Can a Doctor Prescribe Delta-8?

by Kat Austin July 19, 2021 6 min read

Can a Doctor Prescribe Delta-8? - Vida Optima™

Exploring the world of Delta-8-THC and its health benefits naturally leads to questions about accessibility. Specifically, many wonder whether Delta-8 requires a doctor's prescription and what the legal stipulations are for its use. The reality is quite straightforward: while doctors can recommend Delta-8-THC, a prescription isn't necessary to purchase it. However, certain medical cannabis dispensaries might require a doctor's written recommendation.

The ease of access to Delta-8-THC is a notable advantage, particularly with online options. OurElev8 Collection is readily available online, offering a hassle-free way to explore Delta-8-THC products in states where it's legal. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of obtaining Delta-8-THC, the importance of consulting with a healthcare professional, and how to integrate it responsibly into your wellness journey.

Table of Contents

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Delta 8?
What are Delta-8’s Health Benefits?
How to Discuss Delta-8 with Your Doctor
Where to Buy Delta-8-THC Without a Prescription

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8-THC is not a prescription medication, but it may still have some health benefits that are advantageous to most people.
  • Even though you don’t need to ask your doctor for a prescription, you may still want your healthcare provider to help you integrate Delta-8 into your wellness routine.
  • It’s important to carefully consider your Delta-8 products before you buy to ensure that you get clean, effective products.
  • You can buy Delta-8-THC online from any area where Delta-8 is legal, which makes it much more accessible than traditional THC and even many prescriptions.

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Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Delta-8-THC?

Nope, and you can’t get one either.

Why? Because Delta-8-THC exists as a legal hemp product, not as an FDA approved prescription medication. Some ongoing research is set to evaluate Delta-8’s use in prescriptions, and some evidence suggests it may be better for medical applications than traditional THC because it is more shelf stable.

It’s important to take this at face value. CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp, also hasn’t been fully approved by the FDA. Still, certain medications made from CBD have been approved and can be prescribed by a doctor, and the pathway is open for similar Delta-8 drugs to apply for approval in the future.

In other words, Delta-8’s current lack of regulation doesn’t mean that the cannabinoid is lacking in health benefits. In fact, various studies have found Delta-8 to have therapeutic effects that are similar to (and sometimes more effective than) traditional THC medicinals.

What are Delta-8’s Health Benefits?

Delta-8-THC research is limited, but researchers often find that Delta-8’s benefits are similar to Delta-9’s. After all, the two compounds have a similar structure and functionwithin the body.

A hemp flower in full bloom, the natural source of Delta-8-THC products

The Delta-8-THC research that exists highlights a few potential benefits, and users have found many of them to ring true while experimenting with Delta-8 on their own. Just keep in mind Delta-8-THC is not currently approved as a treatment or cure for any medical conditions, and medical research concerning Delta-8 is ongoing.

Despite not needing a prescription, you still could see some of the following health benefits when using Delta-8-THC:

Neuroprotective Properties

One 1980 study found that Delta-8 could increase the production of Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for various cognitive functions and neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to grow and repair itself. Acetylcholine supplementation is thought to improve brain function and potentially protect the brain from free radical damage, which can impair memory and cognitive function over time.

Appetite Stimulation

A 2004 study found that even small doses of Delta-8 may help increase appetite, which could be useful for managing appetite loss caused by chronic conditions, like autoimmune disorders or eating disorders.

Control of Nausea or Vomiting

One of the most prominent studies on Delta-8 found the cannabinoid to have powerful antiemetic properties, which means it may calm nausea and vomiting. In the study, which involved pediatric cancer patients, Delta-8 was found to be 100% effective at reducing nausea (generally caused by chemotherapy).

This same study suggests that Delta-8was less likely to lead to adverse effects than Delta-9 (like anxiety or paranoia), which made it a more appropriate treatment for children. The authors also suggested that the increased efficacy may be attributed to the ability to increase the dose since Delta-8 has milder effects than Delta-9.

Pain Management

Researchers believe that Delta-8-THC could be useful for managing pain thanks to analgesic properties, but more research is needed. Delta-9 is frequently recommended for pain management as an alternative to opioid medications, so it’s fair to say that Delta-8 could have similar potential.

Anxiety Management

Many people report using Delta-8-THC for anxiety, but research has yet to uncover why it may work. with great success. Still, the National Cancer Institute acknowledges Delta-8 as an “anxiolytic” substance, and this benefit is widely accepted among professionals.

The effects of Delta-8 can be described as “relaxing” and “euphoric,” so it may help you unwind and take the edge off of stressful moments. Many other hemp derived cannabinoids, like CBD and CBG, are thought to help with mood imbalances and increased stress levels, too.

Improved Sleep

One study found that Delta-8 was able to induce sedation in cats and that it may even increase the length of the REM sleep cycle, which is actually inverse to the way that Delta-9 works for sleep.

Researchers are still evaluating the benefits of Delta-8-THC for sleep, but some reports suggest that other cannabinoids, like CBD and CBN, may have benefits for sleep alongside Delta-8-THC.

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Discuss Delta-8-THC with Your Doctor, No Prescription Needed

Delta-8 is legal in most states and incredibly accessible. After all, you can buy it online. That means you don’t necessarily need your doctor's assistance or approval to start using Delta-8, either for recreational or therapeutic purposes.

We recommend that you still involve your doctor in your decision to use Delta-8, especially if you're hoping to use Delta-8 for health related reasons. It may seem like “extra steps,” but it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Here’s how your doctor can help you with your delta-8-THC routine:

Consider Delta-8 Prescription Interactions

Although you can easily buy Delta-8 without a prescription, you should still carefully consider it’s possible drug interactions, especially if you take other prescription medications regularly. This is an important part of why you should discuss Delta-8-THC use with your doctor even though they can’t write you a prescription.

A spoonful of prescription medications, many of which may have drug interactions with Delta-8-THC

In some cases, THC is known to interact with other medications. Specifically, THC may use the same metabolic pathways, which can reduce absorption of some other medications. For now, research has not evaluated Delta-8 for it’s unique drug interactions, but it’s thought to have interactions that are similar to that of Delta-9-THC.

Some medications that may interact with THC include:

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opioids
  • Antidepressants
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Blood Pressure Medications
  • Blood Sugar Medications

These drugs are metabolized by the CYP3A4 liver enzymes, which are the same enzymes responsible for breaking down THC. That means that THC use, especially in large or frequent doses, could reduce how quickly a medication is broken down, which can lead to larger amounts of the medication accumulating in the body over time.

In many cases, THC can be used alongside these medications, but you may need to adjust your dosage size and frequency, which is where talking to your doctor about Delta-8-THC risks can help.

Ask for Help in Choosing a Delta-8 Dosage

Determining the best Delta-8-THC dosage can be difficult, but your doctor may be able to help you work out a routine. Even if your doctor isn’t sure how much you should take (since Delta-8 is still relatively new), you can still start with a low dose and slowly increase the dosage over time until you reach the desired effects.

Evaluate the Benefits with Assistance

In some cases, it can be difficult to determine if a therapy is working without the help of a doctor. This is especially true when it comes to conditions that aren’t easy to monitor on the outside, or where blood test or other lab tests are needed to evaluate progress.

After you and your doctor have discussed your Delta-8 routine, you may consider keeping track of your doses, progress, and how you feel. This way you and your doctor can determine if Delta-8 is helping or if changes should be made to your routine.

Where to Buy Delta-8-THC Without a Prescription

If you’re looking for Delta-8-THC that you can buy online, you’ve come to the right place. At Vida Optima, our Elev8 Collection includes a full range of Delta-8 gummies, edibles, tincture oils, flower, and more.

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All Vida Optima products are 100% Farm Bill compliant and each are third-party batch tested with lab results available on every product page.

Not sure where to start? We recommend checking out our  Delta-8-THC Gummies, which feature a mild 10 mg dose that’s perfect for new users, or you can contact us for further assistance.


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