How to Flavor CBD Oil to Make It Taste Better

by Kat Austin September 09, 2021 6 min read

How to Flavor CBD Oil to Make It Taste Better - Vida Optima™

Some people enjoy the taste of natural CBD oil, while others simply don’t mind it. Some people with more sensitive pallets, however, can’t tolerate the hempy, nutty flavor of a full spectrum CBD oil. If you’ve bought a bottle of CBD oil and it’s not what you expected, you’ve got options. Here’s how to flavor CBD oil to make it much more tolerable on your tastebuds:

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Key Takeaways
What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?
How to Mask the Flavor of CBD Oil
Alternatives to CBD Oil if You Don’t Like the Taste
FAQs on How to Flavor CBD Oil to Make it Taste Better

Key Takeaways

  • CBD oil generally has a mild flavor, but some people don’t enjoy it. CBD oil with a strong, pungent flavor may be low-quality, contaminated, or spoiled.
  • You can mask the flavor of CBD oil with food, drinks, or other techniques to make it more tolerable.
  • Other CBD dosing methods may be better for users with a picky palate. Sublingual-style edibles are an option for those looking for a fast-acting dose that tastes great.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

A bottle of golden CBD oil that's naturally flavored without any additives or sweeteners.

Generally speaking, the taste of the CBD molecule itself is mild and can’t really be tasted. CBD oil products vary in flavor, however, depending on the hemp formula, added ingredients, and how they are made.

Different extraction methods, for instance, will yield totally different flavors, and some hemp extract formulas have a stronger flavor than others. Full spectrum hemp extract usually has more of a “hempy” flavor than CBD isolate because of the various refinement methods used to strip isolate of all non-CBD compounds (including some beneficial terpenes and minor cannabinoids).

Most full spectrum CBD oil has a slightly hempy flavor, which is usually described as “nutty” or “earthy.” Some CBD oil that isn’t fully refined may has a grass-like flavor, while low-quality CBD oils may even have a chemical or rancid oil flavor and should be avoided.

Usually, though, the flavor is very mild and can be overlooked (and even enjoyed) in oral doses, such as a CBD oil tincture. If you find that you don’t care for the flavor of your CBD oil tincture, however, you can use one of the following solutions to make CBD taste better:

How to Mask the Flavor of CBD Oil

There are really no rules when learning how to flavor CBD oil, so you can really do what feels right. Feel free to experiment with different flavor additives or ingredients, but we suggest doing it on a small scale so you don’t ruin your whole bottle of oil.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your CBD oil taste better, try one of these tricks:

Make Sure You Buy High Quality CBD

The cannabidiol molecule naturally has a mild, albeit slightly bitter, flavor. If you’ve gotten a hold of a CBD product that has a strong or highly unpleasant taste, it may not be caused by the CBD itself.

Different formulas have different characteristics that affect the flavor. For instance, a full-spectrum CBD oil that contains a lot of chlorophyll may have a very grassy flavor. CBD oil with terpenes will have a varying flavor based on the terpene profile, which can range from piney to earthly to citrus flavored.

Hemp naturally contains this chlorophyll, of course, and the manufacturer must take extra steps during extraction to remove it. Winterization, for instance, is a process used to remove unwanted plant materials from full spectrum CBD extract.

CBD companies that use third-party testing techniques and a high-quality manufacturing process are more likely to provide clean-tasting CBD products, while other brands may overlook chlorophyll contamination to save on costs.

Swallow it Down with a Chaser

Similarly to taking cough syrup, you can chase your CBD oil with a strong flavor to help it go down more smoothly. For instance, orange juice or your favorite tea blend may help mask (or even compliment) the flavor of CBD oil.

Of course, with this method you can’t exactly use the sublingual dosing method of holding CBD under your tongue, which does have a few unique benefits. If you want to reap the benefits of sublingual absorption without the flavor of natural CBD oil, we suggest a sublingual style edible like our CBD Fruit Chews.

Mix CBD With Food or Drinks

You can always mix your CBD with a food or beverage to help mask the taste, but you need to be selective of the type of foods and drinks you choose. CBD blends well with warm beverages but it may not mix into cool beverages.

It also mixes better with something that contains a fat (CBD is fat soluble) like coffee with cream, yogurt, or a smoothie that contains coconut oil or milk. You won’t really get the benefits of sublingual absorption here, either, so weigh your benefits and drawbacks before you choose this method.

An assortment of encapsulated CBD oil and a CBD oil filled dropper.Encapsulate Your CBD

You can buy CBD softgels and capsules, but if you’re trying to get rid of a bottle of CBD oil you’ve already bought, consider encapsulating it yourself. Buy some empty capsules (size 000 are the largest available for large doses) and place your tincture dose inside to make it easy to swallow.

There are a couple of drawbacks to this method, like the fact that you’ll need to portion out your dose this way every time (we don’t recommend filling the capsules in advance since they may degrade). Plus, once again, this skips over the sublingual benefits of tincture doses.

Add Some Honey

If you want to maintain the sublingual power of your tincture dose but can’t stand the taste, try mixing it with something that has a concentrated flavor that you enjoy. Honey is a great example (if you like honey, of course) because it only takes a small amount to make the CBD oil dose taste completely different, so you’ll still be able to fit the entire dose under your tongue for the recommended 20-60 seconds.

We don’t suggest adding the honey directly to the tincture as it may cause it to spoil. Instead, place the honey under your tongue first and then add the tincture oil on top. You may want to hold it there for the full 60 seconds to allow full absorption since the honey may inhibit absorption to a point. Then, swallow the rest so that no CBD goes to waste.

Try a flavor additive

You can buy concentrated flavor additives (like the flavored stevia drops or flavor drops used in homemade soda machines) that will alter the flavor of your CBD oil. We suggest experimenting with small amounts of CBD to ensure that the flavor turns out okay before you add anything to your entire bottle of CBD oil.

Alternatives to CBD Oil if You Don’t Like the Taste

If you just can’t stomach the flavor of natural CBD oil, consider trying a different type of CBD product instead:

Look for CBD Oil That’s Already Flavored

You can find CBD oil products that already include flavor additives, including those with natural additives like natural sweeteners, essential oils, and terpenes. Our Tangerine Vitality Oil is a great example of this that helps mask the natural taste of full spectrum hemp oil with a bright burst of citrus flavor.

Skip the Taste Completely with CBD Softgels

Taking a CBD softgel is a simple, no-fuss way to get a dose of CBD without any leftover taste. This option is not only taste-free, but it’s convenient for those who are on the go and need a mess-free way to carry CBD and dose throughout the day. No measuring required! Our CBD Softgels each offer a 25 mg dose of CBD, a moderate dose that is suitable for most users.

Try CBD Edibles

Edibles are one of the most popular dosing styles because they’re delicious, which makes them an obvious answer for anyone who can’t stomach the flavor of CBD hemp oil. There are many different types of CBD edibles on the market, and we offer a few different options here at Vida Optima.

Our CBD Multivitamin Gummies come in assorted fruit flavor and are the easiest way to fit CBD and essential vitamins into your daily routine. Our CBD Elderberry Lollipops are a unique dosing option for boosted immunity that offer a tasty raspberry flavor and the benefits of sublingual absorption similar to that of a CBD tincture. The CBD Fruit Chews, as we mentioned earlier, also offer sublingual benefits, but taste like sweet, chewy candy with little to no hemp flavor at all.

Vida Optima Vitality CBD Multivitamin Gummies

FAQs on How to Flavor CBD Oil to Make it Taste Better 

Is it safe to flavor CBD oil at home?

Yes, it is safe to flavor CBD oil at home as long as you use food-safe ingredients and follow proper sanitation practices. However, it is important to consult a healthcare professional before consuming any new products, including flavored CBD oil.

Is it better to use fresh or dried ingredients when flavoring CBD oil?

The choice between using fresh or dried ingredients when flavoring CBD oil depends on personal preference and the desired flavor intensity. Fresh ingredients tend to provide a more intense flavor, while dried ingredients can be used to provide a more subtle flavor.

Is it possible to add multiple flavors to CBD oil?

Yes, it's possible to add multiple flavors to CBD oil by combining different flavor extracts, herbs, or juices.

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