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by Kat Austin April 06, 2022 5 min read

L-Tyrosine Dosage - Vida Optima™

L-tyrosine is a form of the amino acid tyrosine that helps the body build important enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, and more. Moreover, it plays an important role in the regulation of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine, so it's no surprise that studies have found it to be potentially beneficial for increasing cognitive flexibility or improving the symptoms of low-dopamine depression. Truly, there are many reasons why you may want to add this crucial amino acid to your daily wellness routine, but one question remains–how much L-tyrosine should you take?

No worries, we'll dig into the details of L-Tyrosine dosage, like when's the best time to take it and how much you should take every day. Let's start with the basics:

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How Much L-Tyrosine Should I Take?
What’s the Best Way to Take L-Tyrosine?
When Should I Take L-Tyrosine?
Who Shouldn’t Take L-Tyrosine?
L-Tyrosine Dosage FAQs

Key Takeaways

  • Consumers often take 150-500mg of L-tyrosine daily, sometimes divided into multiple daily doses.
  • The exact dosage you need depends on your health condition, weight, age, and other biological factors. You may need to start with small doses and increase as needed.
  • Some people should not take L-tyrosine, like those thyroid problems or who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Talk to your doctor before adding L-tyrosine to your wellness routine.

How Much L-Tyrosine Should You Take Daily?

You’re asking the right questions–how much L-tyrosine should I take every day–but there are a few key things to understand before you can design an effective L-tyrosine dosage routine.

Keep in mind that the amount of L-tyrosine you need to take depends on certain factors, like the health results you’re trying to achieve, how much tyrosine you get in your diet, your weight and age, and other unique biological factors. You may need to start with a small dose of L-tyrosine and increase it overtime until you experience the full benefits.

Also keep in mind that L-tyrosine is sold as a supplement in the U.S., which means that the dosage size is not standardized. You should pay close attention to the dosage of any product you choose.

Some sources recommend 150 mg of L-tyrosine as a typical daily dosage, though this seems to be at the low end of the dosing threshold. Limited clinical studies use amounts this small, while others suggest that doses of 500-1,500 mg per day are necessary. 500 mg is an average daily dosage of L-tyrosine for most people, and it may be divided into three smaller doses taken throughout the day.

You may find that you need less L-tyrosine to experience the full benefits if you have a diet that’s high in tyrosine sources, like:

  • Peanuts
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Soy
  • Eggs
  • cottage cheese
  • pumpkin seeds
  • Oats
  • Wheat
  • Avocado
  • Bananas

You may also need less L-tyrosine to reap certain benefits if using other supplements. For instance, if you hope to experience the cognitive benefits of L-tyrosine, you may need a smaller dosage when taking L-tyrosine with other nootropic or brain-boosting supplements designed to support the same thing.

If you are taking a multi-functional blend that includes L-tyrosine, make sure you pay attention to the proper dosage threshold for other ingredients when adjusting your L-tyrosine dosage. These types of formulas are common, and it may be best in this case to just follow the recommended dosage on the label.

L-Tyrosine Dosage for Memory and Cognition

A 2013 study involving 22 women found that an oral dose of 2 grams (2,000 mg) of L-Tyrosine powder significantly improved working memory during tasks that required intense concentration or problem solving. This seems to be the higher end of the dosing threshold. Other research in the area uses doses between 500-1,500 mg per day.

L-Tyrosine Dosage for Mood.

One study used a treatment of 3,200 milligrams of oral tyrosine per day, and found that patients with dopamine-deficient depression experienced significant improvement in symptoms.

Read more about L-Tyrosine Benefits to help you decide how much you should take.

What's the Best Way to Take L-Tyrosine?

While shopping for an L-Tyrosine supplement to take daily, you'll quickly find that capsules are the most common form of the supplement in today's market. However, that's not to say that capsules are your only dosing option. L-Tyrosine powder is also used and can be a versatile dosing option, especially when creating unique blends that use other adaptogenic supplements or brain-boosting herbs.

Let's talk about both options:

A woman holding a single L-tyrosine capsule, a convenient dosing method for daily use.


L-Tyrosine powder is a convenient, popular option because it allows ultimate control over your dosage. It can be mixed into your favorite foods or drinks, and offers the ability to measure precise doses to meet your unique wellness needs. If you opt for a multifunctional herbal formula that contains other supplements, you may find it in powdered form. You can also use L-Tyrosine powder to add to empty capsules to create your own perfect doses.


Capsules are simply pre-measured, encapsulated doses that are great for daily dosing at any time of day. You won’t need to measure the dosage each time, and many people love this flavorless L-Tyrosine dosing option.

Looking for a tasty product that takes advantage of medicinal mushroom and nootropic ingredients like this? We recommend checking out Lucid Super Coffee.

When Should I Take L-Tyrosine?

Because L-Tyrosine is most commonly taken to boost cognitive functions and balance mood, it may be best taken in the morning with breakfast. In most cases, you can take L-Tyrosine with your other supplements. Some people split their L-Tyrosine dosage into two or more daily doses, taken with meals.

In general, you can add L-Tyrosine to your wellness routine at whatever time is convenient for you. Choose a time where you won't forget to take your dosage daily. The most important thing is to remember to take L-Tyrosine everyday. Consistency is key to experiencing the most benefits from L-Tyrosine supplementation.

Who Should Not Take L-Tyrosine?

L-tyrosine is widely considered safe and can usually be taken without any adverse effects. Taking the correct dosage is the best way to avoid L-Tyrosine side effects. There are a few situations where the use of L-tyrosine may not be recommended, especially without a doctor’s guidance.

You may want to avoid taking L-tyrosine if you:

  • Have an overactive thyroid
  • Have Graves disease
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Take medications to alter hormones

You should always talk to your doctor when making changes to your wellness routine. Discontinue use of L-tyrosine if you experience any adverse reactions and talk with your doctor. Make sure that you source L-tyrosine from a trustworthy manufacturer since poor-quality formulations are the leading cause of adverse effects.

L-Tyrosine Dosage FAQ's

What's the best L-tyrosine dosage?

On average, most people take around 500 mg of L-tyrosine each day, though dosage recommendations range from 150 mg to 1,500 mg daily.

Can I take L-tyrosine everyday?

Yes, it is recommended to take your L-tyrosine dose around the same time every day for optimal benefits.

How long does it take for L-Tyrosine to kick in?

Tyrosine supplements may take between 30-60 minutes to kick in. Powdered forms may take effect more quickly.

Is L-tyrosine good for anxiety?

Some people report that L-tyrosine helps to balance mood and may help to calm reactivity as a result of anxiety, though more research is needed in this area.

How does L-Tyrosine make you feel?

Tyrosine is a popular dietary supplement that may help improve alertness and focus, though it shouldn’t have any overwhelming effects that make you “feel” differently. In fact, it’s often described as mild and balancing for your mood.


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