Top 7 Reasons Delta-8 THC Might Not Work for You

by Kat Austin November 05, 2021 7 min read

Top 7 Reasons Delta-8 THC Might Not Work for You - Vida Optima™

So you've tried Delta 8 and it wasn't quite what you expected. Either you felt nothing at all, or the effects were way milder than once you expected, or maybe you just didn't experience the therapeutic benefits you were after.

The question is, why?

Everyone you know who's tried it has had a great experience and you've heard all about Delta-8’s potential to help relieve pain and anxiety or help you sleep.

There are a few different reasons you may have had this experience, but we want to preface this article by saying that everyone's experience with Delta-8-THC is unique. Still, there are a few reasons why Delta-8-THC may not work for you, and a few things you can do to possibly have a better Delta 8 experience.

Key Takeaways

  • You may not experience sufficient Delta-8-THC benefits if you take the wrong dose, your tolerance is too high, or you used a bad product.
  • Delta-8 products can expire or go bad when stored improperly, so they may not work.
  • To ensure a good experience, make sure you have a good product and understand how to dose Delta-8 correctly.

Here's Why Delta-8-THC May Not Have Worked Like You Expected

If Delta-8 didn't work for you and you want to know why, here are some of the most likely reasons:

A vial of THC oil, which may produce cross tolerance with Delta-8-THC

Your THC Tolerance is High

If you're new to Delta-8 but you're no stranger to Delta-9-THC, this is the most likely reason that Delta-8 didn't work for you. Delta-8 and Delta-9 have cross tolerance effects. In other words, if you use Delta-9-THC regularly, you also have a tolerance to Delta-8. Because Delta-8-THC is much less potent than Delta-9, you may not have experienced any effects at all when you took Delta-8.

One way to correct this issue is to take a larger Delta-8-THC dose. If you go this route, however, we recommend increasing your dosage by small increments so that you don't accidentally overdo it.

Another option (and probably the better option) is to take a THC tolerance break. This simply means abstaining from THC products for a period of time in order to lower your tolerance to THC. Not only is this good for your health, but it'll lower your dosing threshold and help you conserve your cannabis products in the future.

You Took The Wrong Dosage

Another reason Delta-8-THC may not have worked for you is because you took the wrong dosage. Many people assume that they can take the same dosage they would have used with traditional THC products to experience the same effects, but that's not the case.

Delta-8-THC produces less potent effects than Delta-9. If you usually take 10 mg of Delta-9 to experience the effects you desire, 10 mg of Delta-8 may not cut it. You might not need to double your dose, but you still may want to increase it by small quantities. If you usually take 10 mg of Delta-9, you may want to try 15 mg of Delta-8, and then increase in the same small increments thereafter until you reach the desired effects.

When you're increasing your dosage, though, make sure that you give an adequate amount of time for Delta-8-THC to kick in. Here are some tips:

  • If you're using Delta-8 edibles, it's better to increase your dosage in an entirely different session because the effects of edibles can take over 2 hours to kick in.
  • If you're using an inhaled product or a sublingual product, you may be able to stack doses. For inhaled products wait 15 minutes after the last puff to take another dose.
  • Sublingual products also take effect quickly, usually in about 30 minutes. For sublingual products, we recommend waiting about 45 minutes to an hour after your dose to see how you feel.

You Have a Bad Product

The simplest explanation for why Delta-8-THC didn't work for you is because you bought a bad product. It's unfortunate, but the hemp industry faces inconsistent regulations across the country. Plus, there will always be less-than-trustworthy Delta-8 brands willing to sell you snake oil just to make a dollar.

It's important that you understand how to choose a high-quality Delta-8-THC product in order to ensure a good Delta-8 experience. In general, this means choosing Delta 8 products that are made from high-quality, US grown hemp and that are tested both for quality and potency.

The company should also provide some type of third party lab test results so that you know what you buy is what you'll get. To learn more about how to choose a good product, you may want to read our Delta-8 Edibles Buying Guide or our Delta-8 Vape Carts Buyers Guide.

Your Product is Expired

Maybe you do have a Delta-8 product from a trustworthy, high-quality brand, but it still didn't work. It's possible that the product is expired. However this is one of the least likely reasons on the list because Delta-8-THC has a lengthy shelf life, which is one reason it’s thought to have increased potential for pharmaceutical applications.

Because it is partially oxidized, it lasts much longer on the shelf than Delta-9-THC. That means that you'd have to hold on to a Delta-8 product for a pretty long time for it to expire. Still, check the expiration date of your product, which should be on the label. If not, reach out to the company with the product name and batch number and they should be able to tell you when it expires.

Your Product is Degraded

It's possible that you have a high-quality, unexpired Delta-8-THC product that didn't work. That's because Delta-8-THC can degrade when exposed to the elements for too long.

If Delta-8-THC is stored improperly, especially for a lengthy amount of time, it can begin to lose its potency. In general, you should keep Delta-8-THC at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. You should also store it in an airtight bottle. To learn more about this, you may want to read “Storing Delta-8-THC.”

You Took Too Much CBD

There's one commonly overlooked reason that Delta-8-THC may not have worked for you: you took it with too much CBD.

Of course, CBD and Delta-8-THC can work together to produce some pretty amazing therapeutic benefits, so if you were after pain relief or improved sleep, this may not be your culprit.

Still, research suggests that CBD can moderate the effects of THC. More specifically, CBD can block THC from binding with certain neuroreceptors, which means it can inhibit its psychoactive effects.

Typically, if Delta-8 and CBD are taken at the same time, the reduction in psychoactivity is minimal. However, if CBD is taken first, or the CBD method used absorbs faster than the Delta-8 method used, CBD could potentially inhibit Delta 8's psychoactive effects entirely.

Of course, this all depends on dosage and timing, and it's unlikely to prevent you from experiencing any psychoactive effects at all, but it could definitely be the reason that the effects weren't as strong as you had hoped.

Delta-8-THC is Interacting With Your Medicine

This is a very important consideration to make. Delta-8-THC can interact with some prescription drugs because it uses the same metabolic pathways as many medications.

A prescription bottle with a grapefruit warning, which means it relies on the same enzymes used to metabolize grapefruit and Delta-8-THC.

That means that Delta-8-THC can simply not work if your other medications deplete the enzymes needed to break down Delta-8. This could explain why Delta-8-THC didn't work, especially if you took the dose shortly after taking multiple medications, and especially if you took Delta-8 in an edible form.

However, this is important for much more concerning reasons—the reverse can also be true. If you take Delta-8 before or at the same time as other medications, Delta-8 can prevent other medications from working. It can also cause those medications to build up in the body, which in some cases can be dangerous.

Of course, you may still be able to take Delta-8-THC if you use prescription medications, but you should talk to your doctor about how to space out the doses to avoid interactions. Read “Delta-8 Drug Interactions” to learn more.

How to Improve Your Delta-8 Experience

If you were disappointed with your last Delta-8 experience but still want to give it another go, here are some tips that can help make your next experience of success:

Identify Your Reason for Taking Delta-8

Make sure you understand what effects you’re after. If you’re using Delta-8-THC for a therapeutic purpose, pay attention to how you feel before dosing. You may even mark your symptoms on a scale, like rating pain from 1-10 so that you can easily identify if Delta-8 is working for your intended purpose.

If you simply want to use Delta-8 recreationally, you may consider the different effects of different Delta-8-THC strains to help fine tune your psychoactive experience.

Consider Your Dosage

Everyone has a dosing sweet spot. Taking too little can prevent Delta-8 from working, and taking too much can cause the effects to be too intense. Use the “low and slow” dosing method if you’re unsure where to start. Start with a small dose and increase it in small increments every time you dose to monitor the effects.

Choose the Right Product

Different products can produce different effects. For instance, edibles are thought to produce effects that are slightly stronger than the effects of other dosing methods.

Sublingual products, like a tincture or sublingual edible, will take effect quickly and may be more bioavailable, which means more of the Delta-8 is actually absorbed into the bloodstream.

Inhaled products, like flower or vaporizers, provide effects that are nearly instant so they are a great option for users who want to ease their way in with small doses.

Where to Find Delta-8-THC Products?

Delta-8-THC derived from hemp is federally legal, which means you can buy it in stores and online from a variety of retailers. Of course, not all Delta-8-THC is made equal.

If you're looking for premium quality Delta-8-THC products in a variety of potencies and flavors, our Elev8 Collection has what you need. All Vida Optima products are 100% Farm Bill compliant and third-party tested for quality assurance.

Vida Optima Elev8 Tincture

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