lavender and cinnamon. These aromatic compounds may taste sort of odd, almost perfume-like, to someone who isn’t accustomed to the natural flavor.

Still, the taste from terpenes should be incredibly subtle, so if your product has an overwhelming chemical flavor, something is wrong. If the chemical taste you're describing is pretty subtle, try checking the product ingredients to see if it has added terpenes. In some cases, products may also contain essential oils that have a similar diluted chemical flavor.

What Should Delta-8-THC Taste Like?

Delta-8-THC products don't have a specific taste because different products are made from different hemp strains using various different ingredients, which could include flavor additives and sweeteners. In its purest form, Delta-8-THC is mostly tasteless, although some people do report a slight chemical taste from the pure extract.

Ultimately, pure Delta-8-THC should have almost no flavor, but Delta-8 is generally not sold in this pure form. The flavor of your Delta-8-THC products will depend on its ingredients, like the terpenes we mentioned earlier, but also any other flavor additives, sweeteners, oils, vitamins, or other ingredients used to make the particular product.

What are the Best Tasting Delta-8-THC products?

Finding a Delta-8-THC product that you enjoy is mostly based on preference, but there are a few things to keep in mind while you search for the right product.

Vida Optima Elev8 Chews

First, pure Delta-8-THC products are not generally the best choice for people with a sensitive palate. Delta-8 edibles may be more appropriate since they generally have a pleasant taste. For instance our Delta-8 Chews are tropical, melt-in-your-mouth doses that have no chemical aftertaste at all.

Not into fruit flavors? A Delta-8-THC Caramel is a decadent option that perfectly masks any hempy flavor, and may be the best option overall for avoiding the "natural" taste of Delta-8-THC.

A Delta-8-THC vaporizer is also a fair choice for those who want a mild-flavored dose that kicks in quickly. Our Delta-8-THC Vaporizers do contain terpenes for strain profiling, but the flavor is reminiscent of natural cannabis flower.

Conclusion: Delta-8-THC Products Have a Chemical Taste

If you cannot confirm that the “chemical” flavor of your Delta-8-THC product is actually the flavor of terpenes or other intentional ingredients, we recommend that you stop using it and reach out to the brand. If they can’t confirm the quality and purity of the product, you should definitely start searching for a new brand.

If you want to skip the footwork and buy high-quality Delta-8-THC that tastes great, check out our Elev8 Collection.

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