Are THC-O Gummies Safe?

by Kat Austin October 26, 2022 5 min read

Are THC-O Gummies Safe? - Vida Optima™

THC-O is the ultra-potent THC dupe that everyone’s been talking about, and THC-O gummies are an exciting and delicious way to dose. The question is–are THC-O gummies safe? And if so, is there any way to ensure your safety when buying THC-O gummies?

The answer is yes–as long as you know how to buy THC-O, you should be able to pick out a safe product that meets your dosing needs. Here’s where to start:

Table of Contents

What is THC-O and Where Does it Come From?
THC-O Gummies: Safe Practices and Ingredients
THC-O Distillate Safety
THC-O Gummies Ingredients Safety
THC-O Gummies Dosage Safety
Where to Find THC-O Gummies

Key Takeaways

  • THC-O Gummies may be safe if you choose a safe formula.
  • THC-O is much more potent than traditional THC, so you also need to choose the correct dosage.
  • Be sure to verify third-party test results, read reviews, and shop responsibly for THC-O.
A model of the THC-O molecule near the natural hemp hemp material it is sourced from

What is THC-O and Where Does it Come From?

Before we can dig into the safety of THC-O gummies, we need to talk more about THC-O itself. THC-O is very different from traditional THC products for several reasons, and that means you need to take some extra precautions when buying products.

First, THC-O, or THC-O acetate, is similar to Delta-9-THC in structure, but it’s naturally found in hemp material. For that reason, by federal law, THC-O is legal, which makes it much more accessible than traditional THC products. One big difference, though, is that THC-O may be about three times more potent than traditional THC products.

Another difference is that THC-O exists in the hemp plant only in pretty small quantities, so it’s hard to extract directly from hemp. Instead, it's made using an isomerization technique just like the method used to turn CBD into Delta-8.

When this isomerization process is done correctly, the resulting THC-O is identical to the THC-O that lives naturally in the plant. However, the isomerization process is pretty involved and can leave behind dangerous unwanted chemicals when done incorrectly, so it's important to know how to choose a well-made, high-quality product.

In other words, THC-O is inherently different than traditional THC, and there are various extra risks involved concerning potency and manufacturing practices. Still, THC-O can be safe when made correctly, but what about THC-O in gummy form?

THC-O Gummies: Safe Practices and Ingredients

An alignment of various red THC-O gummies and one white THC-O gummy

Gummies are one of the most popular dosing styles for THC products, and the same is true for THC-O products. Gummies contain an array of ingredients besides THC-O, so you’ll need to do double duty when reviewing the quality of products before you buy. In other words, you need to verify that the THC-O concentrate used in the gummies is safely made and that the additional ingredients are safe and to your standards.

We’ll talk about both:

THC-O Distillate Safety

The primary ingredient in your THC-O gummies should be THC-O distillate, a distilled, pure form of THC-O. Of course, it can take some work to figure out how the THC-O was made and whether it’s been properly purified. In general, you want to:

Avoid Synthetic Cannabinoids

Although it is becoming less common now that hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal, some shady manufacturers have been known to use synthetic cannabinoids, like K2 or spice, in packaged products marketed as hemp products.

In almost all instances, synthetic cannabinoids are considered unsafe and illegal, except for some FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. Moreover, the effects are very different, and usually not preferable to true THC-O, Delta-8, or other hemp-derived THC products. Avoid synthetic cannabinoids and opt for true THC-O instead.

Check Manufacturing Techniques and Lab Tests

In order to choose a product made with safe THC-O distillate, you need to understand how to evaluate the hemp quality and manufacturing process used to create each unique formula. A safe THC-O distillate formula needs to be made by a trustworthy hemp manufacturer using safe terpenes, carrier oils, and hemp extract.

Look into the brand to learn more about its manufacturing practices. They should use pesticide-free hemp material, a safe extraction process, experienced cannabinoid extraction technicians, and third-party testing to verify the quality of the final product.

THC-O Gummies Ingredients Safety

Aside from the THC-O concentrate, gummies are made with various other ingredients that make them, well, gummies. This can be equally important to look at, especially if you have food allergies or other food restrictions. Here are some things to consider:

Check the Carrier Oils

You should also check out any additional carrier oils used in the THC-O distillate formula to ensure they meet your needs. For instance, some manufacturers may use oils sourced from tree nuts or other plant-based sources that could cause an allergic reaction in some people. Generally speaking, hemp oil may be the most natural carrier oil for hemp-derived THC-O distillate.

Gelatin, Pectin, or Otherwise?

Gummies must be made with some kind of thickening agent to help create the gummy texture. The most common of these is gelatin, but gelatin is an animal food product and makes the gummy restrictive for vegans. Some gummies may be made with fruit pectin or agar-agar, which are both vegan options.

Check the Colors and Flavors

You of course want to ensure that you will enjoy the flavor of your THC-O gummies, so be sure to check the flavor profile and look into the ingredients used to give it its flavor. Typically, these ingredients will include an array of FDA-approved flavorings and synthetic colors, but if you need a product with only natural flavors and colors, definitely check the label.

THC-O Gummies Dosage Safety

After you find a high-quality, safe THC-O gummy product, be sure to also consider the dosage needed for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Keep in mind that THC-O is 2-3x more potent than traditional THC products, so you may need to take a smaller dose than you are used to. New THC consumers may even want to take a THC-O microdose to see how they respond to THC-O before diving in. High doses of THC-O may not be inherently unsafe (although research is lacking in this area), but taking too much can definitely result in an unenjoyable experience.

To learn more about how much THC-O gummy dosage, read “How Much THC-O Should I Take?

Where to Find THC-O Gummies

There are a wide variety of THC-O gummies and other THC-O products available on the market. So long as you follow the quality standards above, your options for THC-O gummies are virtually limitless. You should check the THC-O regulations in your area first, and if you want to skip the line and order THC-O today, check out our Elev8 Collection.

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