THC-O vs Delta-8: Can They Be Mixed?

by Kat Austin August 29, 2022 5 min read

THC-O vs Delta-8: Can They Be Mixed? - Vida Optima™

If you know anything about hemp derived THC, you've heard of Delta-8 and THC-O. THC-O is nearly 8 times more potent than Delta-8 when used measure for measure. These nuances effects have lead many consumers to wonder–can you mix delta-8 and THC-O together to reap a more balanced high?

The answer is absolutely, and we highly recommend it. THC-O's intense mental euphoria and energizing body effects meet Delta-8's total body relaxation to create the perfect hybrid.

We'll take a deeper dive into the nuances between THCO vs Delta-8, highlighting all of the ways that these two different cannabinoids compliment each other's effects. Let's jump in:

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Why Would You Want to Combine Cannabinoids?
THC-O vs Delta-8 Effects?
What Happens When You Take Delta-8 and THC-O Together?
Is It Safe to Combine THC-O and Delta-8?
Buy Delta-8 + THC-O Vapes

Key Takeaways

  • THC-O and Delta-8 have very different effects and potencies that may balance each other out.
  • If you want to lessen the effects of THC-O, you may consider adding Delta-8.
  • The combination of THC-O and Delta-8 may produce effects similar to traditional Delta-9 products.
  • Terpenes also alter the effects of a THC formula, so pay attention to the terpene profile.

Why Would You Want to Combine Cannabinoids?

Hemp flower, the original source of Delta-8 and THC-O products.

Pairing different cannabinoids is nothing new, and companies have been using the method for years to fine tune products to meet certain therapeutic needs. The combined benefits of two or more specific cannabinoids can be referred to as the “ensemble effect.” For instance, our Dream Tincture combines CBDand CBN to provide boosted benefits for sleep.

Some experts suggest that specific cannabinoid combinations may be even more useful than a general full spectrum formula that contains many different cannabinoids. But what about combining THC-O and Delta-8? Are there any specific benefits to this cannabinoid combination? Let's look at the unique effects of each to understand why combining these two may be beneficial:

THC-O cs Delta-8 Effects

Delta-8 is often described as a “milder” version of traditional THC, while THC-O is right the opposite. In fact, Delta-8 is around half as potent as traditional Delta-9-THC products, while THC-O is up to three times more potent. That’s a significant difference, and one of the reasons that people may want to “tone down” the THC-O experience using Delta-8, or even “upgrade” the Delta-8 experience using THC-O.

Delta-8 and THC-O not only have different potencies, but they have a totally different range of effects. The effects of Delta-8 are generally described as more relaxing, and many people claim that Delta-8 gives “indica energy” that’s soothing, relieving, and can support sleep.

THC-O, on the other hand, is stimulating and can boost creativity and mental energy in a way that makes it perfect for daytime use. Some people even describe the effects of THC-O as “borderline hallucinogenic,” although this is likely dose dependent.

This parallel of effects is another reason why a combination of Delta-8 and THC-O may be useful since it creates a “hybrid” effect that’s a bit more balanced.

As you can see, the two have very different effects that are almost opposite of each other. So, what actually happens when you mix them together?

A variety of THC tinctures to mix and match

Delta 8 vs THC O: What Happens When You Take Them Together?

In reality, the effects you’ll get from a combination of THC-O and Delta-8 depend on a number of factors. It goes without saying that a combination that contains more THC-O will be much more potent, while a formula that contains predominantly Delta-8 will be milder. In general, the combination of these two will almost always touch “middle ground” territory, which most people relate closely to the baseline effects of traditional THC products.

But the differences go much deeper than that–it also depends on the unique terpene profile of the product you choose. Some products, like vaporizers, use a method called “strain profiling” to help mimic the effects of popular cannabis strains. For instance, our Delta-8 + THC-O Vape Cart formulas come in three varieties: hybrid, indica, and sativa. The hearty sativa strain may help give you the cognitive boost you seek during the day, while the soothing indica vape can help you unwind when the day is through. A hybrid may meet you somewhere in the middle–perfect for socializing or just hanging out. Either way, expect the psychoactivity to be much more balanced than when taking either cannabinoid alone.

Is It Safe to Combine THC-O and Delta-8?

There are no known contraindications between D8 and THC-O, so the risks are generally the same as when taking either cannabinoid alone. The risks of THC include:

  • increased heart rate
  • coordination problems
  • dry mouth and increased thirst
  • red, dry eyes
  • slower reaction times
  • memory loss
  • anxiety

One thing to consider is the risk associated with an increased dosage. If you usually take 10 mg of Delta-8 and decide to also add THC-O to the mix, you may want to lower your overall dosage of both. The effects may be stronger than what you usually experience. For some people, taking too much THC can result in side effects like temporary anxiety and paranoia.

Read to learn more:

Buy Delta-8 + THC-O Vapes

Vida Optima Elev8 Delta-8-THC + THC-O Vape

To take the guesswork out of dosing, we recommend looking for a product that already combines the two cannabinoids (vs trying to combine two products on your own). It may not be as hard as you think–most THC-O products contain some amount of Delta-8 because Delta-8 naturally occurs in the process used to make THC-O. Of course, not all THC-O products claim their Delta-8 content, which can be deceiving and can make it hard for you to accurately measure your dosage.

Our THC-O + Delta-8-THC Vape formulas contain the perfect combination of cannabinoids and terpenes to meet you where you’re at–whether you want an energizing mental lift or a relaxing body buzz. Plus, a vape can be “sipped” to your perfect lift level since the effects are almost instant–no need to guess at dosages when you can stack on a small puff at a time.

To find other safe, legal Delta-8-THC that you can order online, we recommend checking out our Elev8 Collection. You’ll find a selection of vapes, flower, tinctures, and edibles that are 100% Farm Bill compliant, potent, and pure.

FAQ: THC-O vs Delta 8

1. What is the difference in THC-O vs Delta 8?

THC-O and Delta 8 are both hemp-derived cannabinoids with psychoactive effects, but THC-O is much stronger. It can be 6-8 times more potent than Delta 8. While Delta 8 delivers a milder "high," THC-O can create psychedelic effects.

2. Is THC-O stronger than Delta 9?

Yes, THC-O is considered to be 3-4 times stronger than Delta 9. Both provide euphoria, but THC-O has a higher likelihood of inducing psychedelic experiences.

3. Is THC-O stronger than Delta 8?

Absolutely. THC-O is significantly more potent than Delta 8, with the strength varying depending on dosage. It can deliver psychedelic effects, unlike Delta 8's more moderate high.

4. Is THC-O legal?

THC-O legalilty varies by state, and there are arguments about its federal legal status because it a partially synthesized cannabinoid. However, others are that it still meets definition of hemp and is thus legal to manufacture, distribute, or possess in states where hemp-derived THC alternatives are not prohibited. Read "Is THC-O Legal?" to learn more. 

 5. Does THC-O get you higher than Delta 8?

Yes, THC-O generally provides a stronger high compared to Delta 8. However, the effects vary based on the dosage taken.

 6. Which cannabinoid is the strongest?

The strongest known cannabinoid is THCp. It has a different chemical structure from THC, with a longer carbon chain, resulting in more intense and longer-lasting effects.

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