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by Kat Austin March 31, 2022 6 min read

Tremella Dosage - Vida Optima™

You can find mentions of the Tremella mushroom, also known as "snow fungus," in holistic medicine and skincare routines tracing back thousands of years. In Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, Tremella is often used for its rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits. Modern evidence has found it to be potentially useful forpreventing the development and spread of inflammation in the body and forproviding antioxidants crucial to the health of skin and bodily tissues. Some evidence even suggests that Tremella may be able topromote the growth of nerve cells andboost certain immune functions

All in all, there are plenty of potential Tremella benefits that may make you want to fit it into your daily wellness routine, but there are still some details to figure out. First and foremost, how much Tremella should you take everyday? And when's the best time to take it? 

If you're ready to add this functional mushroom to your natural health and beauty routine, here's what you need to know about Tremella dosage to get started:

 Key Takeaways

  • Consumers often take 1-3 grams of whole mushroom Tremella powder daily, although the dosage ranges for different health needs. 
  • The exact dosage you need depends on your health condition, weight, age, and other biological factors. You may need to start with small doses and increase as needed. 
  • Some people should not take Tremella, like those with a mushroom allergy or blood clotting disorder. Talk to your doctor before adding Tremella to your wellness routine. 
A few freshly harvested tremella mushrooms resting in a basket before being dried and turned into a supplement powder.

How Much Tremella Should You Take Daily?

Before we can jump into the most important question at hand–how much Tremella should I take each day– we want to point out that everyone's dosing routine will vary at least slightly. The amount of Tremella you need to take daily depends on certain unique factors, like your age, health condition, weight, and more. The type of Tremella product you choose will also impact how much you should take, as will the other supplements you take with your Tremella dosage. 

You should also keep in mind that Tremella is sold as a dietary product or as a supplement in the U.S., which means dosage size is not standardized. We always recommend that consumers start at the low end of the dosing thresholds provided and slowly increase their dosage as needed. The idea is to take the minimum amount of a supplement necessary to reap the optimal benefits. 

If you’re using a whole-mushroom Tremella powder, you may want to take 1-3 grams per day. If using a Tremella extract, you can start with much smaller doses around ½ tsp per day and increase as needed. 

Lower doses of Tremella may be necessary when taking a functional blend that includes other mushrooms or herbal adaptogens. That's because other similar supplements may contain many of the same nutritional and bioactive compounds, like vitamins, minerals, beta-glucans, and terpenes. 

If you are taking a multi-functional blend that includes Tremella pay attention to the proper dosage threshold for other ingredients when adjusting your Tremella dosage. These types of formulas are common, and it may be best in this case to just follow the recommended dosage on the label. 

Tremella Dosage for Radiotherapy Protection

In astudy concerning the protective impact of Tremella on mice undergoing radiotherapy, researchers used doses ranging from 54-200 milligram per kilogram of body weight. Even at the lower doses, Tremella showed good potential for reducing damage caused by radiotherapy. 

Of course, at 54 mg/kg, a 150 pound person would need 3,672 milligrams of whole-mushroom Tremella powder, or around 3.7 grams per dose. Keep in mind that radiotherapy is an intense form of anti-cancer treatment, so these doses are much higher than what may be needed for general health and wellness upkeep. 

Tremella for Anti-Aging and Skincare

When used internally for its potential anti-aging benefits, doses range from 1-2 grams of Tremella powder per day, often split into two daily doses. 

What's the Best Way to Take Tremella?

As you look into the best way to take Tremella, you'll quickly find that it's used in a handful of different ways. For instance, you can find Tremella powders and capsules, or you can find Tremella-infused mixes designed to be stirred into your favorite beverage. You may also find various skin care products that include Tremella that are designed to be used topically. 

Since we are discussing dosage, we want to focus on consumable Tremella products, the two most common of which are powder and capsules.


Tremella powder is a convenient, popular option because it allows ultimate control over your dosage. Many people mix it into food, beverages, or smoothies for a seamless dose, although "drink mix" style options are available. For instance, Tremella coffee or tea is a great option for daily dosing that requires hot water or cream to prepare. 

Tremella powder can either be a dried, powdered version of the whole Tremella mushroom, or a Tremella extract. The extract is typically a concentrated version of the beta-glucans and other bioactive compounds found in the Tremella mushroom. Many people consider the whole mushroom powder to be a more nutritionally complete and holistically effective option because it provides vitamins, minerals, and fiber necessary to break down and utilize the mushroom.


Capsules are simply pre-measured, encapsulated doses that are great for daily dosing at any time of day. You won’t need to measure the dosage each time, and many people love this flavorless Tremella dosing option.

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When Should I Take Tremella?

Tremella is usually taken to slow aging, boost immunity, and promote general well being, which means it can be incorporated at any point during your wellness routine. 

Some people take Tremella once daily in the morning, often incorporated into a beverage or breakfast. Others prefer to use Tremella split into two daily doses, usually in the morning and at night. Those using Tremella in topical form will incorporate it alongside their usual skincare routine. 

Just be sure to give Tremella some time to take effect. As with many functional mushrooms, it may take two weeks to experience the benefits of a Tremella dose since the effects need to "build up" in the body to help create systemic balance. 

Who Should Not Take Tremella? 

Tremella is considered safe to use and there are no serious side effects that have been identified, but there still may be some circumstances where Tremella is not recommended. Like with many other functional mushrooms, you may need to talk to your doctor before using Tremella or avoid Tremella completely if you:

  • Have a mushroom allergy
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Take blood thinning medications
  • Expect to have surgery in the coming weeks
  • Have low blood sugar
  • Experience autoimmune problems

You should always talk to your doctor when altering your wellness routine and discontinue use if you notice any adverse effects after starting Tremella. The most common reason a person may experience side effects is due to poor quality formulations or improper Tremella dosage. It’s important that you buy Tremella from a clean, trustworthy source to minimize the risk of any adverse reactions. 

Tremella Dosage FAQ's

What's the best Tremella dosage? 

Tremella dosages range from 1-3 grams of whole Tremella mushroom powder daily, which can be taken in one or two daily doses. 

Can I take Tremella everyday? 

Yes, it is recommended to take your Tremella dose around the same time every day for optimal benefits.

How do you use Tremella powder?

Tremella Powder can be encapsulated or mixed into your favorite food or drinks. Many people love the powder options since it makes it easy to measure and adjust your Tremella dosage as needed. 

What is Tremella Mushroom good for?

Many people use Tremella as part of a well-rounded health routine to prevent aging and boost immune functions. More research is needed to understand Tremella’s full therapeutic potential, however.  


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