How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Delta-11?

by Kat Austin June 15, 2023 4 min read

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Delta-11? - Vida Optima™

Delta-11 is a little-known psychoactive cannabinoid with euphoric effects that blow other hemp THC products out of the water. It's known to be around three times more potent than traditional Delta-9-THC, so it comes as no surprise that people immediately want to get their hands on some after learning about it.

So, we're here to answer an important question for all those eager consumers: How old do you have to be to buy Delta-11? And does it vary by state or depend whether you're buying Delta-11 in stores or online? Here's what you need to know:

Table of Contents
Federal THC-O Age Limits
How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Delta-11 in Each State?
Is Delta-11 Legal in Every State?
Will You Need to Show ID to Buy Delta-11?
Do You Need to Be 21 to Buy Delta-11 Online?
Where to Buy Delta-11

Key Takeaways

  • There are very few laws that dictate the legal age for buying Delta-11, but most sellers require consumers to be 21 or older.
  • State laws vary, and Delta-11 may not be legal to buy in every state.
  • You may be asked to verify that you are 21 years of age or older when buying Delta-11 online.

Federal Hemp Delta-11 Legal Age Limits

When looking at legal Delta-11-THC age limits, you may wonder if there are any age limits set forth by the federal legislation used to legalize hemp THC to begin with. The answer is no, there are actually no legal age parameters set by federal law regarding the legal age limits for buying Delta-11. In fact, Delta-11 is not even mentioned by name in the text used to legalize hemp products.

D11 is, however, classified as a legal hemp product, but federal law does not specify any age limits or other parameters that affect who can access legal hemp products. Instead, the legal age for buying Delta-11 is left up to state law.

Raw hemp flower, the natural source of Dleta-11-THC products that are made according to federal hemp guidelines.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy Delta-11 in Each State?

First, we want to mention that Delta-11 laws are still inconsistent and constantly changing. Many states don’t ever mention Delta-11 by name. They simply lump it in with other hemp-derived THC products, like THC-O, Delta-8, and CBD. That also means that there are very few parameters set that specifically affect the legal age for buying Delta-11.

Many states allow consumers to purchase hemp-derived CBD products at the age of eighteen, but some may have laws that set the age limit for buying hemp-derived THC products even higher.

Because of inconsistencies in state law, many Delta-11 distributors require consumers to be 21 years old to purchase Delta-11 products regardless of local laws. This is consistent with the age requirements to purchase Delta-9-THC products in states where recreational cannabis is legal.

In other words, the legal age limit for buying Delta-11 may not be decided by law, rather by the brands and distributors who sell Delta-11. Most sellers will require consumers to be 21 years old to purchase Delta-11 or other hemp-derived THC products. This helps to limit their liability in the case of an accident or other forms of misuse.

Is Delta-11-THC Legal in Every State?

Every state has different laws (or lack thereof) regarding sales in the state. We mentioned that some states categorize Delta-11 with other hemp-derived THC products. Some states may make a separate mention of Delta-11, but most simply lump Delta-11 into the “hemp-derived THC, except for Delta-9-THC” category.

Other states may only allow THC, including Delta-11-THC, only when it is made under the states’ recreational or medical cannabis program, meaning it isn’t a hemp product and must be bought at a dispensary.

Some states allow hemp-derived THC to be bought and sold outside of dispensaries, but with various restrictions on the type of products and potencies that can be made available. For instance, some states do not allow hemp flowers to be sold in an unprocessed form, so Delta-11 flower would be unavailable.

The states who are likely to have some form of Hemp THC restrictions include:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Kentucky
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington


    Most states may not have Delta-11 specific laws, but you can usually get an idea of the Delta-11 atmosphere by researching Delta-8 laws in every state. There's currently more research and legislation regarding Delta-8, and Delta-11 laws may follow suit.

    You can also learn more by reading “Where is Delta-8-THC Legal? A State by State Guide to Delta-8 Laws.

    Will You Need to Show ID to Buy Delta-11?

    Perhaps you’ve lost your ID and want to purchase Delta-11 in stores. Do you need to show your ID to buy Delta-11 products?

    Since most sellers require you to be 21 years old to buy Delta-11 and other hemp-derived THC products, you’ll likely need to show ID to prove your age. Any ID that would be accepted in your state for the purchase of cigarettes or alcohol should be acceptable.

    Do You Need to Be 21 to Buy Delta-1-THC Online?

    So, most vendors require you to show ID to purchase Delta-11, but what about if you buy online?

    Most stores where you can buy Delta-11 online will require you to be 21 years of age, and they may or may not check for ID. Most stores simply require you to verify your age by agreeing that you are 21 or older or entering your birth date. This varies greatly from brand to brand, so you’ll need to check with your brand of choice to determine if you need your ID or not.

    Where to Buy Delta-11 Products

    You can buy Delta-11 in stores and online from any state where it is legal. In some cases, the legal buying age for Delta-11 may vary, but you usually have to be 21 years old to buy Delta-11 products either in stores or online.

    If you’re looking to buy Delta-11 products online and are 21 or older, check out our hemp THC Elev8 Collection to find hemp-derived THC vapes, candies, gummies, and more. As with all Vida Optima products, our hemp THC products are 100% Farm Bill Compliant and made according to the industry’s highest standards.

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