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CBD is a hot topic in the cannabis industry today. It's being utilized in products ranging from lip balms to pet treats. In fact, CBD is projected to be a multi-billion dollar market this year alone. So why is CBD so expensive? It turns out that there are several reasons, both legal and cultural, which contribute to the cost of this miracle compound.

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Why is CBD so Costly? And What We're Doing About it

We've been in the business for 8 years now. We've researched and carried many top CBD brands as a retail store (CBDonly). We've seen it all, and our path to creating our own CBD brand Vida Optima has taught us so much. One of the questions that have probably gone through your head is "Why the heck is CBD so expensive?"

We’ve learned the unfortunate truth about CBD’s high price tag, and we cover three points below that could relate to the majority of CBD companies out there. Now, that's not to say that businesses that practice true integrity don't exist. We do believe there are brands like us doing it for the right reasons, but the fact is that in this exploding market, there are many people doing it for their own reasons. 

So why is it that sticker shock comes with almost every CBD product you look at? Well, here are some potential reasons...

1. Simple Greed

The truth is, a majority of CBD companies out there are simply taking advantage of the hype and high demand due to the fact that this industry is booming.

Don't get us wrong: CBD is not a trend. More people are waking up to CBD’s advantageous properties every day. That means even more people who would otherwise benefit from daily CBD use are finding themselves unable to afford what it costs to consume CBD oil on a regular basis.

It’s 2023. The truth is that it's possible for clean, high-quality CBD oil to be accessible and affordable for everybody, regardless of budget.

With our new brand Vida Optima,  we're not here for the dollar signs. Since day one, our mission has been to build a community and provide access to high-quality CBD products with a service that feels more personal. We're here to share what CBD did for us and pass that along to the world we live in. The fact that we get to make an impact on the individuals in our community is what keeps us going every single day.

2. Mark Up to Mark Down

Have you ever run into those eye-popping "40% OFF!" sales that are constantly promoted by CBD companies? It's an old trick: Mark your products up so that you can constantly run "promotional limited-time" offers to give people a false sense of urgency. The truth is, those products are already so marked up, they can easily afford to knock off a large % just to make you feel like you got a deal. Pay attention the next time you see a "limited-time sale.” Count the days and you'll most likely find the same sale happening AGAIN just a couple of weeks later.

We're not gonna play that game. Our products are priced at the lowest price point possible right off the bat. Do you see Costco or Walmart running 40% off sales every two weeks? No, because they are already listing their products at the lowest possible price.

Do we do occasional promotional sales? Yeah, sure! But it is for the intent of staying engaged with our community and allowing new prospective customers to give us a shot, understand how amazing our products are, and continue building our community.

3. Corporate Control / Investment Ties

See that CBD company with that full-fold ad in a magazine? In ads everywhere you look? Stocked at your local gas station? That super shiny and fancy website? Well, that level of advertising/branding / development comes at quite a hefty price. A price tag so high that most of these large CBD companies either need to seek capital investment or put themselves into massive debt to pay for these campaigns. 

So how are they going to pay all this back? Well, ultimately it's wrapped into the high price tag of the product you're buying.  

We'll be transparent. We are a family-owned company, organically grown over the past 8 years built on reputation, personal service, and word of mouth. We have no ties to investors or loans. Everything you see, from the website to the product labels to the system we run on, has been built by our own blood, sweat, and tears. Our CEO single-handedly wears the hat of marketing director, creative director, web developer, programmer, web designer, graphic designer, photographer and so much more.

Because all of the work has been done by our own hands from the ground up, we've never needed to receive outside financial help to get where we are. We work hard so we won’t need to go into debt to go where we want to go. This allows us to keep our costs down and pass the savings to our community.  

In other words, we don’t exploit CBD’s popularity in the name of profit. We create delicious, useful, and effective CBD products that we know our customers will love, and they keep coming back for more!

In order to help you see how huge the price gap is, we pulled prices from some of our leading competitors. This chart compares our CBD Tincture to similar products from other brands:

 cbd brand price comparison


As you can see, Vida Optima products come at a fraction of the price charged by other reputable CBD companies. Our 1500 mg CBD Tincture costs only $59.95, or $0.04 per milligram. Even our closest price competitors charge nearly double that at $0.06 per milligram.

To make it even more confusing, some brands mark their bottles to show the total volume of hemp extract, but not necessarily the total amount of active CBD in each bottle. When you do the math, you’ll often see the real price per milligram of CBD skyrocket.

Vida Optima products show you what you need to know on every label, including the total amount of CBD and other minor cannabinoids. Our numbers aren’t inflated, they’re carefully calculated and backed by third-party lab test results on every product page.

Access to quality CBD doesn’t need to be out of reach. For affordable, honest, and reliable CBD products made according to the industry’s highest standards, check out our full CBD collection here.

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