What is Delta-11 Flower?

by Kat Austin June 28, 2023 6 min read

What is Delta-11 Flower? - Vida Optima™

Delta-11-THC flower has gained significant popularity in the hemp market due to its remarkably potent psychoactive effects. Unlike traditional Delta-9-THC, Delta-11-THC does not occur naturally in large enough quantities to enjoy in traditional cannabis flower.

However, forward-focused manufacturers have devised a method to produce fragrant Delta-11 flower from hemp, resulting in a unique and highly sought after THC dose that’s up to three times more potent than traditional cannabis flower.

But what is Delta-11 flower, how is it made, and is it actually legal? If you’re digging for answers, here’s what you need to know:

Table of Contents
What is Delta-11-THC Flower?
How is Delta-11-THC Flower Made?
Benefits of Smoking Delta-11-THC Flower
Delta-11-THC Flower vs Delta 9 THC Flower
Is Delta-11-THC Flower Legal
Where to Buy Delta-11-THC Flower

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-11 flower provides a fragrant, fast-acting, potent psychoactive experience.
  • Unlike other cannabis flower products, there are no naturally occurring Delta-11 strains, but manufacturers have found a way to produce Delta-11 flower from hemp.
  • Delta-11 flower legality is more complicated than general Delta-11 laws. Some jurisdictions that allow the sale of Delta-11 products still prohibit raw products like hemp flower.

What is Delta-8-THC Flower?

Cannabis breeders are responsible for the myriad of new high-THC strains popping up all over, and breeders and cannabis geneticists are working together to crossbreed strains that weren’t otherwise available, like high CBG strains.

A few hand rolled Delta-11 joints near matches, rolling paper, and fresh hemp flower material.

You’d think that Delta-11-THC flower follows this trend—that there are specifically bred cannabis genetics that offer the Delta-11 buzz we seek. But unfortunately that’s not the case, and sourcing Delta-11-THC flower isn’t so simple.

Let us explain:

The Implications of Delta-11-THC Flower

While Delta-11-THC is naturally present in cannabis material, it occurs in minimal quantities, typically less than 1%. Consequently, sourcing Delta-11 directly from natural cannabis material is not cost-effective for the general public. Hemp material, which is legally permissible in the U.S., contains negligible amounts of Delta-11 due to the degradation of Delta-9-THC into other cannabinoids.

Fortunately, advancements in cannabinoid extraction techniques have made it possible to convert the abundant cannabinoid CBD into Delta-11-THC, making it more accessible. Consequently, legal Delta-11 material can now be found in various forms such as gummies, edibles, vaporizers, and the increasingly popular Delta-11-THC Flower.

But how is Delta-1-THC flower made if it isn’t a naturally occurring cannabis product?

Delta-11 Flower is Actually Hemp Flower

That’s right. Since Delta-11 doesn’t naturally occur in large quantities in any cannabis strains, manufacturers went another route. Delta-11-THC flower is actually just hemp flower (which is often marketed as CBD flower) that has Delta-11 added to it. The end result is the same—a cannabis flower that can be smoked to experience the benefits of Delta-11. But how does a non-psychoactive hemp flower get to that point?

How is Delta-11-THC Flower Made?

To produce Delta-11 extract, manufacturers employ a process called "isomerization," where CBD is converted into its isomer Delta-11-THC. To do so, the CBD extract is exposed to an acid for a certain duration of time (depending on the desired result) and then carefully refined to remove any non-plant material.

During this process, molecules maintain all of the same components, but they are arranged differently. This process does not involve the addition of any substances (aside from the acid, which is later removed), ensuring that Delta-11-THC remains a naturally derived cannabinoid and not a synthetic cannabinoid.

Adding Delta-11-THC Concentrate to Hemp Flower

Manufacturers refine the Delta-11 extract into a material known as "Delta-11-THC Distillate," which contains only pure Delta-11-THC. This pure Delta-11-THC material is then added to high-quality hemp flower, resulting in a legal smoking material that harnesses the relaxing, euphoric effects of Delta-11.

Various methods exist for incorporating Delta-11 into the flower, such as dipping the raw flower in Delta-11 liquid, spraying Delta-11 distillate onto the flower, or dusting a solid Delta-11-THC distillate material onto the flower. Each method produces different results, and it may be necessary to try multiple products to find the desired experience.

Benefits of Smoking Delta-11-THC Flower

Delta-11-THC flower offers a unique advantage over other Delta-11 products as it incorporates the benefits of the whole-plant hemp formulation. Hemp flower typically contains moderate to high levels of CBD and a combination of other cannabinoids that work together to provide the entourage effect.

Additionally, Delta-11 flower includes the therapeutic terpenes found in different hemp strains, further enhancing the potential therapeutic benefits. Compared to pure Delta-11 products, such as concentrates or edibles, Delta-11-THC flower offers a more balanced psychoactive experience and a potentially more enjoyable smoking experience. Its effects are characterized by deep relaxation, body euphoria, and a sedating nature.

There are some benefits to smoking hemp flower compared to other dosing types, like the following:

  • Delta-11-THC flower is fast-acting, and you can reap the psychoactive benefits in only a few minutes.
  • Thanks to fast-acting benefits, Delta-11 flower can be easily “stacked” in small doses until you better understand your limits.
  • Although some may consider it a drawback, the effects from D11 flower may wear off more quickly than edibles, which offers more control over the user experience. Delta-11-THC flower’s effects can last anywhere from 2-4 hours.
  • Many suggest that the added CBD in the hemp flower offers a more “balanced” psychoactive experience as well as boosted therapeutic benefits.
  • The Delta-11-THC flower is a good replacement for the Delta-9 flower in some cases. It may offer a similar aromatic experience without many of the drawbacks, like legality or accessibility issues.

Delta-11-THC Flower vs Delta-9-THC Flower

Other than the obvious differences in the ways that Delta-11 flower and Delta-9 flower are produced (since there are loads of naturally occurring high-Delta-9-THC strains), many people often ask “What’s the difference between Delta-11 flower and Delta-9 flower?”

Primarily, it’s that Delta-11-THC is more potent than Delta-9. The increased potency is alluring for experienced cannabis consumers who have a high tolerance, but it should be approached with caution, especially if you are inexperienced with THC flower products.

Other than potency differences, Delta-11 flower may be easier to find and more affordable since Because it is much more potent, you should also be sure that you understand how to dose Delta-11 properly. Read “How Much Delta-11-THC Should I Take?” to learn more.

Is Delta-11 Flower Legal?

Delta-11 legality is tricky in general, and Delta-11 flower legality is even more so. Technically, Delta-11-THC is legal by federal standards. It’s covered by the “isomer” portion of the definition used to legalize hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Of course, every state governs hemp differently, and some states still have legislation in place that prohibits the sale of tetrahydrocannabinols, even those derived from hemp.

For most Delta-8-THC products, you can simply check the Delta-11-THC laws in your state. However, the hemp flower used to create Delta11 flower muddies the legal waters.

In rare cases, CBD products are still prohibited by local legislation. Some states permit the sale and use of CBD, but still restrict raw, unprocessed materials, like flower. Even if you find that Delta-11 is legal in your state, you should check your state’s CBD laws to ensure that hemp flower is also legal.

Where to Buy Delta-11-THC Flower

Delta-11-THC flower has one very significant advantage compared to Delta-9 flower—it’s much more accessible. In areas where Delta-11-THC is legal, you can buy Delta-11 flower online. While this is a huge benefit for many people, there are a few steps you should take to help weed out the low-quality formulas.

  • Look for a transparent distributor that is transparent about their manufacturing process, which means they should divulge details about how their Delta 11 hemp extract is made and where they source their hemp material (U.S. grown hemp is often best).
  • A high-quality distributor will provide third-party lab tests before you buy. These tests should prove label accuracy and help you know what’s actually in a product before you buy.
  • Check out other ingredients to ensure they meet your needs. Some brands may use artificial ingredients or other potentially harmful additives.

Alternatives to Delta-11-THC Flower

Delta-11 is still pretty new and is one of the more difficult hemp-derived cannabinoids to obtain, but there are alternatives that are more accessible. For instance, THC-O is much easier to find and is equally as potent.

Elev8 THC-O + Delta-8 Vape

THC-O flower may be available on a limited basis, but THC-O vaporizers are another inhalation method made from THC-O distillate with powerful psychoactive effects. These products often have terpenes added to offer the unique benefits of different Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. Unlike flower, there’s no raw flower material, so other cannabinoids (like CBD) can also be avoided if necessary.

Still, like smoking flower, vaporizers are fast-acting doses that can easily be stacked as needed. The effects have a similar duration (2-4 hours) and provide very similar benefits.

If you’re looking for a hemp THC flower or vapes to fit into your daily routine, check out our full Hemp THC collection. We use premium, U.S. grown hemp material and industry-leading extraction techniques to make a variety of different hemp THC products. You’ll always find lab-tests that you can view before you buy, and all of our products are 100% Farm Bill compliant.


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