What Does THC-O Feel Like?

by Kat Austin September 26, 2022 6 min read

What Does THC-O Feel Like? - Vida Optima™

THC-O is hemp's proverbial "spiritual cannabinoid," but what does THC-O feel like? According to anecdotal reports, experiences range from "unlocking a new consciousness," to effects that are just slightly more potent than traditional THC products. What's the truth?

Well, THC-O is thought to be up to three times as potent as Delta-9, But it's hard to imagine a federally-legal cannabinoid with psychedelic effects. The truth is–it depends on how much you take and what THC-O products you use. Let's break it down:

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What is THC-O?
What Does THC-O Feel Like?
THC-O with Terpenes?
THC-O with Cannabinoids
THC-O Dosage
THC-O and THC Cross Tolerance
Will THC-O Make You Hallucinate?
How long does it take to feel THC-O?
How long will you feel the effects of THC-O?
Where to Buy THC-O

Key Takeaways

  • THC-O is more potent and much different than traditional THC products.
  • You can find THC-O in different forms and with different terpene and cannabinoid profiles.
  • Starting with small doses and working your way up to larger doses is the best way to understand your personal dosing threshold and enjoy THC-O’s effects.

What is THC-O?

Before we dig into the THC-O experience, let's cover some basics:

A model of THC-O's molecular structure
THC-O, or THC-O acetate, is nearly identical to traditional THC, save for a few molecular differences that help it bind more effectively with psychoactive endocannabinoid system receptors in the brain.


Still, it's made from legal hemp material through an isomerization process, which means it's federally legal and much more accessible than traditional THC products.

As you can imagine, this has made THC-O incredibly popular, even though many people were unprepared for THC-O's highly potent effects.

What Does THC-O Feel Like?

In its purest form–we're talking pure THC-O distillate–THC-O is incredibly potent and feels a lot like traditional Delta-9-THC products. Without the addition of any other cannabinoids or terpenes, THC-O offers a high that is buzzy, energizing, and uplifting. Some people compare this to traditional sativa strains of recreational cannabis, although THC-O's effects are more potent.

Of course, this pure THC-O scenario is not always the case. In fact, THC-O products almost always contain other cannabinoids or terpenes that alter the experience. Plus, the intensity of the effects you experience will depend on the amount of THC-O you take and your THC tolerance, which we will discuss more down below.

THC-O with Terpenes

The terpene content of your THC of product is probably the most definitive way to predict the effects it will offer. Manufacturers use a technique called “strain profiling” to help a product mimic specific cannabis strains by adding a variety of terpenes to the formula. Just like with different cannabis strains, these terpenes play a large role in altering the actual effects and flavor of a THC-O product.

Terpenes not only alter the flavor and aroma, but have their own therapeutic effects as well. For instance, a THC-O product with sativa-leaning terpene profile may have even buzzier and more energizing effects than pure THC-O distillate. On the other hand, adding an indica leaning terpene profile to THC-O may help to mellow out these buzzy effects, creating a product that is milder and more relaxed in nature.

In our THC-O Vape collection, We offer three different terpene profiles to choose from:

Vida Optima Elev8 Vape

The Sativa THC-O Vape blend contains a total of 1,000 mg of Delta-8-THC and THC-O combined with a hand-chosen, sativa-leaning terpene blend designed to stimulate cognitive energy, boost creativity, and lift your spirits.

The Indica THC-O Vape blend also contain 1,000 mg of hemp-derived THC, but this terpene profile is designed to mellow you out, help you unwind, and provide a more body-centric relaxation experience.

The Hybrid THC-O Vape blend falls somewhere in the middle, offering a balanced, mellow buzz that’s still functional and uplifting.

THC-O with Cannabinoids

Many THC-O products also have a variety of cannabinoids, like CBD or Delta-8, added to the formula. This obviously alters the effects and the potency of the formula. For instance, THC-O mixed with CBD will be nowhere near as potent per serving as THC distillate. Still, these cannabinoid concoctions are incredibly popular because they offer a variety of effects that meet different therapeutic and recreational needs.

One popular combination is THC-O and Delta-8. Because Delta-8 is thought to be only half as potent as traditional THC products and THC-O is nearly three times as potent as traditional THC products, a combination of the two maybe as close to traditional Delta-9 as you can get from legal hemp cannabinoids. Plus, THC-O is also known for being more buzzy and uplifting while Delta-8 is known for being more mellow and relaxing. When combined, the effects these two cannabinoids create are incredibly well-balanced, making them a great option for nearly any consumer.

Our THC-O + Delta-8 Vapes all use this winning combination of cannabinoids to offer potent, balanced effects that are 100% legal and accessible.

THC-O Dosage: How Does High-Dose THC-O Feel?

Just like any other THC product, THC-O's effects are dose-dependent. In small doses, like THC-O microdoses, THC-O may be only mildly psychoactive. On the high end of the dosage spectrum, the effects of THC-O are often described as “borderline hallucinogenic,” but it's unclear the dosage used to reach these effects, and it's totally possible to experience a potent high without the hallucinogenic effects.

You’ll probably want to play around with different THC-O dosages, especially since your THC tolerance will affect how much THC-O you need to take to feel effects (see below). Start with small doses and add more ad needed, ensuring that you give plenty of time for the effects to kick in. THC-O vapes are perfect for this since you can feel the effects almost instantly and stack on more doses as needed.

At any dosage, you should definitely expect some of the same effects you'll get from traditional THC, like some delayed coordination and reaction time, which means that it's unsafe to drive or operate machinery after taking THC-O products. Typically, THC-O is meant to be taken in smaller, manageable doses in order to provide a mild to moderate euphoric experience.

THC-O and THC Cross Tolerance

Even if you’ve never taken THC-O before, you may have some tolerance to it if you’ve used other THC products. That’s because THC-O is thought to have a cross-tolerance effect with traditional THC, meaning you may have a higher tolerance to THC-O if you already use THC regularly. If you’re a light to moderate consumer (up to 1 time per week), you may have no cross tolerance effects. Still, tolerance is just something to keep in mind as you work out your THC-O dosage, and especially if you take THC-O and feel nothing at all.

To fix your high tolerance, consider taking a T break.

A jar filled with THC-O flower

Will THC-O Make You Hallucinate?

Again, THC-O is sometimes described as “borderline hallucinogenic,” but it shouldn’t have substantial hallucinogenic effects. Some people do report visual disturbances or enhancements, but the effects aren’t comparable to true hallucinogens, like psilocybin mushrooms. The visual effects of THC-O may be due to the increased dilation of the eye, which causes you to be more sensitive to light, color, and movement.

How long does it take to feel the effects of THC-O?

The amount of time that THC-O's effects will take to kick in varies greatly depending on the delivery method. While other methods do exist, THC-O dosing methods are still pretty limited, so we'll cover the three most common products available:

  • THC-O vaporizers are an instant delivery method, which means the effects should begin to creep on only minutes after each dose. You should feel the full effects of your dose after approximately 20 minutes.
  • THC-O ediblesare much different. Many edibles (like cookies and other infused foods) are designed to be processed by digestion, which means they will take effect more slowly. Although it varies for every person, these types of edibles may take 1-3 hours to kick in.
    Some edibles, like hard candies and chews, are designed to dissolve slowly in the mouth for sublingual absorption, similar to tinctures. That means you could begin to feel effects after roughly 45 minutes.
  • THC-O Tinctures also utilize sublingual absorption, so they may kick in after 30-45 minutes.

How long will you feel the effects of THC-O?

As with all forms of THC, the amount of time that a THC-O high lasts mainly depends on body weight and dosing method. Your metabolism affects how long certain substances stay in the body, and different forms of THC-O are metabolized at different rates.

For digestible forms of THC-O, you can expect the effects to last around 4-6 hours, while faster-acting methods (like tinctures and vapes) may offer effects that last 2-4 hours.

Where to Buy THC-O

Thanks to its natural hemp source, THC-O is federally legal and legal in many U.S. states, which means it's far more accessible than traditional cannabis products. It's important that you source from trustworthy hemp manufacturers that provide third-party lab tests for every batch. If you're interested in trying THC-O, we also recommend that you take dosing slowly and feel out the effects of this highly potent THC product in order to ensure a safe, positive experience.

Looking for THC-O products you can buy online? Check out ourDelta-8 + THC-O Vape Cart.

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