12 Best Ways to Unwind After Work

by Kat Austin August 25, 2021 6 min read

12 Best Ways to Unwind After Work - Vida Optima™

Whether work was stressful or your day was a breeze, switching from “work mode” to “chill mode” when the day is through can be difficult. Relaxing after work is important and you need that time to feel refreshed and ready for the next day.

If you’re constantly finding it difficult to relax after work, you may need to make some changes to your daily routine. Try these 12 tips for the best ways to unwind after work and see the difference it makes in your health, mood, and daytime performance!

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Key Takeaways

  • Optimize your morning routine to start the day off on the right foot and reduce stress for the evening.
  • Consider incorporating CBD into your morning routine for better focus and reduced stress.
  • Prep for your evening in advance to reduce stress and make the transition from work mode to chill mode smoother.
  • Prioritize completing your chores after work and unwind with low-stress exercise or meditation. Consider changing your clothes and reducing caffeine and sugar intake to further aid in relaxation.

How to Relax After Work                                        

There is no one best way to relax after work, but you can use the suggestions below to tailor your daytime routine to meet your needs. In general, the key to relaxing after work is to prioritize and streamline what must be done first, then create an easy, enjoyable, and soothing routine for the rest of your time.

We recommend you take some screen-free time to try some of the following tips:

Optimize Your Morning Routine

It may sound counterintuitive, but the best way to make your after work routine go smoothly is to optimize your day, starting with your morning routine. This could mean something different for everyone, so think about what changes you can make in the morning to make your evenings go more smoothly. After all, the goal is to reduce stress so you can unwind after work.

Is there a simple chore you can do in the morning instead of putting it off until after work? Would a simple exercise get you off to a better start? Maybe making a quick to-do list to get your thoughts in order is the best way to go. Either way, the goal is to optimize your morning ritual so that you’re feeling your best and start the day off on the right foot.

Try CBD to Jump Start Your Day

If you’re finding that your lazy mornings create more work for you in the afternoon, you may want to kick-start your day with a focus boost. Many say that a daily CBD dose improves focus, helps you sustain energy, and can help calm your nerves during the day.

Consider a CBD Multivitamin, like our Vitality CBD Gummies, to take your morning ritual a step further.

Vida Optima Vitality CBD Multivitamin Gummies

Prep for Your Evening in Advance

Okay, okay...we’re almost done talking about your morning routine, but this one is helpful. Try prepping for your evening in advance to “welcome” yourself home from work. Leave yourself a reminder of things that need to be done, make a snack and leave it in the fridge for later, and get all the laundry together to be washed. Take five minutes before you leave to prepare for your evening so that walking in the door doesn’t feel overwhelming.

After Work, Handle Priorities First

When you get home in the evening, don’t immediately sit down. Snowball your excess energy into your afternoon chores and get them off your plate. Relaxing is much easier when you know you’re completely done with mandatory daily tasks. As we mentioned above, this should be a breeze if you have prepped for your evening.

A woman meditating after work to relax

Unwind with Exercise or Meditation

If you still have some energy left, try a low-stress exercise like yoga or a gentle jog. If you’re feeling burnt out, just go for some meditation. According to research, exercise can help reduce stress hormones so you can unwind.

Change Your Clothes

Whether you’re in work clothes or exercise gear, change your clothes as soon as all your tasks are done. When you get dressed in the morning, you’re putting your brain into “work mode.” Slipping on something comfortable and casual in the evening (if you do it every day) can help your brain recognize that it’s time to relax.

Elevate the Evening with Delta-8-THC

Some people consider a glass of wine one of the best ways to unwind after work, but we disagree. Alcohol can leave you feeling pretty disgruntled in the morning, so it isn’t always the best choice for a weeknight. If you still want something to provide you with a little “lift” in the evening, consider Delta-8-THC.

Delta-8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp, which means it’s legal in the U.S. and you can buy it online. A small dose may be just the boost you need to thoroughly enjoy your work night ritual whether you spend your time reading a book or hanging out with friends.

Vida Optima Elev8 Delta-8-THC Gummies

Cut Caffeine and Sugar

You may need some caffeine in the morning to get going, but you should really try to avoid it after lunch, especially if you have trouble relaxing after. Caffeine can immensely increase levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

The same is true for sugar, caffeine and sugar are in many beverages and snacks. Taking too much caffeine or sugar can elevate stress and anxiety and make it hard for your body and brain to relax when the day is through. If you’re craving something sweet, reach for some fruit or another source of natural sugar instead.

A woman painting miniature figurines to help herself unwind after work,

Find Low-Stress Hobbies

Sometimes it’s hard to relax because you have trouble deciding what to do, especially if you’re a naturally anxious person. Having a hobby makes it easy to plan your evening with little fuss. If you want to prioritize relaxation, find a low-stress hobby like knitting, crafting, doing puzzles, cooking, or playing a video game you enjoy.

Create an (Extra) Self-Care Routine

You already take a shower and brush your teeth, but amping up your self care routine can help you relax. Choose one or two days of the week to do a face mask, give yourself a facial massage, deep condition your hair, or handle any other self-care needs you frequently miss out on. Scheduling these things on certain days can create certainty and routine for your evenings, which takes the stress out of planning what to do.

Play the Music You Love

Research shows that your brain waves can align with the music you listen to. If you want to relax, find some soothing music to listen to after work. If you want a bit of a pick-me-up, play your all-time favorites. Either way, adding music alongside many other suggestions on this list can help you unwind no matter what the day hands you.

Take a Warm Bath

A warm bath is a tried and true method for unwinding after work. Try adding essential oils, bath salts, or bubbles to create an at-home spa experience that you can enjoy any night of the week. Our favorite recommendation? Make your own CBD bath bombs to enjoy!


Taking the time to unwind after work is essential for your overall health and well-being. Whether it's optimizing your morning routine, engaging in low-stress exercise or meditation, or even trying new products like CBD or Delta-8-THC, there are numerous ways to help you relax after a long day. Experiment with different techniques and find what works best for you. Remember, making minor changes to your daily routine can significantly impact your ability to unwind and recharge for the next day.


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