How to Hit Weed Carts Without Coughing (+Alternatives)

by Kat Austin January 29, 2024 4 min read

How to Hit Weed Carts Without Coughing (+Alternatives) - Vida Optima™

Coughing is a common occurrence when vaping cannabis, regardless of whether you're a novice or an experienced user. Of course, this is a more common experience for new cannabis vape users–but only because experienced vapers know a few tricks. 

If you want to know how to hit a cart without coughing, you've got to consider the factors causing you to cough and then change your vaping technique to help you avoid it. 

Let's jump to it:

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Why Do Carts Make Me Cough?
Tips for Cough-Free Cannabis Vaping
Alternatives to Weed Vapes
Where to Buy Hemp THC

Why Do Carts Make Me Cough So Much? Here Are 5 Reasons

Two Hemp THC Vape pens sitting on contrasting backgrounds

1. Incorrect Vaping Technique:

Proper vaping technique plays a crucial role in ensuring an enjoyable experience. Unlike smoking cigarettes, where you draw smoke into your mouth before inhaling into your lungs, vaping requires a slow and steady draw, pulling the vapor directly into your lungs.

2. High Temperature Vaping:

Vaping cannabis at high temperatures can result in hot vapor that irritates the lungs, leading to coughing. Starting at a lower temperature setting and gradually increasing it can help avoid unexpected discomfort.

3. Worn-out Heating Bowls or Coils:

Failure to replace heating bowls or coils regularly can lead to the inhalation of contaminated cannabis material. Old and dirty coils can cause burnt hits, contributing to coughing. If you own a reusable or refillable vape pen, regular replacement is essential to maintain a clean and effective vaping experience.

If you're using a high quality disposable, this is unlikely to be an issue. Of course, lower quality vape carts may be designed with cheaper materials or may fire at the wrong temperature, meaning coils can burn up even before you use all of the oil. To avoid this, make sure you know how to identify a high quality vape cart. 

4. Use of Old, Low-Quality, or Expired Cannabis:

Old, dry weed, low-quality wax, or expired oil can produce harsh vapor, triggering coughing. Ensuring the freshness and quality of cannabis material is crucial. If coughing persists despite a clean vaporizer, consider trying new and better-quality material.

Low quality cannabis vapes not only taste harsh, but they can be dangerous. It's important to ensure that you only buy cannabis vapes from trusted, high-quality sources. 

5. Hits are Too Large

If you're taking huge hits from your vape, you're definitely going to cough. It may go without saying, but smaller hits are preferred if you want to avoid coughing while vaping. You can still consume the same amount–just take more frequent, smaller puffs. 

Tips for Cough-Free Cannabis Vaping:

1. Adjust Your Technique:

Inhale into your mouth instead of your lungs if you prefer to avoid throat hits. Taking several small, quick hits rather than one large hit can enhance airflow, reducing the likelihood of lung irritation.

2. Lower Vaping Temperature:

Adjust the temperature settings on your cannabis vaporizer to a lower level if coughing occurs during vaping.

3. Maintain Cleanliness:

Regularly clean your vape and replace heating bowls and coil heads if coughing persists, especially if the vapor tastes burnt.

4. Opt for High-Quality Cannabis:

Experiment with different cannabis materials and opt for higher-quality options to minimize coughing.

By understanding and addressing these factors, you can enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable cannabis vaping experience.

Alternatives to Weed Vapes 

If you want to try a different route to avoid coughing when you hit your vape cart, you'll be happy to know that there are a few other alternatives in the market that may offer a different experience. The most obvious choice is to opt for edibles instead of inhalable cannabis, but you'd be surprised how switching vape types or opting for flower may help to reduce the coughing. Here are some other options besides Delta-9-THC carts that you can consider:


Gummies are an obvious choice to help you achieve your preferred THC buzz without coughing. Both Delta-8 Gummies and Delta-9-THC Gummies can offer mild to moderate psychoactive effects. They do take a bit longer to kick in than vapes–but many people enjoy the smooth onset and longer lasting effects. 

Plus, both delta-8 and delta-9 gummies can be bought online when they're made from hemp, so you can skip the trip to the dispensary.

Sublingual Edibles/Tinctures

Unlike gummies, sublingual edibles and tinctures are designed to melt in your mouth. This delivery method works much more quickly because THC can enter the bloodstream directly through your salivary glands. Like traditional edibles, though, there's no coughing, and the effects may last longer than vapes. 

Hemp varieties of THC sublingual edibles, like our Delta-8 Fruit Chews or Caramels can be purchased online. 


This one is a toss up–some people cough more when smoking traditional flower, while others agree that the smoke from flower is milder than the vapor from their cart. You may want to try high quality Delta-9 or Delta-8 Flower as a vaping alternative to see if it meets your needs. 

Delta-8 Vapes

If Delta-9 vapes are not your thing, try Delta-8 Vapes. You'll still need to use the tips above to avoid coughing, but they are a federally legal THC vape alternative that you can order online, making them a much more convenient option. Read “Are Delta-8 Vapes Safe?” to learn more. 

Where to Buy Hemp THC

At Vida Optima, our Delta-8 products are legal and accessible to anyone 21+, meaning you can order online and get your favorite legal hemp THC products without leaving your couch. Our Elev8 Collection contains a full selection of Delta-8 gummies, flower, vapes, and more, including a variety of strains and dosages.

Vida Optima Cloud9 Delta-9-THC Gummies

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