Best Time to Take Reishi Everyday

by Kat Austin April 27, 2022 4 min read

Best Time to Take Reishi Everyday - Vida Optima™

Reishi mushrooms are one of a handful of functional mushrooms with a lengthy history of medicinal use, and it’s wellness benefits are starting to become more well-known in the holistic community. If you’ve already done the research to learn about Reishi’s benefits, there’s probably one question standing between you and your new Reishi dosage routine–when’s the best time to take Reishi each day?

In short, it depends on the health benefits you hope to reap from your Reishi supplements. There are several factors to take into account when decided where Reishi fits into your wellness routine. To get started, here’s what you should consider:

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Table of Contents
Reishi Benefits
When to Take Reshi
How Long Will It Take for Reishi to Work?
How Much Reishi Mushroom Can You Take?
Tips for the Best Time to Take Reishi

Key Takeaways

  • The best time to take Reishi depends on how you intend to use it and various other factors in your wellness routine.
  • Many people take Reishi as a tea, although tinctures and capsules are great for daily dosing, too.
  • You may also take Reishi at multiple different point throughout your day, though its commonly taken in the evening.
  • When in doubt, always discuss your wellness routine with your doctor to determine the best time to take Reishi surrounding other supplements or medications.

A reishi mushroom found outdoors while foraging, before drying and using it to make reishi tea.

Reishi Benefits

Reishi’s benefits have been utilized for centuries through ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practices, and modern research has worked to identify the true extent of it’s benefits for ailments like poor sleep and cancer.

For now, research is limited, but some of the reason people may take Reishi include:

  • Managing blood pressure
  • Managing cholesterol
  • Improving heart health
  • Cleansing kidney and liver
  • Improving respiratory health
  • Immune boosting benefits
  • Fatigue 
  • Improved sleep

Read "Reishi Benefits" to learn more. 

When to Take Reishi

The best time to take reishi is different for every person, and some factors that may impact your decision of when to take reishi include:

  • The reason you intend to take reishi
  • What other supplements you take and when you take them
  • Your sleep-wake routine
  • What time of day is most convenient for regular doses

All things considered, here are the most popular times to take Reishi mushroom throughout the day:

In the Evening

Resihi is often used to help improve sleep, although the full extent of this health benefit is still being explored. If this is a benefit you hope to enjoy, you may consider taking Reishi in the evening after dinner, approximately an hour before bed time.

Before Travelling

Reishi is often said to help boost immune functions, and many people use it as an immune system stimulant when they intend to travel or after they know they’ve been exposed to a virus or other illness. It may also be useful for helping to reset sleep cycles when travelling across different time zones.

When You're Sick

One of the primary reasons that people take Reishi as a daily wellness supplement is to boost their immune functions. Although Reishi is best taken daily, you may want to consider extra doses when you're feeling a bit under the weather.

We recommend trying Reishi for yourself for a few days to understand how it impacts you. You can always adjust your dosage routine as needed. After you determine when's the best time to take Reishi for yourself, you just need to take it at the same time daily for optimal benefits.

How Long Will It Take for Reishi to Work?

Reishi may take effect in about an hour, although substantial effects are usually only seen after 1-2 weeks of consistent dosing. Like many other functional mushrooms, Reishi relies on a systemic effect in the body, so you need to make sure that you take it daily for optima benefits. Allow up to 3 weeks to notice the full benefits of your daily Reishi dosing routine.

A bowl filled with capsules full of reishi powder, a convenient dosing method for daily dosing

How Much Reishi Mushroom Can You Take?

The Reishi dosage used varies greatly from person to person and depends on a range of factors, like your weight, tolerance, and health conditions. Reishi contains bioactive compounds so it’s best to stick to a consistent dosing routine. The amount you should take for optimal benefits also depends on the form of Reishi you use– a steeped tea is less potent that a concentrated extract, such as a capsule or tincture.

Studies base therapeutic doses on a range from 1.5 to 9 milligrams of concentrate per day, though most people use doses around 3-4 milligrams per day. This may be best taken in one daily doses, but it is possible to break your Reishi dosage into two daily doses if needed. Taking it with food can help avoid any stomach upset or other possible reishi side effects.

Read "Reishi Dosage" to learn more. 

Tips for the Best Time to Take Reishi

  • Consider taking Reishi in the evenings after dinner, but experiment with how long before bed you need to take it to reap it’s relaxing effects.
  • If you drink Reishi tea, you may not need to take it with food. For concentrated forms of Reishi, consider taking it with or after a meal to avoid any potential stomach upset.
  • If you take an encapsulated form of Reishi, take it with plenty of water to help avoid an upset stomach or heartburn.
  • Reishi powder is convenient since you can measure it in precise increments to meet almost any dosing need.
  • Talk to your doctor about your Reishi dose if you take other supplements or medications. You may be able to take Reishi alongside other medications, but you need to to space the doses appropriately.

We also recommend you keep track of when you take Reishi and how you feel at different intervals afterwards. For instance, how do you feel after thirty minutes, or an hour after dosing? You can record things like whether you felt relaxed or focused, or the different effects you feel when taking different doses. Then, use the information you recorded to adjust your dosage routine to meet your needs.


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