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Now that Delta-10 has become accessible across the nation, hemp consumers everywhere are enjoying its mild euphoric effects. But where's the limit? Can you take Delta-10-THC everyday? And if so, are there any downsides to be aware of?

The answer is yes, in theory, you could take Delta-10-THC daily, but you may not want to. Although the side effects associated with Delta-10 are rare and mild, it may be tolerance building. But, in some cases, THC is used daily for therapeutic purposes, and the upsides outweigh the risks.

Here's what you need to know in order to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks for you:

Table of Contents
Why Would You Use Delta 10 Every Day?
Side Effects of Using Delta-10 Daily
Can You Get Addicted to Delta-10-THC?
Best Delta-10-THC Products for Daily Use?
Where to Buy Delta-10-THC

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-10-THC has mild psychoactive effects that make it an attractive option for daytime use.
  • Using Delta-10-THC daily may have some drawbacks, like increased tolerance.
  • The type of product you choose for daily use matters since some products take effect quickly while others have longer lasting effects.
  • You can buy Delta-10-THC online and have it shipped to your door which gives you ultimate control over your Delta-10 experience.
A variety of Delta-10-THC edibles, flower, and pre-rolls, all of which may be useful for daytime dosing.

Why Would You Use Delta-10-THC Every Day?

Delta-10 is becoming widely known for its mild euphoric effects that are about 25% as potent as traditional Delta-9-THC. This makes it a great entry point for inexperienced THC consumers, but also makes for a very functional, mild euphoria for those looking for a daytime pick me up.

The effects of Delta-10-THC are slightly more uplifting and energizing than Delta-8 or Delta-9, although larger doses may be necessary for those with a high THC tolerance. Still, the fact that Delta-10 is uplifting without being so potent that it disrupts functionality makes it a good candidate for daytime use.

It's also fair to consider that Delta-10 may have therapeutic benefits similar to medicinal THC products. Evidence is very limited in this regard–and there's no scientific data to help us understand how Delta-10 may help, but it's fair to assume that it will have similar benefits to Delta-8 and Delta-9 simply because it interacts with the same endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 receptors) in the same manner.

CB1 activation has been linked to various key processes within the nervous system. The CB1 receptor is responsible for regulating neuronal transmissions and other key physiological processes, including the regulation of pain and inflammation signals and functions related to memory and appetite.

Again, to be clear, researchers have not yet evaluated the impact of Delta-10 against any health conditions. Still, some consumers find that they feel better after taking small to moderate doses of Delta-10, which pushes them to consider–are there any drawbacks to taking Delta-10-THC every day?

Side Effects of Using Delta-10 Daily

Now that we've discussed why you may want to use Delta-10-THC on a daily basis, we also want to touch on the other side of that coin. Some of the side effects associated with Delta-10-THC include:

  • increased heart rate
  • headaches
  • coordination problems
  • dry mouth and increased thirst
  • red, dry eyes

Of course, the side effects are generally described as rare and mild, and there's no evidence that the risk of these side effects increases with regular use. When considering the effects of frequent and Delta-10-THC consumption, however, two specific drawbacks come to mind:

Delta-10 Gets You High

What appears to be a benefit for some may be a drawback for many of the people who wish to use Delta-10-THC therapeutically. Although the effects are mild when compared to other THC products, Delta-10 is psychoactive, which means that it can limit your ability to function during day to day tasks.

For instance, you won't be able to use Delta-10-THC in situations where you need to be able to drive or operate machinery, and it may not be the best option for daytime use when you have to go to work, or do other tasks where being intoxicated would be an impairment. Regardless of whether you feel intoxicated after taking Delta-10-THC, it is illegal to drive after consuming psychoactive substances, and doing so can result in a DUI.

It May Build Tolerance

Another drawback of daily THC use is its ability to build tolerance. In other words, the more Delta-10-THC you use, the higher your Delta-10 tolerance will be.

That means that you'll eventually find yourself needing larger doses to experience the same therapeutic benefits. This can definitely prove to be a drawback, especially as you see your cost increase alongside your dosage. Of course, scheduling regular THC tolerance breaks can help avoid this issue.

To learn more about Delta-10-THC side effects, read “Is Delta-8-THC Safe?

Can You Get Addicted to Delta-10?

One of the most frequent concerns associated with daily Delta-10-THC use is the risk of forming an addiction to the cannabinoid. The truth is, Delta-10-THC may have addictive properties in the same way that Delta-9-THC is addictive, but it may not be what you think.

Generally speaking, people do not get chemically addicted to THC, rather they run the risk of developing psychological addiction. In other words, people may be overly attracted to the feeling that THC provides, but you won't experience the same chemical addiction that is possible with harsher substances, like many illicit drugs or prescription pills.

One way to potentially avoid this is to microdose Delta-10-THC, a practice of taking small doses that do not necessarily insight psychoactivity but still provide therapeutic relief.

Best Delta-10-THC Products for Daily Use

If you're going to use Delta-10-THC daily, especially to manage physical discomforts, you want to make sure that the product you choose aligns with your needs.

For instance, some products take effect more quickly than others, while others have longer lasting effects. Some products are also more portable than others, while some products may be better used at home.

Here are some of the best Delta-10-THC dosing options for regular use:


Delta-10-THC tinctures are easily one of the best therapeutic consumption methods. The liquid formula allows you to precisely control your dose, which makes it a good option for microdosing, but also for virtually any dosage needed.

They also take effect pretty quickly, usually in about half an hour. Plus, a tincture bottle is pretty portable and allows you to carry multiple portions with you while you're on the go.


Delta-10-THC flower is most similar to classic cannabis flower, which is easily one of the most popular therapeutic cannabis products on the market. Flower offers many different benefits but, most notably, it offers instant effects. Plus, there are multiple different Delta-10 flower strains to choose from, each of which may have their own targeted therapeutic benefits.


Edibles are a popular dosing method because, well, they taste great. Plus, they offer pre-portioned doses that don't need to be measured each time. Many hemp edibles are also individually wrapped, which makes them ultra portable.

Some edibles, like sublingual-style edibles (like our Elev8 Chews) also take effect pretty quickly. Because a sublingual-style edible melts in the mouth and can be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, you can expect the effects to kick in after about 30 minutes.

Alternatively, edibles that need to be digested, like gummies, can take over an hour to take effect, but may provide stronger and longer lasting effects.

Where to Buy Delta-10-THC

Delta-10 is federally legal and highly accessible, meaning you can buy it online (and often in stores) in any state where Delta-10 is legal.

If you're looking for hemp THC products that are made according to the highest industry standards, we recommend that you check out our Elev8 Collection. Like all Vida Optima products, our Delta-10-THC collection is 100% Farm Bill compliant and third party tested, which means you can grab premium-quality, safe Delta-10-THC products at fair prices. Our sublingual-style Delta-10 edibles are unique to the market and offer a fast-acting, individually wrapped dose that's perfect for daily use.

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