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You’ve probably heard that Delta-8-THC is comparable to Delta-9, but you may still have questions about Delta-8’s effects, like “How long does a Delta-8-THC high last?” or “How long will it stay in your system after the effects wear off?” 

Generally, a THC-induced high can last anywhere from 2-8 hours, which is a pretty huge time variation. How long your Delta-8 high will actually last depends on several factors, like what type of product you use, your metabolism, and your own THC tolerance

We'll break down the varying factors below:

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Table of Contents
Delta-8-THC Effects
How Long Will a Delta-8 High Last?
Do Delta-8 Effects Last as Long as Delta-9-THC Effects?
How Long Will Delta 8 THC Stay in Your System?
How to Gently Try Delta-8-THC

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8’s effects are like a mild version of traditional THC effects, and the duration of Delta-8’s effects may also be similar.
  • In general, Delta-8 effects can last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours, but each product style offers a different onset and duration.
  • Delta-8 effects may wear off quickly, but it can stick around in your system for much longer.

How Long Will a Delta-8 High Last?

Before we can dig into how long the high from Delta-8-THC may last, we’d like to note that there is currently no evidence to prove the duration of Delta-8 effects.

Instead, what we know about Delta-8’s effects is purely anecdotal. Plus, every unique body will metabolize Delta-8 differently, meaning that your Delta-8 dose may not wear off at the same time as another person who took the exact same dose.

Generally speaking, the duration of Delta-8’s effects is directly affected by the dosing style because every unique product absorbs in different ways. In other words, Delta-8 edibles and Delta-8 vaporizers will offer a different duration of effects.

Here's a general breakdown:

How long do Delta 8 THC gummies last?

Edibles can be broken down into two categories. Some edibles need to be processed completely through digestion, while other edibles are designed to dissolve in the mouth.

Digested edibles, like cookies,need to be swallowed before the body can begin to break them down. Thanks to this slow process, the effects could take 1-2 hours to kick in, and they may last longer than other methods, up to 8 hours. Many people suggest that the effects of edibles peak around 3-4 hours after dosing and begin to slowly taper off.

Our Elev8 Delta-8-THC gummies fall into this category.

Other edibles, like candies and chews, are meant to be dissolved slowly in the mouth and may be partially absorbed through the mouth’s mucous membranes. This means that they can begin to take effect after 15-30 minutes, and the effects may begin to wear off 1-2 hours quicker than traditional edibles.

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How long does a Delta 8 high last from a tincture?

Tinctures work just like edibles that dissolve in the mouth. They are absorbed by the mucous membranes and usually take effect quickly (in 30 minutes or less) and last 3-5 hours.

How long will Delta-8 THC vaporizers' effects last?

Vaporizers and other inhalation products take effect quickly, usually in about 15 minutes. Typically, the body metabolizes substances quickly through these pathways, and the high may last between 3-5 hours.

Simply put, a Delta-8 THC high will last anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on the dosing method you use and your own unique biological factors, like your metabolic rate.

A Delta-8-THC vaporizer, a dosing style with a quick onset and shorter lived effects than most Delta-8 products.

Do Delta-8 THC Effects Last as Long as Delta-9-THC Effects?

It's hard to say. We still need more research regarding Delta-8's effects to understand how it compares and differs from delta 9 THC. Many people report that the high from Delta-8 wear off a bit more quickly, but it differs for every person based on unique biological factors and tolerance.

Delta-8 THC Effects

A woman reading the Delta-8-THC effects information from a product label.

We’ve previously published an article talking about Delta-8-THC’s effects in depth, but here are the basics:

Delta-8-THC is similar to Delta-9-THC in structure, and therefore poses similar effects. There hasn’t been much research to measure how the effects of Delta-8 stack up, but one pediatric study suggests that it’s about half as potent as Delta-9.

Many people who try Delta-8 describe the effects as “milder,” and others suggest they are less prone to some of the negative side effects they may have experienced with traditional THC products, like panic, paranoia, or sedation.

In short, Delta-8 offers mild psychoactive effects that are relaxing and therapeutic in many similar ways to Delta-9, but possibly with fewer drawbacks. The psychoactive high is not as sedating as Delta-9's, so it may be more appropriate for times when you need to maintain focus or mental clarity.

For many people, especially those who are sensitive to traditional THC products, that sounds appealing, but there’s still one important question:

How Long Will Delta 8 THC Stay in Your System?

Now that you understand how long a Delta-8-THC high will last, you may be wondering how long Delta-8-THC stays in your system.

In this way, Delta-8 is thought to be almost identical to Delta-9, although no independent research exists to prove how long Delta-8 will stick around after ingestion.

In general, THC remains in your saliva for approximately 48 hours after ingestion, and in your blood for up to 36 hours. However, THC generally sticks around in your body for much longer, up to a month or more for some people.

Will Delta-8 show up on a drug test?

Generally, Delta-8 will show up on a drug test because standard drug test panels look for THC metabolites that aren't just specific to Delta-9. Of course, Delta-8 will only show up on a drug test if it (or its metabolites) are still in your system.

The amount of time it takes your body to completely process and remove all trace amounts of THC (which can show up in your urine) differs for every person based on factors like body fat and metabolism.

Additionally, THC takes longer to be eliminated from the body if it’s used frequently. In other words, a person who doses one time may have THC-free urine much sooner than someone who has ingested THC consistently for extended periods of time.

Check out “Does Delta-8 Show Up on a Drug Test?” for more information.

How to Gently Try Delta-8-THC

Delta-8-THC gummies, a chewable edible that can be easily cut into smaller portions.

Delta-8’s high is milder and relatively short-lived compared to Delta-9, which makes many people comfortable in trying new products. If you want to carefully tread the Delta-8 waters, here are some tips that may help:

  • Make sure you buy high-quality Delta-8-THC accompanied by third-party lab tests. That way you know you’re getting accurate doses of premium, hemp-derived Delta-8, and not diluted or synthetic material.
  • Start slow. Using a Delta-8 vaporizer can help you take small, spaced out doses until you reach the desired effects.
  • Alternatively, you can always cut Delta-8 edible doses into smaller portions to get an idea of how they will affect you before taking a full dose.
  • Give adequate time for your dose to kick in before deciding to take more. For edibles, that can be up to 2 hours, and for vaporizers it may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Keep track of your dose so you’ll know how much to take next time!

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