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Tremella mushroom is well-known for it’s history of medicinal use for reducing inflammation and preventing signs of aging, but modern evidence suggests that it may have even more uses, like promoting the growth of nerve cells and boosting immunity. Regardless of why you may choose to incorporate this super-shroom into your daily wellness regimen, there’s one important question to consider–when is the best time to take Tremella?

In reality, there’s no “best time” for everyone, rather you need to look at your own wellness regimen to determine where Tremella fits in. To get started, here’s what you should consider:

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Table of Contents
Tremella Benefits
When to Take Tremella
How Long Will It Take for Tremella to Work?
How Much Tremella Mushroom Can You Take?
Tips for the Best Time to Take Tremella

Key Takeaways

  • The best time to take Tremella depends on how you intend to use it and various other factors in your wellness routine.
  • Many people take Tremella as a tea or in capsule form, but it’s also commonly used as a topical.
  • You may also take Tremella at multiple different point throughout your day, though its commonly taken in the morning.
  • When in doubt, always discuss your wellness routine with your doctor to determine the best time to take Tremella surrounding other supplements or medications.

Tremella Benefits

Like many mushrooms, Tremella is loaded with polysaccharides that have been shown to have powerful antioxidant effects. Antioxidants prevent damage caused by free radicals, or unbound toxins that travel through the body. Free radical damage is associated with many different types of skin and tissue damage, including the degeneration of brain tissue as we age and skin blemishes and signs of aging.

A wicker tray containing fresh tremella mushroom, which can be used raw or dried and ground into tremella powder.

In fact, research suggests that Tremella could improve healing through it’s antioxidant power. This is also why Tremella is often linked to unique skincare benefits, like potentially reducing signs of aging, like sagging, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Other evidence shows that Tremella may help stimulate the immune system, and could even help balance cholesterol levels and protect the brain from neurological damage caused by aging.

All in all, Tremella may help you unlock a slew of beneficial health effects when used as part of a daily wellness routine. Read “Tremella Benefits” to learn more.

When to Take Tremella

The best time to take Tremella is different for every person, and some factors that may impact your decision of when to take Tremella include:

  • The reason you intend to take Tremella
  • What other supplements you take and when you take them
  • Your sleep-wake routine
  • What time of day is most convenient for regular doses

All things considered, here are the most popular times to take Tremella mushroom throughout the day:

In the Morning

Tremella can be worked into your wellness routine alongside your morning vitamins, and it makes a good compliment to a daily multivitamin for an extra immune boost. Many people prefer to use Tremella powder, or even a blend of functional mushrooms in powder form, to mix into their morning coffee or tea. Of course, capsules may be the most convenient option for daily dosing.

Before Travelling

Tremella is often said to help boost immune functions, so it could be a good idea to up your Tremella dosage just before going on the road. In this case, you can break your total dosage up into multiple doses, taken in the morning and at night.

When You're Sick

Although Tremella is most highly regarded for it’s potential anti-aging benefits, many people believe it to have powerful immune stimulating and anti-inflammatory effects that can benefit you when you’re sick.

During Your Normal Skincare Routine

If you intend to use Tremella topically to reap its skincare benefits, you can simply incorporate it into your normal skincare routine. Use Tremella before using any moisturizers, since the moisturizer will “lock” the skin to prevent Tremella from being absorbed. Many people use Tremella both internally and externally to reap maximum benefits.

Whatever you decide, we recommend taking Tremella at or around the same time each day. Consistency is key to getting the most out of your Tremella dosing routine.

How Long Will It Take for Tremella to Work?

You may be disappointed to find that the effects of Tremella are not instantaneous, rather you need to upkeep your dosing routine for around 2 weeks before you’ll begin to notice the benefits.

Like other functional mushrooms, Tremella relies on a s systemic response that helps create balance within the brain and immune system. That means that while you may find that you prefer to take your Tremella dose at a certain point in the day, the most important factor is taking it daily, around the same time each day. After you establish a consistent dosing routine, allow up to 3 weeks to notice the full benefits of your daily Tremella dose.

How Much Tremella Mushroom Can You Take?

The Tremella dosage commonly used varies greatly from person to person and depends on a range of factors, like your weight, tolerance, and health conditions.

Many people take between 1-3 grams of Tremella per day, sometimes split into two daily doses. We recommend you start with small doses and increase slowly as needed, allowing several days to evaluate the effects before changing your dosing routine. A Tremella powder makes it easy to adjust your dosage.

Lower doses of Tremella may be necessary when taking a functional blend that includes other mushrooms or herbal adaptogens. That's because other similar supplements may contain many of the same nutritional and bioactive compounds, like vitamins, minerals, beta-glucans, and terpenes.

Read “Tremella Dosage” to learn more.

Tips for the Best Time to Take Tremella

  • Consider taking Tremella in the mornings with breakfast or mixed into your coffee or tea.
  • If you drink Tremella as a tea, you may not need to take it with food. For concentrated forms of Tremella, consider taking it with or after a meal to avoid any potential stomach upset or other tremella side effects
  • If you take an encapsulated form of Tremella, take it with plenty of water to help avoid an upset stomach or heartburn.
  • Tremella powder is convenient since you can measure it in precise increments to meet almost any dosing need. Some blends contain an array of functional mushrooms that could increase Tremella’s benefits.
  • Talk to your doctor about your Tremella dose if you take other supplements or medications. You may be able to take Tremella alongside other medications, but you need to to space the doses appropriately.


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