How To Ghost Vape? (+9 Beginner Vape Tricks)

by Kat Austin January 15, 2024 5 min read

How To Ghost Vape? (+9 Beginner Vape Tricks) - Vida Optima™

Vaping has become a popular trend, offering an enjoyable and customizable experience for many enthusiasts. Among the slew of unique vape tricks that's risen from the industry,  "ghost vaping" stands out as an impressive and entertaining skill. 

A man in a black t-shirt performing a vape trick using his hand

Whether you're self indulging or entertaining friends during a social vape sesh, mastering this technique, along with a few other beginner vape tricks, can add serious flair to your vaping sessions. Let’s dive into the 4 steps that will teach you how to ghost vape, plus 9 other beginner-friendly tricks to elevate your vaping prowess.

What is Ghost Vaping?

Ghost vaping, also known as "snap inhale," is a visually captivating vape trick that involves exhaling vapor in a way that makes it appear as though it disappears instantly. While it might seem daunting at first, with practice and patience, anyone can perfect this technique.

How to Ghost Vape:

  1. Take a Deep Inhale: Begin by taking a long drag from your vape device and store the vapor in your mouth. This is different from the usual mouth-to-lung vaping technique.

    Ensure that your inhale is slow and steady to accumulate a substantial amount of vapor in your mouth.
  1. Hold the Vapor: Once your mouth is filled with vapor, close it and hold the vapor for a couple of seconds. This step is crucial for creating a dense cloud.
  1. Release Gently: Open your mouth slightly and release the vapor in a rapid, controlled manner. You’ll want to practice allowing the vapor to exit your mouth naturally without pushing out any air, otherwise, you'll send the vapor too far off to inhale it again. The vapor should form a concise cloud right outside your mouth. This is your “ghost.”
  1. Inhale Quickly: as soon as the cloud has formed, inhale sharply, sucking the vapor back in. Your “ghost” should disappear. Steps 3 and four should happen almost simultaneously, in a matter of seconds.

  2. Practice Makes Perfect: Ghost vaping might take a few attempts to master. Experiment with different exhale speeds and inhale techniques to find what works best for you. Inhaling quickly will give you an instant disappearing effect, while inhaling more slowly will create a small vapor trail that makes it appear as though your “ghost” is being sucked into a vacuum.

9 Beginner Vape Tricks:

  1. The Dragon: Exhale vapor from your nose and corners of your mouth simultaneously to mimic the appearance of a dragon's breath. This is a simple yet fun trick that's a great place for beginners to start learning mouth and vapor control for trick vaping. 
  1. The Tornado: slowly exhale vapor onto a flat surface, like a table. To do so, you need to get as close to level with the surface as possible. The vapor will “stick” to the surface, creating a lake of vapor cloud.

    Then, with your hand flat and slightly cupped, place it perpendicular to the table at the edge of the vapor plume, pinky side against the table. Slowly slide your hand into the vapor, and then flick your wrist up to lift and twist a stream of vapor, creating a swirling tornado-like shape.

    Experiment with different wrist-flicking speeds. Too fast and your tornado will be wispy, but too slow and they won't bind together or twist. 
  1. The Waterfall:First, take a mouth hit to form a thick cloud of vapor. Then, make a wide, open-mouthed smile with your teeth closed. Begin to push vapor out of your mouth with your tongue while simultaneously tilting your head back, allowing streams of vapor to fall forward and down in the shape of a waterfall. 

    You can double up the trick by quickly tilting your head back down while inhaling the waterfall, or “ghosting” it, to create a ghost waterfall effect. 
  1. The O's: Practice blowing perfect rings of vapor by shaping your mouth in an 'O' and pushing out small bursts of vapor using your tongue. You’ll want to quickly snap your tongue forward and then backwards, giving the ring a slight spin. Don't exhale any air from your lungs as that will push the vapor too quickly. 
  1. The Jellyfish: This one requires that you've learned to blow good smoke rings first, but after you've mastered that it's an easy way to upscale your expertise. Blow a large vapor ring, then use a smaller puff to slice through it. The backwards spin of the ring will circulate the new vapor puff in a spherical shape, creating the appearance of a jellyfish.
  1. The Bull Ring: This one’s easy, but a real head turner! Blow a vapor ring and then lean forward and inhale it through your nostrils, creating the illusion of a bull's nose ring.
  1. The French Inhale: Take a mouth hit. Then, push vapor slowly out of your mouth using your tongue while simultaneously inhaling it through your nose at the same time.
  1. The Lasso: this trick requires two mouth hits and two separate vape rings, but once you've mastered that it's totally conquerable. First, take a mouth hit and blow a single, sturdy vape ring. 

    Then, take another mouth hit and blow another ring through the first ring. Use your hands to gently “push” the air surrounding the ring closest to you towards the other ring. Eventually, the new ring will “lasso” the first and both will disappear.
  1. Vape Bubbles: This one's pretty simple, but it does require some extra tools. You'll need a cup with the bottom cut off and a plate or bowl full of soapy water or bubble solution. 

    To start, take a mouth hit. Then dip the cut end of the cup in the bubble solution and exhale vapor into the other end. Push the vapor from your mouth first, then exhale air from your lungs to finish the bubble. 

Safety Reminders:

  • Always use vaping devices responsibly and in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and considerate of others when performing vape tricks.
  • Practice in a well-ventilated area to avoid excessive buildup of vapor.
  • Make sure to keep your vape clean, as it will help to produce adequate vapor for trick vaping. 

Mastering these vape tricks may take time and patience, so don't get discouraged if you don't nail them on your first attempt. Remember, the key is practice, and with dedication, you'll soon be impressing friends with your vape prowess!

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