Is Delta-11 Sativa or Indica? A Guide to Choosing D11 Products

by Kat Austin August 10, 2023 5 min read

Is Delta-11 Sativa or Indica? A Guide to Choosing D11 Products - Vida Optima™

Delta-11 is a highly potent hemp-derived THC extract that’s recently been making waves. As a federally legal THC isomer that’s up to three times more potent than traditional THC products, it’s easy to understand why. But, despite its sudden popularity, there are still many questions left unanswered. Often, you’ll find new and experienced cannabis consumers asking “Is Delta-11 Sativa or Indica?” 

Unfortunately, the answers are not just cut and dry. The classifications of sativa, indica, and hybrid have to do with a cannabis strain’s specific terpene content and don’t generally refer to pure extracts, like Delta-11 distillate. Still, Delta-11 has unique effects from other hemp THC products, and it’s important to understand where your Delta-11 journey may take you before you take that first dose. 

So, what are Delta-11’s effects? Are they uplifting or relaxing? And what do terpenes have to do with it? Here’s what you should know:

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-11 is neither sativa nor indica, but it does have relaxing effects similar to indica strains. 
  • Delta-11 can be paired with terpenes to give it more specific sativa or indica effects. 
  • Delta-11 flower and concentrates often contain terpenes that create a unique euphoric experience. 
Hemp flower grown outdoors before harvesting to create Delta-11-THC products.

Delta-11 Has “Indica-like” Effects

It’s true that Delta-11 can’t be accurately characterized as indica, sativa, or hybrid. However, it does have “indica-leaning” effects, which is why some people may inaccurately describe it as an indica product. 

Indica strains of cannabis are known for being relaxing, useful for pain management, and less likely to cause anxiety than sativa strains. Delta-11’s effects follow this pattern and are often described as intensely euphoric and relaxing, with body-centric sensations that provide a “couch-lock effect.”

In small doses, Delta-11 may be the right choice for taking the edge off your day, unwinding, or relaxing on the couch to watch a movie. Larger doses may be sedating since Delta-11 has psychoactive properties that are approximately three times stronger than Delta-9-THC. 

It’s not usually going to give you an energy boost or enhance a socialization atmosphere. That is, of course, unless it’s combined with specific terpenes to give it more of a sativa-like effect. 

Let’s talk about what that means:

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Refer to Specific Products

The terms Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid are used to describe two types of products:

  • Flower
  • Products that have been strain profiled

This all has to do with terpenes, or the aromatic oils produced in the trichomes on cannabis plants. There are more than 150 terpenes found in the cannabis sativa family of plants, but some show up more commonly than others. Terpenes may each have unique therapeutic potential and contribute to the “entourage effect” of whole-plant cannabis products. 

Some evidence even suggests that terpenes have synergistic effects with cannabinoids while also applying some therapeutic effects of their own. The overall terpene profile of a flower product (or a product that has had terpenes added, which is  “strain profiling”) will affect the effects you feel.

Let’s further break down the two types of Delta-11 products that can be classified as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid:

Delta-11 Flower

Delta-11 flower is not a naturally occurring cannabis flower, rather it is hemp flower with Delta-11 added. This has to do with the fact that it is difficult to produce natural cannabis flower that already contain useful amounts of Delta-11. 

Instead, Delta-11 is made through an isomerization process where CBD, which is available in abundance, is transformed into Delta-11. Then, the Delta-11 extract can be added to hemp flower to create a whole-flower product with the psychoactive properties of Delta-11. 

The original hemp flower is full of terpenes and can be one of hundreds of strains, each with unique terpene profiles that place them in either the Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid category. Some popular hemp strains include:




Strain Profiled Delta-11 Products

Other types of Delta-11 products can have properties of Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid strains thanks to a method called “strain profiling.” This involves adding terpenes to a finished product, like a Delta-11 vape cart or concentrate used for dabbing Delta-11. Terpenes are often added to alter the aromatics and flavor of a product, but they also serve a more practical role in altering the effects. 

Sometimes, this means that a specific strain’s terpenes are added in order to replicate the effects of that strain. Other times, just specific terpenes are added to alter the effects in a more specific way. 

So, How Does This Affect The Effects of Delta-11?

Whether you grab a Delta-11 flower or a strain profiled concentrate, you should expect the terpenes and Delta-11 to blend together to create a range of unique effects. 

Delta-11, in its purest form, is highly euphoric and relaxing and will result in a hazy, body-centric high that’s more indica-leaning. However, imagine that the same Delta-11 is paired with Sativa-leaning terpenes, like limonene and caryophyllene. The energizing, uplifting terpene profile may help to perk up Delta-11’s effects, offering a more hybrid experience. 

It’s difficult to break down all of the possibilities, but in general, Sativa and Hybrid Delta-11 products will induce more cerebral effects. They may boost creativity, enhance social outings, and give you a slight energy boost. However, Sativa leaning products may be more likely to induce anxiety, especially at high doses. 

Indica Delta-11 products, like those containing myrcene or linalool, will be much more relaxing and sedating, but may have less chance of inducing anxiety. Some sources report that the body-centric effects of Indica products are more useful for managing physical discomfort or enhancing sleep

In addition to terpene profiling, the effects of THC have a lot to do with dosage. Before you get started with Delta-11, you may want to read “How Much Delta-11 Should I Take?

Where to Buy Hemp THC (Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid)

If you’re looking to dive into Delta-11 and the world of hemp-derived THC, you’ll be happy to know that hemp THC products are readily available both online and in stores. Since they are federally legal, they’re often easier to find than traditional cannabis products. Of course, if you want to narrow down to a sativa, indica, or hybrid product, buying hemp-derived THC online is probably the best way to go. 

Be sure to check the Delta-11 laws in your state, and pay close attention to the quality of hemp products before you purchase. At Vida Optima, we source high-quality, organic hemp and stick to safe, tried and true manufacturing practices. Our Elev8 and Cloud9 Hemp THC collections are 100% Farm Bill compliant, made in a cGMP compliant facility, and third-party lab tested to prove label accuracy. 

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