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In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation is crucial for maintaining overall well-being. This drive for relaxation is a primary cause behind cannabis’s increasing popularity, particularly for strains known for their "body high" effects. These strains offer deep relaxation and relief from stress, making them ideal for unwinding after a long day. 

Join us as we delve into what makes up the best body high strains, explore their unique characteristics, and offer some notes to help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

Table of Contents
What are Body High Strains?
What Makes a Strain Give Body High Effects?
How We Chose the Best Body High Strains
Top 5 Best Body High Strains
Delta-8 vs Delta-9 vs CBD for Body High
Tips for Maximizing Relaxation

Key Takeaways

  • Body high strains produce intense body euphoria that helps to relax muscles, ease stress, and possibly even enhance sleep. 
  • Typically, strains that produce body euphoria contain THC, CBD, and terpenes like linalool and myrcene. 
  • To get the most from your body's high strain, prepare a comfortable environment and keep snacks at the ready. 

What are “Body High” Strains?

A close up of a man's hand holding an indica body high strain of cannabis

Body high strains are cannabis strains known for their profound effects on physical relaxation. Unlike their counterparts, cerebral (uplifting) strains, body high strains induce a deep sense of calm and tranquility in the body. These aren't the strains you’ll want to grab before writing an essay or running a marathon–they're the ones you grab after a workout, during a movie, or whenever you feel like you need to wind down. 

So, before we jump straight to our list of the best body high strains, let's talk about why some strains have these relaxing properties.

What Makes a Strain Give “Body High” Effects?

The effects of body high strains extend beyond mere physical relaxation; they also offer mental serenity and stress relief. These strains work synergistically with the body's endocannabinoid system, promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation. Users often report feelings of euphoria, relief from anxiety, and a deep, calming sensation throughout their body.

There are a variety of factors that affect the effects you feel from specific cannabis strains, but the two biggest are cannabinoids and terpenes. In many cases, body high strains will contain some CBD alongside the THC. They'll often be indica-leaning strains (as opposed to energizing sativas) that contain terpenes associated with relaxation, like myrcene, linalool, and pinene.

Also keep in mind that cannabis interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system. Because each person has a unique endocannabinoid balance to start with, each strain affects every person differently. So, you can choose one of our best body high strains below, or experiment with a few until you figure out what works best for you. 

How We Chose The Best Body High Strains: Criteria for Selection

In selecting the top 5 body high strains, we considered several factors to ensure a comprehensive and diverse list. These factors included:

  • Potency: We tried to offer a variety of potency options to fit all THC tolerance levels. Some high-potency strains are associated with a relaxing body high. Some strains offer a moderate potency or even have milder Delta-8-THC counterparts
  • Cannabinoid profile: THC is king when it comes to euphoria and sedation, but a touch of CBD helps to create a state of calm. Alternatively, Delta-8 is known for milder psychoactive effects with intense body euphoria and relaxation. Plus, it's a hemp product that's legal to buy online, so we included several Delta-8 strains to increase accessibility. (More on Delta-8 flower below.)
  • Aroma and flavor: Terpenes like linalool (associated with lavender) and myrcene have Depp, floral fragrances that intensify the euphoric experience of the best cannabis strains. 

It's essential to choose strains suited to individual preferences and tolerances, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience. Take a peek at our top 5 picks for the best body high strains:

Cannabis flower and pre-rolls posed with cannabis leaf material on a yellow background

Top 5 Body High Strains

1. Gorilla Glue

With its origins in Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel, Gorilla Glue offers a potent body high that leaves users glued to their seats.

Effects: Deep relaxation, stress relief, and a sense of euphoria.

THC Content:20% (or check out this hemp Delta-8 Gorilla Glue strain, known for heightened relaxation and relief.)

2. Royal Purple Kush

This indica-dominant strain boasts deep purple hues and a sweet, fruity aroma. Known for an intense euphoria and possible sedative-like effects.

Effects: Relaxation, pain relief, and improved sleep quality.

THC Content: 28% (or check this hemp Delta-8 Royal Purple Kush flower for a milder high and total relaxation.)

3. Northern Lights

Northern Lights, a renowned indica strain, offers intense body relaxation with a balanced mind effect. Consumed in moderation, it keeps users relaxed and functional, making it ideal for stress relief without total sedation.

Effects:Intense euphoria, muscle relaxation, balanced mind and and body effects

THC Content:16-21%

4. Bubba Kush

A classic indica strain, Bubba Kush offers potent relaxation and sedation, making it ideal for evening use.

Effects: Muscle tension relief, pain management, and deep relaxation.

THC Content: 14-20% (Here's a hemp Delta-8 alternative that offers the same smooth sedation.)

5. Pineapple Express

Known for its tropical flavor profile and energizing effects, Pineapple Express delivers a balanced high that promotes relaxation and creativity. However, unlike many Sativa-leaning strains, Pineapple Express is known to be especially mellow with a body-tingling buzz. This is a good bridge between strains if you want something to produce a body high while still stimulating creativity and alertness. 

Effects: Stress reduction, enhanced focus, and mild pain relief.

THC Content: 18% (This Delta-8 version gives a functional, potent body buzz.)

Delta-8 vs Delta-9 vs CBD for Body High

Different cannabis strains have different cannabinoid compositions, leading to profoundly different effects. Delta-9-THC is the primary form of THC found in marijuana products, and it’s responsible for the intense psychoactive effects associated with traditional cannabis. But, it's not the only option–legal hemp products such as hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, and CBD flower strains offer viable alternatives with unique benefits for body relaxation, relief, and sleep.

  • Delta-8 THC: Delta-8 THC is a hemp-derived cannabidiol that shares similarities with Delta-9 THC but with less potency and psychoactive effects. Delta-8 is known for having more intense body effects, but with less mental stimulation, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a more manageable body high experience.  
  • Delta-9 THC: Delta-9 THC that is derived from hemp is the same compound as you’ll find in traditional cannabis products. However, because its derived from hemp, it is much more accessible. Due to current hemp laws, however, hemp-derived Delta-9 is usually only available in edible form. 
  • CBD: CBD flower strains contain high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and minimal THC, making them non-intoxicating and legal in most states. CBD is renowned for its potential therapeutic properties, including anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. 

CBD flower strains offer relaxation and relief without the psychoactive effects of THC, making them suitable for individuals seeking natural alternatives for managing stress, pain, and sleep disorders. 

Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and CBD flower strains provide legal hemp-derived options for individuals in states where cannabis is not yet legal. Each offers unique benefits for body relaxation, relief, and sleep, allowing consumers to tailor their cannabis experience to their specific needs and preferences. 

Tips for Maximizing Relaxation with Body High Strains

To enhance your experience with body high strains, consider factors such as environment, mindfulness, and incorporating other relaxation techniques alongside cannabis consumption. Creating a calming atmosphere and setting intentions can amplify the effects of these strains, promoting deeper relaxation and stress relief. Here are some tips:

  • Find somewhere relaxing to smoke. You should have a comfortable place to lie down. 
  • Clear your schedule. Make sure you have nothing planned that will require focus for at least 5-6 hours after you plan to smoke your body-high strain. 
  • If you want, have something screen-free to do. Reading a book or listening to music can leave room for you to deeply experience the body high without distractions. (Or, you can always watch a movie. Check out “99 Best Movies to Watch While High” for our best picks.) 
  • Always keep snacks on hand. THC often results in the munchies, so you'll want a quick snack that doesn't take too much preparation. Plus, having a snack can help keep your high stable and prevent you from feeling too high. 
  • Dose low and slow. This is especially true if you're new to cannabis or if you picked a strain with a high THC content. Take a few puffs and wait about 15 minutes to see how you feel before dosing again. 

Ultimately, do whatever makes you feel comfortable–make art, take a nap, do yoga, or do nothing at all. The most important part of experiencing a body high strain is that you reach true relaxation, so do whatever feels best. 


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Our picks for the top five body high strains offer a diverse range of experiences, each catering to different preferences and needs. By exploring these strains and incorporating them into your relaxation routine, you can achieve ultimate tranquility and well-being. Remember to consume cannabis responsibly and mindfully, and don't hesitate to explore other strains to find the perfect match for you.

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