Does Delta-10 Give You Energy?

by Kat Austin May 02, 2023 5 min read

Does Delta-10 Give You Energy? - Vida Optima™

Where Delta-8-THC is often praised for having benefits that promote relaxation, dissolve stress, and improve sleep, Delta-10-THC is usually described as "uplifting." With effects that fall on the other end of the euphoric spectrum, people want to know–Does Delta-10 give you energy? And if so, how can you best use this hemp-derived cannabinoid to fuel a productive, stress-free life?

Here, we'll discuss exactly how Delta-10-THC's effects feel and how you may use it to boost your energy throughout the day:

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Delta-10-THC Effects
Does Delta-10 Give You an Energy Boost?
How Does Delta-10 Work
Delta-10-THC Side Effects
Best Delta-10-THC Products for Energy

Key Takeaways

  • Researchers don't know a lot about Delta-10, but anecdotal reports claim that it boosts energy and overall mood. 
  • Delta-10 is only mildly psychoactive, so it may provide therapeutic benefits without the sedation associated with some THC products. 
  • Delta-10 may boost metabolism, which may translate to a small energy boot. 

Delta-10-THC Effects

Delta-10-THC is much like traditional THC products in that it gets you high, although the effects are far less potent. The psychoactivity is only about a quarter as potent as what you may experience with Delta-9, however, and the effects are usually described as uplifting and energizing.

There's a good reason for this. Inside the body, Delta-10-THC interacts with CB-1 receptors. CB-1 receptors are the endocannabinoid receptors responsible for psychoactive effects, and they are the receptor site where Delta-9-THC binds. These receptors are located primarily in the brain and central nervous system, so they can incite a series of head and body effects.

Delta-10-THC has a lower affinity for CB-1 receptors than Delta-9, which means less Delta-10 binds with psychoactive receptors. It's unknown exactly how Delta-10-THC interacts with the rest of nervous system receptors, but typically this translates to greater therapeutic effects since the leftover Delta-10-THC may bind elsewhere with non-psychoactive receptors.

For instance, Delta-8 has a lower affinity for CB1 receptors than Delta-9. The Delta-8 that does not bind with CB1 receptors may instead bind with CB2 receptors.

CB-2 receptors are located in the tissues throughout the body and function as part of the immune system. The CB-2 receptors are the primary receptor site where CBD interacts, and they may insight their own set of body effects.

Because Delta-8-THC interacts with both CB-1 and CB-2, it offers a less potent head high with double the body effects.

Delta-10-THC may follow suit, though more evidence is needed to fully understand how Delta-10 interacts with the nervous system. For now, we have to rely mostly on anecdotal reports to understand how a Delta-10-THC dose may affect us.

A person holding a piece of a hemp plant, the natural source of Delta-10, to the sky for inspection.

So, Does Delta-10 Give You an Energy Boost?

Let's get down to the nitty gritty—Yes, Delta 10 may make you feel energized, but not in the way that you may think.

In other words, if you are expecting the extreme energy boost you get after pounding back a couple of shots of espresso, you're going to be disappointed. If you're looking for a mild energy boost that comes in the form of an uplifted mood and boosted endurance, Delta-10-THC is your cannabinoid.

Of course, there’s a little variation from product to product, and the quality of your Delta-10 products really matters. Most significantly, the terpenes used in hemp products alter their specific therapeutic effects. Some terpenes, like myrcene, are known to make you sleepy, while others, like limonene, may boost your energy. That means that you need to choose the type of product wisely if you want to reap Delta-10’s energy boosting effects, like choosing a sativa strain of hemp flower over an indica strain.

How Does Delta-10 Give You Energy?

Delta-10's potential ability to interact with both CB-1 and CB-2 receptors is the reason that it may provide an energy boost.

We don't yet have any definitive research concerning Delta-10, but sources suggest that Delta-8, a hemp cannabinoid that's similar to Delta-10, could potentially boost your mood, ease bodily pain, and lower inflammation. We also know that it affects the regulation of energy in the body, which is why you may feel hungry after taking Delta-8. It boosts your metabolism, or speeds up the rate at which your body converts food into energy. The same is thought to be true for Delta-10, and many people report getting a case of the munchies after taking Delta-10-THC.

That's where many people may get their energy boost, but it's pretty dependent on the state of your body. In other words, if you haven't consumed any high-quality energy (i.e. calories), Delta-10-THC isn't going to magically help you run on fumes. But if you have consumed enough nutritious food for energy sustenance, Delta-10-THC can help you use it at a faster rate, thus providing a little boost.

When you combine that with a boosted mood and therapeutic body support, you may find that you function like a well oiled machine. We know what you're thinking—what's the catch? Not much.

Delta-10-THC Side Effects

The primary drawback to using Delta-10 for energy sustenance is that it gets you high. That's not always a drawback if you're, say, cleaning the house, but if you need an energy boost to get you through a day in the office, it may not be ideal. Plus, it won't just provide you energy on its own, you still need to make sure that you nourish your body well.

In terms of other potential side effects, we don't know much. No research exists that thoroughly evaluates the side effect profile of Delta-10-THC, but it's thought to have similar drawbacks to Delta-9-THC, potentially at a lesser rate. That means that in rare cases Delta-10 may cause a headache or tiredness, and in even rarer cases it could cause a bout of anxiety. Of course, side effects are considerably more rare than Delta-9-THC when using both in the same quantity simply because Delta-10 is less potent.

Can Delta-10 improve your workout?

Many people wonder if the energy-boosting benefits of Delta-10 make it good for working out, and the answer is yes it can, but not just for energy purposes. Cannabinoids like Delta-10 and Delta-9 produce effects that mimic the endorphin rush you get when you workout, which can help you carry that momentum through your entire workout.

The best part is that Delta-10 may help you sustain your energy throughout your workout without the crash or side effects associated with caffeine or may pre-workout supplements. Moreso, Delta-10 may even have some benefits that help you recover faster after a workout.

Read “Can You Use Delta-8-THC to Enhance Your Workout?” to learn more.

Best Delta-8-THC Products for Energy

If you’re looking for Delta-8 products that increase energy, you’ll be happy to know that most high-quality Delta-8 formulas can do the job. You just need to watch out for formulas that are specifically designed for relaxation or sleep, like products containing CBN. Some products may also mimic indica cannabis strains, or even indica-dominant hybrid strains, which means they will have a more mellow effect.

A good Sativa strain of Delta-8 flower may be exactly what you need, or check out our potent Delta-8-THC tincture for a more adaptable dose. OurElev8 Collection includes a variety of different product types to meet your needs, and it’s fully Farm Bill compliant and third-party tested.

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