THC-O Does Nothing: Troubleshooting Your THC-O Experience

by Kat Austin September 21, 2022 5 min read

THC-O Does Nothing: Troubleshooting Your THC-O Experience - Vida Optima™

If you’re one of the many people wondering why THC-O does nothing for you, you’ll be happy to know that you can probably rescue your relationship with hemp-derived THC. In other words, you’re not immune to THC-O’s effects, so you probably got a bad batch, miscalculated your dose, or otherwise had a blip that caused you to not feel THC-O’s effects. If you want to try again, here’s how to troubleshoot your THC-O experience:

Table of Contents

Possible Reasons Why THC-O Does Nothing
What Should THC-O Feel Like?
How to Choose the Best THC-O Products

Key Takeaways

  • There are many reasons why THC-O may not work for you, from incorrect dosage to poor product quality.
  • You may need to adjust your THC-O dosage based on your tolerance to other THC products.
  • Storing THC-O properly is crucial to ensuring that it maintains its potency.
  • Make sure to check lab tests to verify label accuracy before buying THC-O products.

Possible Reasons Why THC-O Does Nothing

If you’ve already given THC-O a shot and it didn’t work out the way you expected, here are some possible reasons to consider:

THC-O oil and the natural hemp material it was sourced from

Poor Quality Product

A bad quality product is the number one reason that THC-O doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the hemp market is still poorly regulated, and regulations vary from state to state. In order for a product to be called a THC-O product, it only has to contain some THC-O. It could contain almost no THC-O at all and still be marketed as such.

Some poor-quality products that contain little to no THC-O, are contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals or use dangerous (and illegal) synthetic cannabinoids that may fly under the radar. If you bought your THC-O at a convenience store or from an unknown brand, it’s even more likely that the product contains only trace amounts of THC-O.

If you experienced no effects at all, experienced bad side effects, or your products have a chemical taste, you should definitely look into the quality of the products you chose. It’s crucial that consumers do their due diligence in checking out a brand and verifying the quality of a THC-O product before they buy (which we will discuss in greater detail down below).

Wrong THC-O Dosage

Another reason that THC-O may not have worked for you is that you took the wrong dosage. THC-O is incredibly potent, up to three times more potent than traditional THC products, so the dose needed isreally small. Still, it's possible that the product is mislabeled, that you measured incorrectly, or that you simply just didn’t know how much THC-O you needed to take.

If you think that incorrect dosage was possibly the problem, you can troubleshoot your dosage by reading “How Much THC-O Should I Take?

High THC-O Tolerance

This goes hand in hand with incorrect dosage, but many people aren’t aware that THC-O can have a cross-tolerance with other THC products. That means that even if you are brand new to THC-O, you may have a higher tolerance to it if you regularly consume other THC products. If you believe you may have a high tolerance to THC and took only a very small dose of THC-O, try increasing your dosage by a few milligrams to see if it works better.

Taking Too Much CBD

CBD can actually counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. So, if you happened to take a large dose of CBD at the same time that you took your THC-O dose (or if your THC-O product contains large amounts of CBD), it could have prevented you from ever feeling high.

Related article to check out: "Is CBD Addictive?"

Product is Expired or Degraded

Using a degraded or expired product is another reason that THC-O may not work for you. THC-O, on its own, has a lengthy shelf life. However, how long it will actually last depends on whether it is stored properly. THC-O will degrade when exposed to sunlight, high temperatures, or oxygen for an extended period, so it may lose some (or all) of its potency. If you have an old product, this may be the case. If your product is brand new, it's still worth checking out the expiration date.

Read our article "Storing THC-O" to learn about how to store THC-O.

The Effects Are Delayed

If you recently took your THC-O dose (within the last two hours) also consider that the effects may be delayed. Edibles take a particularly long time to kick in, and some THC-O products may take 90 minutes or more to begin to kick in, and may not peak until 3 hours after dosing. If you haven’t been given enough time to see if the effects were delayed, definitely wait out a few hours to make sure they don’t sneak up on you before taking more.

Read our article "How Long Does it Take to Feel THC-O?" to learn more.

What Should THC-O Feel Like?

THC-O may be derived from legal hemp, but it's nowhere near as mild-mannered as other hemp-derived cannabinoids, like CBD or even Delta-8. Research suggests that it may be up to three times as potent as Delta-9, which is pretty well known for its substantial psychoactive effects.

In addition to being much more potent, the high from THC-O is described as being more uplifting and not as sedating, akin to potent sativa-dominant strains of cannabis. Some people have even described the effects to be borderline psychedelic.

Needless to say, you definitely should feel something when using THC-O products. If you feel nothing after taking THC-O, you either have a bad product or did something wrong.

Because it's always possible that THC-O effects are delayed, you should not attempt to drive or operate machinery until well after taking your THC-O dose.

How to Choose the Best THC-O Products

Although there are many reasons you may feel nothing after taking THC-O, the most common reason behind a bad THC-O experience is poor product quality. As a consumer, the absolute best way to protect yourself and ensure a positive experience with THC-O is to understand how to buy high-quality THC-O products.

Ideally, you should look for a product that is:

  • Made from high-quality, organic hemp material
  • Manufactured by experienced technicians in a qualified facility
  • Free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbial, and other contaminants
  • Third-party lab tested to ensure label accuracy

If the brand and product you choose meet all of these conditions, then look at the potency and serving size to determine how much to take. If you want to take the footwork out of choosing a high-quality THC-O product, check out our Elev8 Collection.

At Vida Optima, we strive to meet the industry’s highest quality standards. We use:

  • hemp material that is USDA Certified hemp that is grown in the U.S. in the states with the most developed hemp programs.
  • various rounds of lab testing before and during production
  • industry-leading extraction and isomerization processes carried out by a cGMP-compliant manufacturing facility with decades of experience in cannabis extractions.
  • third-party batch testing for all products to ensure that our premium-quality promise trickles all the way down to the consumer.
Vida Optima THC-O Vaporizer

We offer three different THC-O Vape formulas to choose from:

The Sativa THC-O Vape blend contains a total of 1,000 mg of Delta-8-THC and THC-O combined with a hand-chosen, sativa-leaning terpene blend designed to stimulate cognitive energy, boost creativity, and lift your spirits.

The Indica THC-O Vape blend also contains 1,000 mg of hemp-derived THC, but this terpene profile is designed to mellow you out, help you unwind, and provide a more body-centric relaxation experience.

The Hybrid THC-O Vape blend falls somewhere in the middle, offering a balanced, mellow buzz that’s still functional and uplifting.

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