Can Delta-11 Help With Migraines?

by Kat Austin August 11, 2023 6 min read

Can Delta-11 Help With Migraines? - Vida Optima™

Delta-11-THC, one of the newest THC isomers to come from the hemp revolution, has garnered attention for its potent psychoactive effects, making many wonder if it also has significant therapeutic potential, particularly when compared to traditional THC. More specifically, can Delta-11 help with migraines? Or, at least, can Delta-11 help you manage migraine symptoms, like pain and nausea?

For now, we don’t have enough research to say that Delta-11 is a migraine cure, but we can draw from traditional THC benefits to better understand Delta-11’s potential. 

Here's what we do know: 

Table of Contents
Delta-11 & It’s Therapeutic Potential
Delta-11 Interacts with the Endocannabinoid System
Understanding the Potential of Delta-11 for Migraines
Optimal Delta-11 Products for Migraines
How to Use Delta-11 for Migraines
Conclusion: Can Delta-11 Work for Migraines?
Where to Buy Hemp THC Products

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-11’s therapeutic effects are mostly speculation, but it may behave in the same way as traditional THC.
  • Because it’s more potent than Delta-9-THC, smaller doses may be useful.
  • Choosing a high-quality Delta-11 is important to experiencing the full therapeutic potential of hemp THC products. 

Delta-11 & Its Therapeutic Potential

Golden Delta-11-THC concentrate on the end of a dab tool.

It's true that Delta-11-THC, similar to Delta-9, may hold diverse therapeutic potential, though research has yet to catch up with its expanded use. Still, we can draw a few possible conclusions about Delta-11’s potential, which can help you decide whether or not you want to give Delta-11 a go for migraine management. 

You should always be sure to consult your healthcare provider before using Delta-11 for chronic migraines, especially if you're on medications.

Let’s take a look at Delta-11’s potential effects: 

Delta-11 Interacts with the Endocannabinoid System Like Delta-9 

The primary distinction between the Delta-11 and Delta-9 molecules is the position of their double bond. Despite this slight structural variation, they interact with the body in strikingly similar ways.

In other words, Delta-11 can also bind to CB1 receptors, the same receptors that traditional THC targets. These receptors are responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, leading to a distinct high. Given the similarity in interaction, the therapeutic benefits of Delta-11 might mirror those of Delta-9, implying that Delta-11 might be advantageous for the same therapeutic purposes as Delta-9-THC.

Preliminary research suggests that other hemp-derived THC products that follow this pattern may have some therapeutic potential. In some cases, they may even outperform Delta-9. For instance, a study exploring the use of Delta-8-THC to combat nausea and vomiting in pediatric cancer patients found Delta-8 to be 100% effective, surpassing the outcomes of traditional THC treatments.

Additionally, Delta-8 appears less likely to induce adverse effects often associated with traditional THC, such as anxiety and paranoia, even at higher doses.

Delta-8 vs Delta-11

Of course, Delta-11 can’t necessarily be associated with the same benefits as Delta-8, but it definitely gives us a good perspective. Keep in mind that Delta-11 is much more potent than Delta-8 and Delta-9, so you may be able to reap therapeutic benefits from much smaller doses. Of course, this may also mean that Delta-11 could lead to adverse effects more quickly due to the increased possibility of taking too much. 

Let’s dig deeper into how Delta-11 may help, assuming it carries similar therapeutic benefits to traditional THC:

Understanding the Potential of Delta-11 for Migraines

While more comprehensive research is required, preliminary studies shed light on the potential utility of THC, including Delta-11, in migraine prevention and treatment. It's essential to acknowledge individual differences in response to THC, as not everyone experiences the same benefits. As we delve into the evidence, it's evident that many people, although not universally, report substantial relief when using THC for migraines:

Reduced Migraine Incidents

A study examining various high-THC cannabis products found that, on average, patients reported approximately six fewer migraines per month. Although outcomes varied, this study calls for further research to elucidate the relationship between cannabis, THC, and migraine treatment.

Migraine Prevention 

Managing acute migraines is crucial, but prevention is equally important. Fortunately, cannabis may address both aspects effectively.

A clinical trial indicated that a 200 mg oral dose of THC and CBD exhibited comparable effectiveness in migraine prevention to a 25 mg dose of amitriptyline, a prescription migraine medication. The study also revealed that the CBD and THC combination reduced migraine pain intensity by nearly 44% when used as an acute treatment.

Concentrates May Offer Enhanced Effectiveness 

A 2019 study discovered that headache and migraine ratings decreased by 50% after using cannabis. Notably, THC concentrates exhibited significantly superior efficacy compared to cannabis flower, with men responding more favorably than women. This study involved Delta-9-THC, which means that Delta-11’s increased potency may have some advantages. 

A Delta-11 pre-roll and Delta-11 edibles to demonstrate the different types of dosing methods available.

Optimal Delta-11 Products for Migraines 

When seeking Delta-11 for migraines, you may wonder how to choose the best Delta-11 products. Different products may have a different onset of effects or different onset times. The truth is, the choice of Delta-11 product largely depends on personal preference, with many individuals favoring edible doses due to their reliable dosing thresholds or inhaled doses due to their rapid onset. Here are some excellent choices:

  • Delta-11 Tinctures: Delta-11-THC Tinctures offer precisely measured doses and sublingual absorption. Typically, oral oils take effect within about 30 minutes, with effects lasting 4-8 hours.
  • Delta-11 Vapes or Flower: Inhaled doses are favored for their almost instant effects, which can be a welcome relief during severe migraines. Delta-11-THC vaporizers offer a fast and convenient dosing method.
  • Delta-11 flower: Flower, another inhaled dosing method, provides potent Delta-11 doses and a full cannabinoid profile, including CBD and other minor cannabinoids and terpenes. Some evidence suggests that this multi-cannabinoid combination, often termed "full spectrum," may provide increased benefits, known as the entourage effect.

To learn more, you may want to read “How to Choose Between Delta-11 Formulas.”

Consider Product Quality

While the optimal product type may vary from person to person, the importance of quality remains constant. Regulations in the hemp industry aren't standardized, so conducting your research is essential when selecting a Delta-11-THC brand.

Look for companies using U.S.-grown hemp without pesticides. The brand should also employ a rigorous testing process to ensure quality, and you should have access to third-party test results before making a purchase. Compare the results with the product label and verify the Delta-11 content to ensure it's authentic Delta-11-THC, not a synthetic substitute, which could potentially pose risks.

How to Use Delta-11 for Migraine Relief

As responses to Delta-11 and other hemp products vary, creating a personalized dosing routine is essential. Experimenting with different dosages and dosing methods is recommended to discover what works best for you.

Some individuals find that daily THC microdoses prevent migraines, but this might not be suitable for everyone due to the psychoactive effects. Others use THC on an as-needed basis as an acute migraine treatment.

Read our Delta-11 dosing guide to determine the appropriate Delta-11 starting point for you, and “How Long Does Delta-11 Take to Kick In?” to learn more about using different product styles. If you're seeking a daily preventative dose without psychoactive effects, consider CBD.

Conclusion: Can Delta-11 Work for Migraines? 

Currently, research evaluating Delta-11-THC for migraines is lacking, but it's anticipated to share many benefits with Delta-9-THC. Existing research suggests that THC, often in combination with CBD, might reduce migraine frequency and intensity, yet more extensive research is needed to understand its mechanism of action.

In summary, while Delta-11 won't be a universal solution, many individuals report positive outcomes when using THC for headaches and migraines. We recommend exploring different dosing methods and always discussing changes to your wellness regimen with your doctor. Keep in mind that Delta-11-THC may have some drug interactions, so it's especially important to be mindful of your THC use if you already take medications.

Where to Buy Hemp THC Products

If you’re looking to dive into Delta-11 and the world of hemp-derived THC, you’ll be happy to know that hemp THC products are readily available both online and in stores. Since they are federally legal, they’re often easier to find than traditional cannabis products. 

Be sure to check the Delta-11 laws in your state, and pay close attention to the quality of hemp products before you purchase. At Vida Optima, we source high-quality, organic hemp and stick to safe, tried and true manufacturing practices. Our Elev8 and Cloud9 Hemp THC collections are 100% Farm Bill compliant, made in a cGMP compliant facility, and third-party lab tested to prove label accuracy. 

Vida Optima Elev8 Gummies


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