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Convenient Elevation for Mind and Body

These Delta-8-THC Prerolls are neatly rolled from premium Delta-8 infused flower and individually packaged for convenience. These are a perfect option for new users who want to sample the effects of Delta-8-THC flower. Prerolls are great to share with friends, or kick back and enjoy a smooth lift through time and space!

  • Type: Broad-spectrum ∆8 THC oil with natural terpenes
  • Amount of Flower: 1 gram
  • ∆8THC Content: Testing at 95%+ Δ8THC
  • Extraction Material: Hemp Derived
  • ∆9THC Content: Less than 0.3%
  • Natural Terpenes: Yes

Positive Impacts


Gentle lift and relaxation


Mental stimulation and creativity boost


Helps with stress management


Promotes endocannabinoid system balance

These Delta-8-THC Prerolls make it simple to get the lift you're after with no prep time and a quick onset. With Delta-8-THC products, we recommend starting slow and getting a feel for the effects before adjusting your dose. With a preroll, you can take one or two puffs and put it out for later, or pass it around with a group of friends. 

Expect the effects to kick in quickly, usually in under ten minutes. Effects from Delta-8-THC when it is smoked usually last 2-4 hours. 

Some users find that they need a larger or smaller dose to reach the desired effects, and Delta-8 Prerolls make it easy to adjust the dose as needed. Still, we recommend waiting at least half an hour to experience the full scope of effects before deciding to increase your dose, especially if you are inexperienced with Delta-8-THC use. 

Finally, always take caution when using any hemp-derived Delta-8 products. The hemp market is still mostly unregulated and that means that risks are inherently present. At Vida Optima, we take every possible step to ensure consistency and safety, but other hemp brands may not do the same. For that reason, the experience you’ve had with other hemp products may not directly translate to the next product you try.

Vida Optima strives to be a reputable, affordable source for buying Delta-8-THC oil online. From the beginning of our hemp manufacturing process to the moment that the products reach your door, we work to offer consistency, transparency, and education to help you optimize your Elev8 routine. View our Cannabis Encyclopedia to learn more about Delta-8-THC effects and how people are using it for sleep, pain, and more. 

Each of our Delta-8-THC Prerolls contains 1 gram of our premium hemp flower. 

Our Elev8 Delta-8-THC Prerolls are rolled from hemp flower that's dosed with Delta-8 distillate. 

Our Delta-8-THC distillate is derived from USDA Certified Hemp that is cGMP compliant and grown right here in the U.S. Our solvent-free extraction and superior isomerization process ensure that our Delta-8 extract is clean, potent, and provides an unmatched, elevated experience. 

Keep Delta-8 Prerolls in a cool and dry place, ideally away from direct sunlight. To learn more, read “Storing Delta-8.”

Customer Reviews

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Great product

The pre rolls are super convenient and nice to have on hand.

Good quality

Burns a bit quick for my preference but otherwise good

Collin H.
Good Buy for the price.

Honestly you cant go wrong with this. Its just like the real stuff and since i have a pretty low tolerance, this weed gives me a great high. Its also a really low price, for five dollar's you get about a gram of weed with it already rolled up. And last but not least, the shipping price isn't to bad. I bought from this other delta 8 place and it charged $9 for shipping minimum! While this place charges $6 minimum. One bad thing about it is when i went for the 2-4 day shipping for $10, it took 4 days when the tracker said it would be here the day before :/

The Vida Optima Standard

We pride ourselves on our unmatched manufacturing process.


Our hemp journey starts in Kentucky, where the original hemp material undergoes full panel testing to ensure that it’s free of contaminents like pesticides & antimicrobial intruders.


Extracted in Nevada and Kosher Certified, no solvents are used during extraction making no possibility of solvents making their way into the final product.


Extract batches ungero a 3rd party lab analysis to ensure they exceed our stringent requirements. Products that don’t pass the first analysis are rejected.


These extracts are used to create tinctures, gummies, caramels, candies, vapes & more through strict quality control processes from manfacturing to packagin. Countless years of product research & development are brought into fruition & into your hands.


We have a personalized level of service and connection with our customers. Vida Optima is not only made up of amazing products, but also amazing individuals who care about the community we have built.

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