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THC-O is one of the newest hemp-derived THC powerhouses to grace the market, and it's popularity is thriving thanks to its heightened potency. You can, of course, buy THC-O online, but many quality-conscious cannabis consumers want to know–can you buy THC-O in a dispensary? And if not, how do you verify the quality of THC-O purchased online?

The short answer is yes, you may be able to find THC-O in select dispensaries, but you can easily access dispensary-quality THC-O products when you shop online as long as you understand how to verify the quality of a brand and formula.

Here, we’ll help you learn how to access THC-O both in stores and online that meets the most stringent quality standards. Let’s go:

Table of Contents
Which Dispensaries Sell THC-O?
How to Find Dispensary Quality THC-O Online
Where to Buy THC-O

Key Takeaways

  • THC-O is available in some dispensaries, but it’s more commonly bought online.
  • It is possible to buy dispensary-quality THC-O online.
  • Look out for signs of a high-quality product before you make a purchase.

Which Dispensaries Sell THC-O?

The truth is, you can find THC-O in dispensaries, but you won't necessarily find THC-O in every dispensary. In fact, you may be hard pressed to find THC-O in the dispensary in areas where the cannabis market is still underdeveloped. You also may not find it in areas where THC-O is not legal.

A jar of THC-O flower from a state-licensed dispensary, one place to get high-quality THC-O products.

In other areas, however, THC-O may be more readily available in dispensaries due to the legal atmosphere surrounding hemp-derived THC products. For instance, in Colorado, THC-O made from hemp is illegal, and you can only legally buy THC-O made from traditional cannabis material, which means it must be sold in a state licensed dispensary.

Overall, it's hard to say how readily available THC-O is in any given area since Delta-9-THC products usually take up most of the space on dispensary shelves. The THC-O availability in your local dispensary will depend both on the legal atmosphere and the demand for THC-O products.

Pros and Cons of Dispensary Shopping

There are obvious pros to shopping at a local dispensary, like same-day pick up, getting to see the selection up close, and those enlightening conversation you have with your local budtender. While shopping at your local dispensary may seem like the obvious option for ensuring the quality of your THC-O products, you can easily find the same quality online with a little work. You'll also be able to avoid some of the cons of shopping at the dispensary, including:

  • limited product styles
  • limited brand selection
  • subject to purchasing and possession limits
  • high state tax rates associated with cannabis products

Another note to consider...

Also keep in mind that THC-O products that are purchased in the dispensary may be made from high-THC cannabis material and are not necessarily hemp-derived. This means that they may not be legal in all states and there may be a heavy penalty for carrying them across state lines. 

How to Find Dispensary Quality THC-O Online

The good news is, you don't necessarily need to find a local dispensary in order to find dispensary-quality THC-O products. Many people prefer shopping directly from the dispensary since state licensed shops are held to higher quality standards then many of the online hemp distributors. It's totally understandable–the hemp market is still very under-regulated.

However, you can save yourself some trouble buy shopping for THC-O online without having to sacrifice or worry about the quality of your THC-O products. Here's how:

Look for an experienced hemp manufacturer

Make sure that the hemp brand that you choose has verifiable experience with hemp products. The process for making THC-O is a bit involved, so choosing a company that has a background in cannabinoid extraction and cannabinoid isomerization is ideal.

Check the hemp source

Check that the brand you choose uses organic hemp sourced in the US that's free of pesticides, molds, heavy metals, and other potential contaminants. In order to maintain its federal legal status, THC-O needs to be made from hemp material that contains less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC.

Look at additional ingredients

Check the label to verify that all of the additional ingredients besides hemp extract are also high quality, organic, safe ingredients that otherwise meet your needs. This is a good opportunity to check for any allergens or other ingredients that you may have trouble with.

Look for third-party lab tests

Finally, make sure that the products that you choose come with third-party lab tests to verify purity and potency. These labs should verify the information given on the product’s label so that you can accurately measure and dose your chosen THC-O product. Taking the correct THC-O dosage is the best way to avoid any side effects.

Where to Buy High Quality THC-O

Vida Optima Elev8 THC-O Cart

There are many different options for buying THC-O online, but the quality of the products you choose directly impact your safety and the overall THC-O experience. At Vida Optima, we only use the highest quality U.S. derived hemp available. Our extraction technicians are experienced in many different forms of cannabinoid extraction and isomerization. Every product is tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process, starting with the original hemp material. Plus, we offer a variety of hemp derived THC products similar to what you may find in a local dispensary, including sativa, indica, and hybrid THC-O strains.

Looking for THC-O products you can buy online? Check out our Delta-8 + THC-O Vape Cart. Or, check out our Elev8 Collection for a variety of federally legal, hemp-derived THC products.

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