What are the Benefits of CBG?

by Kat Austin July 19, 2021 6 min read

What are the Benefits of CBG? - Vida Optima™

CBD’s benefits are being talked about everywhere. What’s not as well known is the potential benefits of CBG, a minor cannabinoid competing for space in the hemp industry.

There may be a reason to find out, though.

CBG, dubbed “the mother of all cannabinoids,” may have therapeutic value applicable to various chronic illnesses and even everyday symptoms. It’s often found in full-spectrum CBD products and is thought to be an important part of the entourage effect. Now, the cannabinoid is also being isolated into products of its own in hopes of providing targeted effects to consumers.

So, what are the benefits of CBG? And how can you use it to best meet your needs?

Here’s the scoop on CBG benefits:

Table of Contents
What is CBG?
What are CBG’s Benefits?
How to Use CBG

Key Takeaways

  • CBG is non-psychoactive cannabinoid like CBD, which means it may be a more appropriate therapeutic avenue for some people.
  • Research shows that CBG may host a variety of benefits, like anti-tumor effects, antibacterial effects, anti-inflammatory effects, and more.
  • We’re still researching CBG’s benefits and researchers expect that the cannabinoid has great potential that has yet to be uncovered.

What is CBG?

CBG is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis in concentrations of less than 1%, but it plays an incredibly important role. CBGa, the acid that forms into CBG, is also the precursor to other cannabinoids, like THC, CBD, and CBC. It’s thought to act sort of like a “cannabis stem cell,” which has incited a lot of interest in its therapeutic effects.

A fully bloomed hemp flower just before harvest, the natural source of cannabinoids like CBG.

Like most other cannabinoids, CBG interacts with the body through the Endocannabinoid System in a similar manner to how CBD works. These interactions are complex, but we’ll simplify:

Cannabinoids, like CBG, are similar in structure to endocannabinoids, a natural messenger found in the body.

Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters that interact with endocannabinoid receptors. Together, they form the Endocannabinoid System, which has a hand in hormone production, pain signaling, immune functions, and more.

We're still learning about how CBG works inside the body, but researchers believe that it may host a range of benefits for managing inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders, and more.

Because CBG won’t get you high or impair cognition, it may be more accessible than THC to many people. CBG is often produced from legal hemp material, meaning it can be sold and shipped across the U.S.

CBG Benefits

CBG is not the most well-researched cannabinoid (CBD and THC are neck and neck for that title). Still, the recent hemp industry boom has sparked a lot of interest in the cannabinoid. There are various theories about its benefits, and many researchers agree that this "cannabis stem cell" has loads of unmarked potential.

CBG research is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade, but here are the CBG benefits that are currently backed by science:

Antibacterial Properties

A 2008 study found CBG to be an effective treatment against MRSA, a benefit also linked to CBN and CBD. in many cases, MRSA (commonly called staph) is difficult to treat or even antibiotic-resistant. For this reason, experts are interested in CBG's general antibacterial potential.

Managing Glaucoma

CBG's potential for managing glaucoma comes from earlier research surrounding the cannabinoid. In 1990, a study found that CBG was able to lower intraocular eye pressure in cats similarly to THC.

Reducing Inflammation

Multiple cannabinoids have been linked to anti-inflammatory effects, including CBG. Because a portion of the Endocannabinoid System lies in the immune system, CBG may be able to prevent or ease inflammation, which is an immune response. A 2007 study found that CBG was effective in managing inflammation caused by psoriasis. A more recent study in 2013 further confirmed these results, verifying that CBG reduced inflammation in rats with symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

Neuroprotective Effects

CBG may also have potential as a neuroprotectant, which can help slow down or prevent the progression of serious Neurodegenerative disorders. A 2015 study described CBG as “extremely active as a neuroprotectant" in mice. They also concluded that CBG exhibited powerful antioxidant properties to help prevent the formation of free radicals that can further damage to the brain.

This research suggests that CBG could be useful for managing Huntington's disease. Similarly to the neuroprotective effects of CBD, researchers suspect that CBG may be useful for a wide range of neurodegenerative disorders.

Inhibiting Tumor Growth

Perhaps the most significant findings of CBG's benefits have to do with their anti-tumor capabilities. A 2016 study found that multiple plant-derived cannabinoids, including CBG, could inhibit the growth of various tumors. Another 2016 preclinical study confirmed these results, stating that CBG reduced the growth of tumors and prevented cell death in subjects with colon cancer.

Regulating Mood

Some research shows that CBG may offer benefits for managing certain mood disorders. A 2010 study highlights CBG’s ability to activate the 5HT1A receptor, a primary serotonin receptor. The same study also shows that CBG is a “highly potent” α2-adrenoceptor agonist. Medications classified as α2-adrenoceptor agonists are commonly used to treat conditions like hypertension, ADHD, panic disorders, and substance withdrawals.

This research highlights the need for further research into CBG’s potential for various mood disorders, like depression, anxiety, and more.

Stimulating Appetite

A 2016 study found that CBG could help induce appetite in pre-satiated rats. The research concludes that CBG may be beneficial for managing appetite loss due to chemotherapy or a range of chronic conditions.

How to Use CBG

The benefits of CBG may vary for every person, and so will the dosing routine necessary to experience positive results. Just like with CBD, your CBG formula and dosage may be affected by biological factors and your unique endocannabinoid balance.

CBG is non-psychotropic and can be taken during the day, which means that its use is less limited than THC products. CBG products are also available in a range of different forms that may fit into any wellness routine, but the most common is the CBG oil tincture.

In general, researchers believe that many cannabinoids build up in the system over time to produce more consistent effects. (Note, while cannabinoids may accumulate, we don’t think many of them are tolerance building.)

Plus, the Endocannabinoid System strives for regulation and thrives on consistency. Many people benefit most from regular CBG doses as part of a daily wellness routine.

Although CBG can be taken on its own, it may be more effective when used as part of a full spectrum regimen. You may find products where CBG is added alongside CBD and other trace cannabinoids to offer the benefits of hemp's entourage effect.

To try CBG for yourself, we suggest you:

  • Start with a CBG oil product. This product type is known for faster-acting effects and also makes it simple to increase or decrease your dose in small increments.
  • Start with a regular daily dose. Many people find it easiest to start with a low dose and slowly increase over time to reach the desired results. You may increase your daily dose, or decide on a larger dosage and split it into two doses throughout the day.
  • Find a CBG oil that is third-party tested to prove potency, a step to ensure that you're really getting what you pay for. CBG is difficult to source but is in high demand. Thanks to poor industry regulation, manufacturers can market a product with only trace amounts of CBG as a CBG product, but they may be less effective. Checking test results for yourself can help you validate the potency.

Where to Buy CBG Products

you can likely find CBG products in stores and online wherever hemp products are legal, but you should be careful to ensure that the brand you choose uses safe manufacturing practices and utilizes third-party testing techniques. 

Vida Optima Clarity CBG Tincture

If you want to skip the fuss, check out our Clarity CBG Tincture, which offers an innovative formula designed to help manage stress and support mood and mental clarity throughout the day. It's offers a potent dose of CBG + CBD, and (like all of our products) is made according to cGMP standards and third-party lab tested by the batch. 


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