Does Delta-8 Make You Laugh?

by Kat Austin October 27, 2021 4 min read

Does Delta-8 Make You Laugh? - Vida Optima™

You've heard the old adage "laughter is the best medicine," but how true is it? Turns out, laughter may indeed have health benefits, and studies show that laughter can reduce stress, boost endorphins that temporarily relieve pain, and even protect the heart by improving blood flow.

With that said, we beg to differ—cannabis is the best medicine because it can induce laughter alongside a slew of other stress and pain relieving benefits. So, with the colorful new hemp products piling onto shelves we set out to answer an important question: Does Delta-8 make you laugh? And if so, what are the best Delta-8-THC strains for laughter?

Here's our best advice:

Table of Contents
Delta-8-THC Effects
Best Strains for Laughter
Tips for Laugh-Worthy Elevation
Conclusion: Which Delta-8 Strains Will Make You Laugh?
Where to Buy Delta-8 Online

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8-THC's effects are similar to traditional THC's, so it can boost your mood and make you laugh.
  • Different strains of Delta-8-THC will provide a different experience, and some are more likely to make you laugh than others.
  • Finding the right dosage is essential to an optimal experience.
  • Make sure you only buy high-quality Delta-8-THC to ensure a safe dosing experience.

Delta-8-THC Effects

Delta-8-THC is a lot like traditional THC by nature. The two cannabinoids are almost molecularly identical, and they interact with the body similarly, except that Delta-8 has less potent psychoactive effects.

Still, both cannabinoids interact with CB1 receptors within the endocannabinoid system, a neuromodulatory system known to regulate things like mood, stress, and pain. It's no secret that the right cannabis strain can induce a serious case of the giggles, and the same is true for Delta-8-THC.

Delta-8-THC Can Lighten Your Mood

In general, the psychoactive experience from Delta-8 may be less intense than what you would expect from traditional THC, many people also report that it's far less likely to cause anxiety and paranoia, two of the most common adverse reactions related to THC over-consumption.

Expect a mild, euphoric experience that is pretty balanced between body and mind. Some strains are associated with a potent body experience that's relaxing and great for unwinding. Other strains are known to be more uplifting, with more intense cerebral effects that can definitely lighten your mood and lift your spirits.

Any high-quality Delta-8-THC product can make you feel good, but when you're looking for something to put the tears of laughter in your eyes, it all boils down to picking the right strain.

A display of Dleta-8-THC flower and pre-rolled joints

Best Delta-8-THC Strains for Laughter

There are many different types of Delta-8 strains available, and each has a unique terpene profile that slightly tweaks its therapeutic effects. For boosting mood and inducing a case of the giggles, we recommend the following strains:

Pineapple Express

At the very top of our laugh-inducing list of Delta-8 strains is Pineapple Express, a potent hybrid known for its uplifting cerebral effects. It is, after all, named after one of the most popular cannabis-centric comedy films of all times. The best thing about Pineapple Express is that it's a hybrid, and not a pure sativa, which means it can induce a balanced experience that helps you relax while you laugh along with friends.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the rare sativa strains that's infamous for promoting relaxation. Plus, users report that Sour Diesel is great at managing symptoms of depression. Luckily, the soothing effects also come with sativa’s uplifting head high, which can definitely set the tone for a night full of laughter. This strain is perfect for sinking into the couch to watch a comedy or digging into your favorite humor novel.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla glue is another well-known strain with the middle ground benefits of a hybrid. Users report feeling relaxed, uplifted, and happy, a perfect combination for a comedy sesh between friends.

Want to learn more about Delta-8 strains? Read “Which Strain of Delta-8 is Best? Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid” to see the full break down.

Tips for Laugh-Worthy Elevation

Delta-8 does most of the work, but here are some things you can do to help ensure a cheerful experience:

Two friends enjoying a comedy after smoking Delta-8-THC flower

Laugh with Friends

The right strain of Delta-8-THC can take the edge off of any awkward social situation. If you're already surrounded by friends, it can turn your visit into a stand up comedy show (or quality roast session if you'd rather). Regardless of your humor style, laughing is always better with friends.

Choose a Laugh-Worthy Movie

This one doesn't need any explanation, but we recommend checking out the classics. Think Monty Python, Friday, and of course, Pineapple Express.

Take Just Enough Delta-8

It's a lot more difficult to take too much Delta-8 than it is Delta-9, but everyone still has a dosing "sweet spot" where the high is at its finest. You may need to do some experimenting to find your best dose. Start by reading "How Much Delta-8-THC Should You Take?"

Conclusion: Which Delta-8-THC Strains Make You Laugh?

If you’re looking for a laugh-inducing D8 strain, it really boils down to preference. Many people prefer Sativa strains for their energizing, creativity boosting effects. Indica strains may mellow you out, but they can still help you find humor in any situation. In reality, you just need to find a strain that makes you feel good and then create a comfortable environment that invites laughter and you’ll be wiping happy tears from your eyes in no time at all.

Where to Buy Delta-8-THC Online

Delta-8-THC is available both online and in stores, but not all Delta-8-THC is made equal. Because hemp industry regulations vary across the industry, it's important to research before choosing a Delta-8-THC product. Look for an experienced brand who uses clean hemp and third-party testing to ensure quality.

At Vida Optima, all of our products are made from U.S. grown, premium hemp that's processed in a cGMP compliant facility. Our Elev8 Collection is 100% Farm Bill compliant and third-party tested. Check out our collection of premium Delta-8-THC Flower to find the strains listed above and many more. 

Vida Optima Elev8 Collection

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