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Delta-8 is a new, legal THC alternative that can be accessed in states where traditional THC is out of reach. Still, even frequent Delta-9 users are curious about the shiny new cannabinoid and it’s proposed health benefits. Question is—Can you take Delta-8 and Delta-9 together?

The answer is yes, you can, but would you really want to? Here’s what happens when you combine the two cannabinoids:

Table of Contents
Why Would You Want to Combine Cannabinoids?
What Happens When You Take Delta-8 and Delta-9 Together?
Delta-8 + Delta-9 Effects
Is It Safe to Combine D8 and D9
Consider Combining Delta-8 with CBD
Delta-8 is Great on Its Own

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8 and Delta-9 have similar effects, but Delta-9’s effects are more potent.
  • When combined, Delta-8 may be overshadowed by Delta-9, but there are no adverse reactions associated with taking Delta-8 and Delta-9 together.
  • If you want to lessen the effects of THC, you may consider combining your regular THC dose with CBD instead.

Why Would You Want to Combine Cannabinoids?

Pairing different cannabinoids is nothing new, and companies have been using the method for years to fine tune products to meet certain therapeutic needs. The combined benefits of two or more specific cannabinoids can be referred to as the “ensemble effect.” For instance, our Dream Tincture combines CBDand CBN to provide boosted benefits for sleep.

Some experts suggest that specific cannabinoid combinations may be even more useful than a general full spectrum formula that contains many different cannabinoids. But what about combining Delta-8 and Delta-9? Are there any specific benefits to this cannabinoid combination?

Delta-9 flower and Delta-8 flower can easily be combined into the same joint to make dual dosing easy

What Happens When You Take Delta-8 and Delta-9 Together?

Well, the difference here is that both of these cannabinoids are a form of THC. Both Delta-9 and Delta-8 have similar effects, although D8 is known to be much less potent.

They also both bind to CB-1 receptors in the body, which is the cannabinoid receptor in the brain and central nervous system that’s responsible for intoxication. Unlike Delta-9, though, Delta-8 can bind to CB2 receptors in the immune system and bodily tissues, which gives it a unique edge.

These complications may muddle the experience of combining the two, although we can’t rule out the possibility of increased health benefits because research has yet to cover this territory. Still, it’s likely that the two will impact each other's absorption since they will both fight for some of the same receptor sites.

Delta-8 + Delta-9 Effects

According to anecdotal reports, the up front effects of combining Delta-8-THC and Delta-9 aren't much different than the effects you may feel from taking Delta-9 alone. That's because Delta-9's effects are stronger, which means they kind of overshadow the effects of Delta-8.

Still, Delta-8-THC has that one unique edge we mentioned earlier—it also binds to CB2 receptors in the immune system throughout the body. Some people who combine the two experience greater body effects and more relief from physical ailments, like pain.

The actual effects you experience will vary based on things like dosage, tolerance, body weight, and other biological factors. For instance, if you take much more Delta-8-THC than Delta-9, you may experience milder effects with a heavier body sensation.

Is It Safe to Combine Delta-8 and Delta-9?

There are no known contraindications between D8 and D9, so the risks are generally the same as when taking either cannabinoid alone. The risks of THC include:

  • increased heart rate
  • coordination problems
  • dry mouth and increased thirst
  • red, dry eyes
  • slower reaction times
  • memory loss
  • anxiety

One thing to consider is the risk associated with an increased dosage. If you usually take 10 mg of Delta-9 and decide to also add 10 mg of Delta-8, the effects may be stronger than what you usually experience. For some people, taking too much THC can result in side effects like temporary anxiety and paranoia.

Consider Combining Delta-9 with CBD

If you're considering combining Delta-8 with Delta-9 because you seek a milder psychoactive experience, you may want to consider adding a CBD dose to your next THC dose instead.

One study titled “Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects” suggests that many other cannabinoids and terpenes, especially CBD, are able to moderate THC's effects. In particular, CBD may reduce THC's psychoactivity while still providing its own layer of therapeutic relief.

Delta-8-THC is Great On Its Own

Delta-8 is sometimes described as a middle point between Delta-9 and CBD. The description isn't entirely accurate, but it makes the point that Delta-8 is milder than Delta-9. The effects of Delta-8 are usually described as "mellow" and "relaxing," and the cannabinoid is thought to be way less likely to cause many of the side effects associated with THC, like anxiety. That means that Delta-8 may provide the smooth lift you desire all on it’s own, with no need to combine it with Delta-9.

To find safe, legal Delta-8-THC that you can order online, we recommend checking out our Elev8 Collection. You’ll find a selection of vapes, flower, tinctures, and edibles that are 100% Farm Bill compliant, potent, and pure.

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