Can You Microdose THC-O?

by Kat Austin June 28, 2022 7 min read

Can You Microdose THC-O? - Vida Optima™

If you've heard about the borderline-psychedelic effects of THC-O and considered dipping your toes in the experience, but you're feeling a little hesitant of its increased potency, you're not alone! We have a suggestion: THC-O microdosing.

We know what you may be thinking–what's microdosing? And what are the benefits of microdosing THC-O?

Well, the microdosing technique is used by recreational and therapeutic users alike for all different types of THC products. Essentially, it's a fantastic method for getting just the right dose for minimal effects and a gentle, positive high.

If this interests you, here's how you can get started:

Disclaimer:Although the microdoses we promote in this article will not usually cause strong psychoactive effects, we still advise against driving, operating machinery, or doing any other activity that would be deemed unsafe or illegal while under the influence of THC.

Table of Contents
What is Microdosing?
How to Microdose THC-O
Best Time to Microdose THC-O
Conclusion: Should You Microdose THC-O?

Key Takeaways

  • Microdosing is a common dosing method used with a variety of substances, including prescription medications and THC.
  • THC-O microdoses may offer therapeutic effects without the psychoactivity, which makes it a more functional way to dose.
  • A THC-O vaporizer may be the perfect way to stack small doses until you feel just right.

THC-O oil, a dosing method that works well for microdosing.

First, What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is exactly what it sounds like—taking micro-doses of a substance to modify its effects. In most cases, these small doses serve to make a substance more functional. One of the most common substances used with microdosing techniques, for instance, is LSD.

At "regular" doses, LSD is incredibly hallucinogenic and inhibits the ability to function normally through daily tasks. In very small amounts, also known as microdoses, LSD becomes a very functional and useful substance that some people use to manage depression, anxiety, and a variety of other mood disorders. To date, most microdosing evidence actually involves LSD, but the research still gives us an idea how reducing the dosage of a substance can make it much more functional, especially in the case of psychoactive substances like THC-O.

A 2019 study verified a positive experience when microdosing LSD. In the self-reported study, participants said they felt more open-minded, creative, and had better moods after taking only tiny doses of the substance. Another 2019 study found that people who regularly microdosed LSD reported experiencing overall better mental health and improved focus.

Some research has verified similar effects for Delta-9-THC. For instance, researchers found that low-dose THC therapy actually helped to reduce stress, while larger doses actually caused more stress. A study published in May of 2020 found that THC microdoses as low as 0.5 milligrams were able to significantly reduce pain in chronic pain patients. The study also concluded that “there was no evidence of consistent impairments in cognitive performance” at these low doses.

What about microdosing THC-O?

Because THC-O is almost three times more potent than traditional Delta-9-THC products, microdosing only makes sense. In fact, many people take regular doses of THC-O that are so small that they would already be considered microdoses of Delta-8 or Delta-9.

Because THC-O and Delta-9 are so similar, many people assume that microdosing THC-O is a great way to reap some of the therapeutic benefits of THC without producing any overwhelming cognitive effects.

Keep in mind that everyone's experience with THC-O will be unique regardless of whether they're taking microdoses or regular doses. Also, THC-O microdoses will be much smaller than the dosing threshold that's considered a microdose for other THC products. This is simply because THC-O is much more potent.

Although we still have a lot to learn about THC-O's benefits and how they may compare to the benefits of traditional THC products, we assume that some of the following benefits are likely:

  • Improved mood
  • Increased focus
  • Boosted creativity
  • Stress reduction
  • Reduced soreness or pain
  • Increased energy and endurance

How to Microdose THC-O

At its core, microdosing is simple. But if you want to develop a functional microdosing routine, you may want to lend careful consideration to certain things, like the type of product you'll use and when is the best time to take your THC-O microdose.

If you're new to THC-O and microdosing, you may wonder what qualifies as a microdose. The answer is it depends. Typically, the point of microdosing is to take the smallest possible dose necessary to just barely feel the effects of THC-O.

What dosage is a Microdose?

The term “microdose” is relative, which means there's no specific dosage that qualifies as a microdose of THC-O. You’ll find, however, that a “regular dose” of THC-O is much closer to the dosage that’s considered to be a “microdose” of Delta-9.

To microdose THC-O, you may take only 1 mg of THC-O at a time. In some cases, measuring the dose may not be important, and may not even be the best way to find your perfect micro-dose. (When using a vape pen, for instance, stacking tiny doses every 20 minutes may render the effects you seek, but you won’t know exactly how much THC-O you’ve ingested.)

If you have a high THC tolerance, you may find that larger doses around 3-5 milligrams result in the mild effects you’re after. An average (non-micro) THC-O dose can range from 5-20 millgrams, so the range for what may be considered a microdose is pretty wide.

It really boils down to this—the best Delta-8 microdose amount for you is whatever dosage provides the therapeutic effects you're after without disrupting your functionality.

If you aren't sure where to start (and you have no THC tolerance), start low and increase your dosage slowly until you find your dosing balance. It may help to keep some sort of record of how much you take when you take each dose, and how you felt after each dose so that you can adjust your dosing routine accordingly.

THC-O flower and vapes, two inhalation methods that can be microdosed.

Best Products for Microdosing THC-O

If you decide to start microdosing THC-O, you'll need to choose a product that's appropriate for microdosing. In general, THC-O product styles are still pretty limited because THC-O is still a new addition to the hemp market. Of course, some products definitely stand out as a better option for microdosing techniques than others.

We have two recommendations for the best products to use in your THC-O microdosing routine:

  • Tincturesare one of the most practical options for THC-O microdosing, especially if you're concerned with keeping up with how much THC-O you've taken. Because tinctures can be measured in small, incremental doses, it's easy to modify your dosage by the drop. You need to pay attention to the overall potency of your THC-O tincture and do a bit of math to figure out how many milligrams of THC-O is in each milliliter or in each drop.
  • Vaporizers: Vaporizers are also a convenient choice for microdosing for one unique reason: they take effect almost instantly. That means that you can take one small dose at a time and carefully stack your doses until you reach your desired effects. Vaporizers do come with one obvious drawback, however. You don't exactly know how much THC you've ingested with each puff, so it may be difficult to translate your dosage to other products if you take this route.

Looking for hemp-derived THC products for microdosing? Check out our Elev8 Collection.

Best Times to Microdose THC-O

After you’ve narrowed down a THC-O product for microdosing, you may be wondering when you should take your THC-O dose. In other words, are there times that are better for microdosing than others? Simply put, it all boils down to preference.

Here are some ideas for when a microdose of THC-O may be a good idea:

Early Morning

Many people find that a THC-O microdose boosts their mood and energy levels and gets them off to a good start. THC microdosing may also be useful for stimulating an appetite to support a healthy breakfast routine for those who have trouble eating in the mornings.


THC-O is uplifting and stimulating, and it could possible help boost stamina and focus during a vigorous workout. Taking a THC-O microdose before exercising can help boost your resilience and focus during your workout.

This concept may apply to workouts where you can zone out and do your thing, like running on the treadmill or doing yoga. Then, you may consider using a dose of CBD to help with soreness and restoration after your workout.

Before a Creative Project

Let’s be honest—THC is expert at getting the creative juices flowing. But, at regular doses, it’s not always functional enough to allow you to actually put those creative thoughts into action. Once again, this is a perfect opportunity for microdosing THC-O. After a small dose, you may feel all of the creative inspiration with none of the inhibition.

When Stress Relief is Needed

Although THC-O has more of a “get up and go effect” than other THC products (like the mild-mannered Delta-8), you may still benefit from a mild dose when you need to unhinge some tension. Even better, try a small amounts of a Delta-8 + THC-O combo dose for taking the edge off of stressful situations.

Vida Optima Elev8 THC-O Vape Cart

Conclusion: Should You Microdose THC-O?

With it’s heightened potency, microdising THC-O is a no-brainer for many people. As long as you aren’t driving or doing another task where being sober is imperative, microdosing THC-O may be a great way to boost your mood, energy, and otherwise reap some of the benefits of THC without overwhelming psychoactive effects.

Many of the potential benefits of THC-O may also apply to microdoses, and small doses may be a good way to test the THC-O waters, so to speak. If you’re looking for the perfect microdosing method, we recommend our Elev8THC-O + Delta-8-THC Vape Cart. You can easily stack small doses to feel the effects almost immediately, so it’s a gentle step towards finding your perfect microdose threshold.


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