How to Maximize Your Delta-8-THC Experience

by Kat Austin March 25, 2021 5 min read

How to Maximize Your Delta-8-THC Experience - Vida Optima™

Let's face it. Delta-8-THC is still pretty new, even to most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs. Whether you're brand new to Delta-8-THC or you just aren't getting what you had hoped out of the Delta-8 products you've tried, there may be ways you can amp up your dosing routine.

Here's how to maximize your Delta-8-THC experience in 5 easy steps:

Table of Contents
Understand What to Expect
Choose the Best Delta-8-THC Strain
Choose the Best Delta-8-THC Dosing Method
Dose Delta-8-THC with Intention
Combine Delta-8-THC with Other Cannabinoids

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8-THC is only about half as potent as Delta-9, but you can enhance the effects by adding other cannabinoid therapeutics or choosing different dosing styles.
  • You should tread carefully with your first few doses until you feel out how much Delta-8-THC you need. It's all about the product type (and sometimes the terpene profile).
  • The Delta-8-THC experience differs for everyone. Knowing what benefits you're looking for and what to expect is the first step to maximizing your Delta-8 experience.

Understand What to Expect

Before you can ensure a positive Delta-8-THC experience, you need to understand how it works in the body and what to expect from Delta-8-THC's effects.

A museum exhibit showing a full size model of the endocannabinoid system in the human body.

Delta-8-THC interacts with the body in the same manner as other cannabinoids—through neuroreceptors in the Endocannabinoid System. There are two main Endocannabinoid receptors including the CB1 receptors, which are found mostly in the brain and central nervous system, and CB2 receptors, which are placed deep in the tissue of the entire body and mostly impact the immune system.

Delta-9-THC interacts predominantly with the CB1 receptors in the brain, which is how it causes a strong psychoactive reaction.

Delta-8-THC, however, is thought to have an equal affinity for both CB1 and CB2 receptors. That means that the same dose of Delta-8-THC will be absorbed by CB1 receptors at half the rate of Delta-9, hence why Delta-8-THC's psychoactive effects may be about half as potent.

The other half interacts with CB2 receptors, which are generally linked to many of the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids, like any potential anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving benefits. That means that Delta-8-THC provides an experience that is somewhere in between Delta-9's potent psychoactive experience and the light euphoria and relaxation you may experience when you take CBD.

Choose the Best Delta-8-THC Strain

In some cases, the Delta-8-THC products you find may not reveal the strain of hemp used for sourcing. That's because of the way Delta-8-THC is made—through a process called isomerization, where most of the original plant material is removed and only Delta-8 remains.

Other products, usually Delta-8-THC vape products, may have strain-specific terpenes added to help alter the effects of Delta-8-THC. Most commonly, you'll find Delta-8-THC products divided into three categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

If you don't know the difference, here's a general rule of thumb:

Terpenes from Sativa strains may induce uplifting, energizing cerebral effects that spark creativity.

Terpenes from Indica strains may offer more of a body buzz that is relaxing, euphoric, and therapeutic for bodily discomforts.

Just as it sounds, terpenes from Hybrid strains generally contain a balanced mix of Sativa and Indica properties.

Choosing the best for you is entirely based on preference and personal need, and many people find that they like to shift between Sativa and Indica products during different parts of the day.

Choose the Best Delta-8-THC Dosing Method

In some cases, what's most important isn't the strain or terpene profile, but the dosing method you choose. The dosing method impacts how quickly and how strongly you'll feel Delta-8-THC's effects. The dosing method also affects the duration of effects and how easily you can increase or decrease your Delta-8 dose.

There are various dosing methods available, but it commonly boils down to two methods: vaporizers or edibles.

Delta-8-THC flower and vaporizers, two inhalation methods known for fast-acting effects.

Here's the primary difference:

Vaporizers are usually filled with Delta-8-THC concentrate, which is sometimes accompanied by strain specific terpenes. As you inhale the vaporized Delta-8 formula, it's absorbed through passageways in your lungs and takes effect almost immediately.

In fact, vaporizers are known for fast acting, shorter lived effects that come on strong in less than 10 minutes and last a couple of hours.

You can easily adjust your Delta-8 dose by taking more or fewer puffs off your Delta-8 vaporizer.

Alternately, Delta-8-THC edibles are pre-measured doses, usually in the form of gummies or candy, that are swallowed and processed by digestion. This takes longer, meaning it could take an hour or more to feel the effects of a Delta-8-THC edible.

Just like with Delta-9, the effects of Delta-8-THC edibles may be stronger and more potent due to the way that cannabinoids are metabolized and processed in the digestive tract. The effects generally last longer than other dosing methods, up to six hours or more.

Both dosing styles are good options, but they ultimately impact the way that you dose, how much you take, and the overall experience, which is why it's important to consider your product choice and your dosage carefully.

Dose Delta-8-THC with Intention

Dosing with intention simply means considering your needs and Delta-8-THC tolerance before you take a dose. For new users, dosing low and slow is the best method.

Start with one puff or a low-dose edible. If vaping, you can begin to increase the dose after 10-15 minutes. If you took an edible, give it at least two hours before you decide to increase your dose.

Make a list of the effects or benefits you'd like to achieve or experience. Then, keep a short record of your experience and see how you feel after a small dose, or after you increase your dose.

In most cases, you won't need large doses to experience Delta-8's benefits, rather you may need to combine Delta-8 with different therapeutic products to tailor the experience to meet your needs.

Combine Delta-8-THC with Other Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Delta-8-THC is psychoactive, euphoric, and enjoyable on its own. For users who are seeking a mild psychoactive high, Delta-8-THC is often enough. For a more therapeutic approach, you may find success in combining your Delta-8-THC dose with other cannabinoid products that meet your targeted needs.

A CBD tincture, one of the various cannabinoid products that can be paired with Delta-8-THC to maximize your experience.

First, consider the potential benefits of CBD. In addition to its own therapeutic profile, CBD may alter the way that the body interacts with other cannabinoids. Some research shows that CBD could help moderate the effects of THC, reducing the incidence of some negative side effects like paranoia.

CBD (and other cannabinoids) are thought to work together to provide synergistic benefits known as "the entourage effect." This synergy is the main theory behind the proposed increased benefits of full-spectrum products vs isolates.

You should also look at other minor cannabinoids with unique, targeted cannabinoid profiles. For instance, CBN has a reputation for enhancing relaxation and sleep, while CBG is thought to help boost mental clarity.

Depending on your needs, you may combine Delta-8-THC with one or more of these cannabinoid products. For instance, an Delta-8-THC Indica vaporizer paired with our CBD+CBN Dream Tincture may be the most effective combination for nighttime use. Adding a CBD Multivitamin Gummy to your Delta-8-THC dose may offer more balanced benefits than Delta-8 alone.

Ultimately, your Delta-8-THC experience is yours to control. It's lower potency and milder side effect profile compared to Delta-9 gives even more wiggle room to experiment and create a tailored Delta-8 routine.

Want to learn more? Read "Medical Applications of Delta-8-THC" or "Storing Delta-8-THC" for the latest Delta-8 information.

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