CBD Lollipops

What are CBD Lollipops?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 100 cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant, but it garnished plenty of attention for its wide array of potential benefits and non-intoxicating effects. Fortunately, experts have begun to recognize the increased potential of full spectrum CBD products, or CBD products that include a variety of hemp’s other cannabinoids. 

Unlike the most well-known cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not psychoactive, meaning that it won’t make you ‘high’ – the sensation most commonly associated with cannabis.

CBD can be used to make a wide range of edibles and other dosing forms, but we believe that CBD lollipops pose a few significant advantages

At Vida Optima, we’ve expanded our selection past CBD therapeutics. Instead, you can find a full collection of cannabinoid products, including full spectrum CBD lollipops infused with herbal ingredients as well as products containing minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBG. 

We offer pops that combine CBD with Vitamin C in Tangerine flavor, or immune-supporting CBD with elderberry pops in Raspberry flavor. 

To learn more about CBD, dosing types, and cannabinoid therapy benefits, check out our CBD Encyclopedia.

Benefits of CBD Lollipops vs Other Dosing Methods

There are various reasons why you may choose to buy CBD lollipops vs other types of CBD products. Lollipops are a delicious edible form of CBD meant to be slowly enjoyed They provide various benefits, like:

  • Fast acting effects:Because CBD lollipops are slowly dissolved in the mouth, they may be absorbed by the mouth’s mucous membranes similarly to CBD tinctures. This type of sublingual absorption is said to have faster acting effects than traditional edibles. 
  • Pre-measured doses: Pre-portioned CBD doses are perfect for dosing on the go and make it easy to get a regular daily dose of CBD without needing to measure any oils or powders. 
  • Great taste:CBD lollipops help mask the hempy flavor associated with full-spectrum CBD, which makes them a great option for those with a sensitive palate.  

Read about CBD product types and their unique benefits to learn more. 

Why CBD with Vitamin C?

We set our sights past basic CBD supplementation and focus on the future of hemp therapeutics and holistic wellness support. We believe that vitamin C is crucial for optimal health and complementary to CBD’s endocannabinoid balancing benefits within the immune system. 

Why CBD with Elderberry?

Elderberry has gained popularity as an immune-boosting supplement that may help ward off winter sickness. In general, many people believe that elderberry can help support wellness year-round and use it as an integral part of their daily health regimen. 

We believe the same about CBD, and think it deserves a spot in everyone’s medicine cabinet. By combining CBD with elderberry, we can offer a delicious, pre-portioned dose of plant-based wellness with no need to measure any sticky syrups or oils. 

What are CBD Lollipops used for?

At Vida Optima, our CBD collection is multidimensional. We strive to offer unique, useful cannabinoid formulas that exceed many of the general formulas on the market.

Vida CBD Lollipops are designed to offer a delicious CBD dosing option that can be enjoyed on the go without any disruption to your daily routine. CBD lollipops truly feel like a treat, but our formulas each offer unique benefits and wholesome wellness-supporting ingredients, like elderberry or vitamin C. 

CBD Lollipops Dosing Information

For those who are unsure of their CBD dosing needs, we generally suggest a “low and slow” technique. In other words, you can always start with doses as low as 1-6 mg for every ten pounds of body weight and increase your dose slowly over time until you reach the desired effects. 

CBD Lollipops are designed to offer pre-measured, potent doses of CBD that meet the needs of everyday CBD users, but you can always pace yourself if you’re unsure of your best CBD dose. Pay attention to other ingredients in each CBD candy, which may be accurately dosed for optimal support. For instance, our CBD with vitamin C lollipops contain 50mg of CBD per pop, and the CBD with elderberry pops contain 50mg of elderberry each. 

Keep in mind that the correct dose will vary greatly for every person and product. Some things that affect the way cannabidiol will respond with your body include weight, general health, tolerance, other medications, and body chemistry.

The most reliable way to find the best dose for you is to talk to your doctor before using CBD candies. It is not advisable to use CBD to replace any medication without first consulting your doctor.

If you decide to add CBD pops to your medical regimen, you and your doctor will be able to look at your personal health and lifestyle to decide the best starting dose for you. 

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Do CBD lollipops cause side effects?

The majority of people take CBD edibles without experiencing any adverse effects at all. As with any natural supplement, there may still be risks associated with consuming CBD. 

In general, most negative feedback reports only mild dizziness or drowsiness. We always advise that you consult your doctor before taking CBD, especially if you are taking medications or have a serious health complication. 

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Why buy CBD lollipops online from Vida Optima?

When shopping to buy CBD lollipops online, you’ll quickly learn that there are countless CBD brands that claim to be the best. You’ll also likely be overwhelmed by the surplus of options. It’s important to understand that not all CBD is made equally. 

In fact, many CBD companies have the habit of sourcing low-quality hemp offshore from places like China, where agricultural & industrial regulations are much looser. Others take advantage of consumers’ lack of knowledge of the hemp industry, charging wildly disproportionate prices for cheaply made products. 

At Vida Optima, we strive to offer products that are reliable, affordable, and easily integrated into your daily routine. Every product contains a blend of unique vitamins and plant-derived ingredients that offer multifaceted and targeted benefits to meet a wide range of wellness needs. 

To learn more about our USDA Certified Hemp, organic sourcing methods, and third-party testing procedures, read more about us here

Is CBD legal in my state?

CBD is legal according to federal laws thanks to updates to the 2018 Farm Bill. Still, every state has its own laws about CBD, including the ways that CBD can be produced and marketed. Read more about CBD laws by state to make sure CBD is legal near you.