How Long Does It Take to Feel THC-O?

by Kat Austin August 15, 2022 5 min read

How Long Does It Take to Feel THC-O? - Vida Optima™

As you work out your THC-O dosage, you may have come across a question–how long does it take to feel THC-O? It’s an important question to ask, especially if you’re considering taking a second dose to amplify the effects. After all, THC-O may be up to three times more potent than traditional THC products, so you definitely want to give plenty of time to feel the effects before stacking on another dose.

The truth is, it can take anywhere from 1-90 minutes to feel the effects from THC-O, and it all depends on the dosing method you choose (plus your unique metabolism and other lifestyle factors). Need a more specific answer? We break down how long you should wait to feel the effects of different THC-O products below:

Table of Contents
THC-O Metabolism
How Long Does Each Type of THC-O Product Take to Work?
What Does THC-O Feel Like?
How Long Do the Effects of THC-O Products Last?
Where to Buy THC-O

Key Takeaways

  • Different types of THC-O products have a different onset and duration of effects.
  • Vape effects are fast-acting, while edibles could take longer to produce effects.
  • The duration and intensity of the effects is also impacted by the dosing style you choose.
  • Pay close attention to quality when buying THC-O products. Look for lab tested products made using safe extraction methods.

Different THC-O Products Metabolize at Different Rates

A THC-O vape, one of the fastest acting THC-O dosing methods.

As THC-O rises in popularity, there are many different THC-O products on the market, and each dosing style metabolizes a bit differently. That means that each different dosing style has a different onset time and duration of effects. The most popular dosing styles available for THC-O include:

  • Vapes
  • Edibles (traditional and sublingual)
  • Tinctures

Vapes (or concentrates designed to be vaporized with a dab rig) provide almost immediately enter the blood stream through the lungs. This is similar to the fast-acting absorption of THC flower. Not all dosing methods work this quickly, though.

Edibles, for instance, need to be metabolized by the liver before they can take effect. Some edible products, however, like chews, lozenges, hard candies, or other types of edibles, are designed to dissolve slowly in the mouth. This dosing method allows THC to be absorbed sublingually, or through the mucous membranes in the mouth, where it can almost immediately enter the bloodstream.

This sublingual-style edible dose is similar to the sublingual dosing method used for THC-O tinctures. Sublingual dosing is nothing new, and is actually a common dosing method used for certain pharmaceuticals because it offers the benefit of fast absorption.

How Long Does Each Type of THC-O Dose Take to Work?


Once THC-O is vaporized, either using a THC-O vape pen or concentrates on a dab rig, you should feel the effects in only a couple of minutes. The effects of THC-O are near instantaneous, but they may not peak until around 10 minutes after dosing.


THC-O Tinctures are designed to be dropped under the tongue where they can quickly reach the bloodstream. In most cases, you can expect to feel the effects from a sublingual tincture in about 30 minutes. However, you may need to wait up to an hour or more if the formula wasn’t well absorbed or was swallowed.


The amount of time you will need to wait to feel a THC-O edible depends on the style of edible you consume–traditional or sublingual. To put it briefly, you can expect a traditional edible to take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to kick in, while a sublingual-style edible may take effect more quickly, usually in less than 30 minutes.

The amount of time a traditional edible actually takes to take effect depends on various factors like your metabolic rate and how much you've recently eaten. It's possible to feel the effects of a sublingual-style edible dose about 15 minutes after dosing, and you can usually expect to feel the full extent of effects after about 45 minutes.

What Does THC-O Feel Like?

The THC-O experience from edibles varies from person to person, and has a lot to do with the dosage you take and your THC tolerance. Some products also contain other cannabinoids and terpenes that can alter the effects slightly to provide more targeted benefits. This method is sometimes referred to as “strain profiling,” but it generally only applies to vape products that are modeled after certain hemp strains.

But for the sake of this explanation, let's just assume that you've taken a dose of a pure THC-O concentrate with no other imposing factors. What should you expect?

Well, research suggests that it may be up to three times as potent as Delta-9, which is pretty well known for its substantial psychoactive effects. In addition to being much more potent, the high from THC-O is described as being more uplifting and not as sedating, akin to potent sativa-dominant strains of cannabis. Some people have even described the effects to be significantly different, more on the spectrum of "psychedelic" substances.

The effects of THC-O may be more accurately described as borderline hallucinogenic, but it's unclear the dosage used to reach these effects, and it's totally possible to experience a potent high without the hallucinogenic effects.

In short, you should definitely expect some of the same effects you'll get from traditional THC, like some delayed coordination and reaction time, which means that it's unsafe to drive or operate machinery after taking THC-O products. Typically, THC-O is meant to be taken in smaller, manageable doses in order to provide a mild to moderate euphoric experience.

How Long Do the Effects of THC-O Last?

Just like the specific edible dosing style you choose will impact the onset of effects, it also impacts the duration of effects you'll experience. Plus, the length of the effects will have alot to do with your personal metabolism, diet, and activity levels, too. The time frames provided below are estimates, so make sure you allow ample time to come down from THC-O before you need to drive or do other tasks where being intoxicated would be unsafe.


Just as vapes kick in quickly, they also metabolize and leave the body quickly. The effects from a vape dose may last 2-3 hours. Luckily, you can easily stack on another instantaneous dose to lengthen the effects, making THC-O vapes a great options for a THC high that’s easy to control.

Check out our Delta-8 + THC-O Vape Cart for a customizable smooth, balanced high that lasts for hours.


THC-O tinctures may las a bit longer than vapes, usually between 2 and 6 hours. Tincture doses are known to be a popular therapeutic option because they offer a great balance between fast-acting and long lasting effects.


Traditional edibles are the most long-lasting dosing style available. You can typically expect a THC-O high from traditional edibles to last between 4 and 8 hours. Sublingual edibles, however, may taper off more quickly, usually in 4-6 hours.

Where to Buy High Quality THC-O

Vida Optima Elev8 THC-O Cart

Although THC-O is legal and available in many stores across the country, hemp industry regulations are inconsistent. In other words, it’s important to pay close attention to the quality of THC-O products before you buy. We recommend buying only from brands who use quality-tested, U.S. grown hemp material, safe extraction methods (like solventless CO2 extraction), and third-party lab testing techniques.

For new users who want to experiment with the effects of THC-O in a mild, controlled manner, we recommend our THC-O+Delta-8 Vaporizer. This combo-THC formula is a perfect hybrid-like balance that takes effect quickly and can be easily “sipped” to your perfect level of lift.

To skip all the footwork and find high-quality hemp-derived THC products that you can buy online, just check out our Elev8 Collection. At Vida Optima, all of our Delta-8-THC products are third-party tested and 100% Farm Bill compliant, meaning they are federally legal in the U.S.

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