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The landscape of CBD usage is constantly evolving, both in the United States and at a global level. Here, we delve into compelling CBD statistics surrounding market trends and consumer habits to shed light on the influential role of CBD in the wellness industry and in personal wellness regimens. Let's unravel the numbers:

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CBD Usage Statistics
CBD Consumer Demographics
Use by Gender
Use by Age Group
Use by Generation
Use by Race
Use by Purpose
Use by Method
Side Effects
Market and Sales Statistics
Pet Industry Statistics
Overall Health Statistics

CBD Usage Statistics: How Common Is CBD Use?

  • According to a SingleCare CBD Survey, 33% of Americans have used CBD products at least once.
  • According to Consumer Reports, approximately 64 million people in the US consumed CBD between 2018 and 2019.
  • According to a Statista annual report, 26% of American adults are using CBD in 2022, marking a significant increase from 6% in 2018.
  • By 2024, it's expected that the percentage of CBD users in the US will rise to 35%.
  • One in five US citizens aged 50 and above has dabbled with one or more CBD products at some point.

CBD Consumer Demographics: Who Uses CBD the Most?

CBD Usage By Gender

  • According to a Quartz public poll, 21% of American men have tried CBD, while just 16% of American women have as well.
  • According to Gallup, 20% of young adults between 18 and 29 years use CBD.
  • According to a 2019 Quartz survey:
    • 10% of men use CBD regularly, while just 4% of women do the same.
    • Women are more likely than men to use CBD for health related reasons.
    • More women also used CBD for mental health purposes than men. 53% of women use CBD for stress and anxiety compared to only 47% of men. 
    • 42% of women and only 36% of men use CBD for pain. 
    • More men use CBD for social reasons, compared to only 15% of women. 
    • 16% of men use CBD as a spiritual practice, while only 9% of women do the same. 

CBD Users By Age Group

  • According to 2019 market research by Gallup:
    • 20%of individuals under 30 years old have incorporated CBD into their routine.
    • 16% of Americans aged 30 to 49 use CBD products.
    • 11% of people between 50 and 64 years have consistently used products with CBD.
    • 8% of people over age 65 use CBD.

CBD Users By Generation

  • According to a 2019 Statista report, CBD is used by:
    • 11% of the Gen Z generation
    • 9% of Millennials
    • 7% of Gen X
    • 4% of Boomers

CBD Users By Race

According to a report from Brightfield Group:

  • Most CBD users (65%) are White/Caucasian.
  • Hispanic/Latino people make up 12% of the total CBD users.
  • Black/African American people make up 5% of the total CBD users in the U.S.
  • Asian/Asian Americans make up 4%of the total CBD users in the United States.

CBD Usage by Purpose

  • A survey by SingleCare in 2019 found that 33% of CBD users were using it for pain relief, 24% for anxiety, and 17% for sleep.
  • Another Statista report found that the number may be higher–64% of CBD users use CBD for pain.
  • The same report suggests that anxiety and stress-related usage is higher, too, coming in second place at 49%.
  • Sleep and insomnia usage is in third place at 42%. 

CBD Usage by Method

  • A Brightfield Group and HelloMD study in 2019 found that 40% of CBD users preferred full-spectrum products, 35% preferred CBD isolates, and 11% preferred broad-spectrum products.
  • According to the Forbes Health Survey, gummies and edibles are enjoyed most often by approximately 58% of CBD consumers. 
  • The same report suggests that capsules, tinctures, and lotions are runner-ups, used by 55%, 55%, and 53% of CBD consumers, respectively. 
  • Flower is used the least, by only 16% of CBD consumers.
  • 32%of CBD consumers use vape pens, and 42%may use other topicals, like oils or serums. 

CBD Efficacy: Is CBD Effective?

  • A 2019 Consumer Reports survey included 4,000 American CBD users found that:
    • Approximately 75% of CBD users in the United States perceive it as moderately effective for alleviating their specific symptoms, with nearly half, or 48%, deeming it very or extremely effective for their intended purposes.  
    • In terms of usage, 37%of respondents utilize CBD to manage stress and anxiety, with an impressive majority, 63% or over three in five, reporting significant effectiveness in addressing these concerns.
    • When targeting joint pain, 24% of users find CBD beneficial, with 38% of this group - nearly two in five - experiencing notable relief.
    • Interestingly, 11% of respondents use CBD for recreational purposes. Strikingly, there is no substantial discrepancy in the reported effectiveness of CBD for recreational use, with 24%finding it effective compared to 22% who did not.
    • Furthermore, 10%use CBD to improve their quality of sleep, and among them, a significant 52% acknowledge CBD's efficacy in aiding their sleep.
  • In a survey, a notable 79%of respondents expressed using CBD to mitigate pain in their joints.
  • Remarkably, clinical studies found that the CBD preparation approved by the FDA demonstrates a significant impact, reducing the frequency of seizures by 44% in epileptic patients compared to 22% in the placebo group. 

CBD Side Effects

  • According to the same 2019 Consumer Reports survey above, 74% of CBD users did not experience side effects. 
  • 26%, on the other hand, experienced some adverse reaction.
  • A 2018 cross-sectional study revealed that dry mouth is the most common CBD side effect, affecting approximately 11.12%of CBD users. 
  • The same study suggests that sleepiness is the least common side effect, affecting only 1.78%of CBD users.

CBD Market and Sales Statistics

  • According to a Brainy Insights Market Research Report, the global hemp market was valued at USD 5 billion in 2022.
  •  A compound annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 19%is expected from 2023 to 2032. 
  • A report from BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research projects that the collective market for CBD sales in the U.S. will surpass $20 billion by 2024.
  • The market is expected to reach USD 28.47 billion by 2032.
  • According to a Statista report, people spent $5.31 billion on CBD products in 2021.
  • The same report found that pet CBD products were purchased to the tune of $560 million in 2021.
  • A Grand View Research report shows that the global CBD skin care market size was valued at USD 964.1 millionin 2022.
  • The same report expects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.5% for CBD skin care products.
  • According to BDS Analytics, the CBD food and drink industry are slated for substantial growth, with projections indicating a climb to $5.9 billion by 2024, underlining the expanding market for CBD-infused consumables
  • A Statista report reveals that the top-selling CBD product is CBD tinctures at $976.07million.

CBD Pet Industry Statistics

  • According to LeafReport, 50% of pet owners use CBD for their pets. 
  • 35.12%of vets recommend using CBD for pets, according to a report by the American Marijuana Organization. 
  • A 2021 Statista report found that $560 millionwas spent on pet CBD products in 2021.
  • According to a Grand View Research report the CBD pet market value was estimated at USD 195.98 million in 2022.
  • The same report shows an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.8%.

CBD And Overall Health

  • A Consumer Reports survey in 2019 revealed that 37% of CBD users believed it was "highly effective" in treating their medical condition, and 41% said it was "moderately effective."
  • The same report reveals that 32% of people that have consumed CBD didn't find it very effective.
  • CBD can have side effects, such as dry mouth, hunger, euphoria, fatigue, and mild eye irritation, reported by 33% of CBD users.


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