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by Kat Austin March 29, 2022 7 min read

Lion's Mane Dosage - Vida Optima™

Lion’s Mane, a stringy white fungus scientifically known as 'hericium erinaceus’ has been drawing attention for more than just its mane-like appearance. As it turns out, the ancient Chinese remedy may have some serious benefits, like boosting cognition and helping to regulate the nervous system.

In fact, evidence suggests that it may help stimulate the growth of nerve cells within the brain, spinal cord, and retina. Another study verifies this claim, suggesting that Lion’s Mane extract may speed nervous system recovery by 23-41% in animal subjects.

A close up of the Lion's Mane mushroom before it is harvested and dried for consumption

Plus, research suggests that Lion's Mane could help reduce symptoms of inflammation-related depression, and may even boost immune system activity to help keep us healthy.

If you already know everything there is to know about Lion's Mane's potential benefits, you may have come to a new question–how much Lion's Mane should I take?

To make it easy, we'll break down everything you need to know about Lion's Mane dosage, including when and how to take Lion's Mane to best meet your needs.

Let's jump in:

Table of Contents
How Much Lion’s Mane Should I Take?
What’s the Best Way to Take Lion’s Mane?
When Should I Take Lion’s Mane?
Who Shouldn’t Take Lion’s Mane?
Lion’s Mane Dosage FAQs

Key Takeaways

  • Lion’s Mane dosage can range from 500 mg to 1,500 mg or more depending on the use and severity of symptoms you’re trying to manage.
  • Some people take Lion’s Mane in multiple doses throughout the day, but a one-off dose is also common.
  • Lion’s Mane powder is a popular dosing form that makes it easier to control the dosage and may offer increased absorption.
  • Some people, like those with blood clotting disorders or mushroom allergies, should not take Lion’s Mane.

How Much Lion's Mane Should I Take Daily?

If you're wondering "how much lion’s mane should I take," you first need to consider a few unique factors about your own wellness needs and dosing routine. For instance, your age, weight, and reason for taking Lion's Mane will all play a role in how much of the brain-boosting mushroom you need to take daily.

Doses between 500 mg and 1500 mg of Lion's Mane powder have been used successfully to reap its various benefits.In general, though, we recommend starting on the low side of the dosing threshold and increasing your dosage as needed until you experience the benefits you're after.

If you're using a pre-measured product that includes a certain dosage of Lion's Mane alongside other adaptogenic herbs and nootropic substances, you may need to take less Lion's Mane than if you were taking the mushroom on its own. You’ll also need to pay attention to the dosage of all ingredients when deciding to increase or decrease your dosage. If you buy your Lion’s Mane supplement from a trustworthy manufacturer, you can likely just follow the dosage information on the label.

Let's break down some circumstances and the unique dosing thresholds commonly used. We'll also include some information about the amount of Lion's Mane successfully used in various studies.

Lion's Mane Dosage for Cognition

Human trials involving the use of Lion's Mane to boost cognition in adults is lacking, but there is some evidence to help us understand the dosage used in severe cases, such as for managing neurodegenerative disorders.

In one study involving older adults with dementia, subjects took four 250 mg tablets containing 96% of Lion's Mane dry powder three times a day with success in healing neurological functions. That's approximately 3 grams, or 3,000 milligrams of Lion's Mane daily.

Of course, more Lion's Mane is needed for more severe cases, which means the amount of Lion's Mane necessary to enhance and protect cognition in healthy adults is much lower. In many cases, 1,000 mg of Lion's Mane daily is enough to experience complete brain-boosting benefits, and less may be needed if taking it alongside other functional mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs.

A person holding a single lion's mane capsule, a daily dose for many people

Lion's Mane Dosage for Immunity

Most of the evidence regarding Lion's Mane's benefits for immunity involves animal subjects, so it's hard to draw any final dosage conclusions here. However, anecdotal reports show that doses around 500 mg daily are commonly used as a baseline to reap the daily wellness benefits of Lion's Mane mushrooms.

Lion's Mane Dosage for Mood

Again, much of the evidence related to Lion's Mane benefits for mood regulation involves animal trials where dosage information is vague at best. One human study involving a group of women taking Lion's Mane-infused cookies sheds some light on the dosage effectively used.

In this small study, participants ate four cookies containing approximately 0.5 grams of powder made from the mushroom's fruiting body, or about 2 grams of Lion's Mane (2,000 mg) spread throughout 2-4 doses daily.

Again, these studies use subjects suffering from more severe anxiety related conditions, meaning less Lion's Mane may be needed for general mood-enhancing benefits. Here, it may be wise to start with doses around 1,000 mg once a day and increase as necessary to reap the most benefit.

What's the Best Way to Take Lion's Mane Mushroom?

When you begin to build your functional mushroom dosing routine, you may be overwhelmed with all of the dosing options. If you're wondering "what's the best type of Lion's Mane to take?", you'll be happy to know that it's (mostly) a matter of preference.

There are multiple types of Lion's Mane supplements, but you’ll usually find it in powder and capsule form.


Capsules are simply pre-measured, encapsulated doses that are great for daily dosing at any time of day. You won’t need to measure the dosage each time, and you’ll also be able to take your Lion’s Mane dosage without tasting it.

Capsules are a convenient dosing method unless you're looking for a functional mushroom blend. In that case, the amount of powder needed for a complete, multi-functional dose is generally more than will fit into a few capsules, so you'll likely find this type of Lion's Mane formula in powder form.


Lion's Mane powder is popular because it offers more control over the dosage you take each day. Some people suggest that it has a higher bioavailability, or absorption rate, because it's often consumed with plenty of fluids and possibly even healthy fats, like from plant milk.

The most popular Lion's Mane formulas are powdered beverage mixes, like Lion's Mane coffee or tea blends. These are popular because they taste great and usually blend Lion's Mane with an array of other functional herbs for more targeted and complete effects.

Looking for a tasty product that takes advantage of medicinal mushroom and nootropic ingredients like this? We recommend checking out Lucid Super Coffee.

When Should I Take Lion's Mane?

Because Lion's Mane is usually taken to help improve cognition and focus and boost productivity, it's usually recommended to take your Lion's Mane dose first thing in the morning. Many people think of their Lion's Mane dose as a natural alternative to a morning cup of coffee.

Of course, you could also take your Lion's Mane dosage around lunch or at any point during the day if it better meets the needs of your daily routine. The most important thing is that you take your Lion's Mane dosage consistently, since you won't get nearly the same amount of benefit from a one-off dose as you may get from consistent daily doses over time. In fact, it may take up to two weeks to experience the true benefits of any functional mushroom dosage.

Some people prefer to take Lion's Mane with food, although it isn't necessary. If you feel nauseous after taking Lion’s Mane on an empty stomach, consider taking it alongside a healthy breakfast or a small snack to avoid nausea. If you take a functional mushroom blend that includes Lion's Mane, you should also pay attention to the dosage needs for other ingredients in the formula before deciding how to take your Lion's Mane dose.

For more information, read "When's the Best Time to Take Lion's Mane?"

Who Should Not Take Lion's Mane?

Generally speaking, Lion’s Mane is well tolerated in almost all human and animal trials. In fact, people eat the mushroom in many parts of the world and it’s consider a safe part of many traditional cuisines. The functional mushroom was not found to produce any adverse effects in rodents, even when used in high doses.

While no serious health effects have been identified, it’s important to remember that your wellness routine must be tailored to meet your unique needs. If you experience any effects that are not pleasant, discontinue use.

Some people may need to avoid Lion’s Mane. You may want to avoid Lion’s Mane if:

  • You are sensitive or allergic to mushrooms. Some people experience a mushroom allergy after using Lion’s Mane mushrooms.
  • You take medications that thin the blood or have a blood clotting disorder. Lion’s Mane may have a similar blood thinning effect and combining it with other blood thinning medications could be dangerous.

You should talk to your doctor before adding Lion’s Mane to your wellness routine, especially if you take prescription medications. In general, adverse effects are often related to poor product quality, so make sure you buy your Lion’s Mane from a trustworthy source.

To learn more, read "Lion's Mane Side Effects."

Lion's Mane Dosage FAQ's

What's the best Lion's Mane dosage?

On average, Lion’s Mane dosage can range from 500 mg to 1,500 mg daily, though some studies have used higher doses. Typically, 750 mg to 1,000 mg is considered a standard dose.

Should I take Lion's Mane everyday?

Yes, functional mushrooms need to be taken daily to experience complete benefits, and it may take around two weeks to experience the true effects of your Lion's Mane dosage.

Should I take Lion’s Mane in the morning?

Most people take Lion’s Mane in the morning since they take it with the intent of boosting focus and productivity throughout the day, but you can take Lion’s Mane at any point in the day.

Should I take Lion’s Mane more than once a day?

Many people benefit from a one-off daily dose of Lion’s Mane, while others split their daily dosage into 2 or 3 daily doses at meal times.

Should I take Lion’s Mane with food?

Some people take Lion’s Mane without food with no issue. If you feel nauseous after taking it on an empty stomach, try taking Lion’s Mane with a small meal.


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