Delta 8 Europe: A Complete Guide To Legality (2024)

by Kat Austin September 23, 2022 3 min read

Delta 8 Europe: A Complete Guide To Legality (2024) - Vida Optima™

If you’re packing your bags for a trip across the waters you may be wondering–Can I take Delta-8 to Europe?

Laws vary by country across the European Union, which can make it difficult to research cannabis and hemp laws in Europe. Unfortunately, however, most of Europe has a much less progressive stance on cannabis than you may expect from an area that’s so progressive in other areas (like healthcare and paternity leave).

We’ll break down everything you need to know about European hemp laws and traveling with Delta-8-THC in Europe down below.

Table of Contents
Is Delta-8 Legal in Europe?
Can You Carry Delta-8 From the U.S. to Europe?
Will Dleta-8 Remain Legal in Europe?
Conclusion: How to Travel to Europe with Delta-8-THC

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8 is legal in most European countries, but you may not be able to take it into the country,
  • Airline rules also vary, so check to see the rules for different types of THC products.
  • You may need to just buy Delta-8 when you arrive to ensure you’re following local guidelines.

Is Delta-8 Legal in Europe?

A person holding a THC-O joint, a dosing method that may not be easy to travel with

Similarly to in the U.S., Delta-8’s legal status in Europe has much to do with how its derived. When it is derived from hemp, it’s classified as a “novel food” and not as a drug. Delta-8 products must be pre-approved by the European Commission, meaning that all Delta-8 sold in the European Union is regulated. Of course, availability still varies by country, so you may not be able to buy Delta-8 in stores everywhere that you travel.

To date, Malta is the only European country that has fully legalized cannabis consumption, but many countries have decriminalized it. Fourteen European countries, mostly in Western Europe, have ruled that cannabis possession cannot lead to incarceration.

Can You Carry Delta-8 From the U.S. to Europe?

As a rule of thumb when travelling inside the U.S., it is legal to travel with hemp-derived Delta-8 from one area where Delta-8 is legal to another area where Delta-8 is legal.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case when travelling across countries. You need to be aware of import and export laws, which go beyond identifying substances that are and aren’t allowed in the country. For instance, Delta-8 may be generally legal in a country, but it still may be illegal to import, and the penalties for such may be severe. In other words, it may be illegal to carry Delta-8 from one country to another in many cases.

Also, legality is not all that matters–you also need to check airline rules. Unfortunately, airline rules seem to be almost opposite between the U.S. and European countries.

For instance, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requirements in the U.S. state that battery powered vape devices can only be carried in hand luggage and may not be placed in carry on bags. In many European countries, however, you can only carry that type of product in checked luggage.

Other products, like gummies and other edibles, may have far fewer restrictions placed on them when travelling by plane.

The safest option is to not travel with Delta-8-THC when flying internationally. Instead, just look for options to purchase Delta-8-THC when you arrive.

Will Delta-8 Remain Legal in Europe?

Although Delta-8 and other hemp derivatives are currently legal in Europe, their general legal status seems to be rocky. In November of 2020, the European Court of Justice ruled that CBD was, in fact, meant to be classified as a “novel food,” and then dismissed a challenge of Delta-8’s classification. In other words, the Court did not see a reason to reclassify Delta-8 at that time, but it is still likely that the government did not intend to legalize psychoactive cannabinoids. Keep in mind that Delta-8’s legal status in Europe could change at any time.

THC-O gummies, a dosing method that's easy to carry on a flight

Conclusion: How to Travel to Europe with Delta-8

Simply put, refrain from travelling with Delta-8-THC on an international flight. Taking Delta-8 on a ship may be just as risky. Although it may be legal to possess Delta-8 in many European countries, it’s not always legal to carry across international waters or to import it into other countries, and the repercussions for doing so may be severe.

Instead, look for a country where Delta-8 is legal and buy it when you arrive. Then, use Delta-8 responsibly while on your trip and dispose of the excess before travelling back home.

On the other hand, if you’ve determined that it is in fact legal to carry Delta-8 to your destination, read “Travelling Internationally with Delta-8” to learn more.

If you’re looking for high-quality, legal Delta-8-THC and THC-O products that ship to your door, check out our Elev8 Collection.

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